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  • After Frank's run-in with Agent X and Outlaw, Frank is driving off, having stolen their clothes and left them naked in a phone booth. The "camera" pans to the stolen clothes in the back seat, then pans to Frank wearing Outlaw's hat and listening to country, with a completely serious look on his face, while driving towards his next target.
  • He's basically a One-Scene Wonder but his appearance in the Civil War was memorable: He joins the Anti-Registration side and does some infiltration work for them, enters their base, sees two supervillains, shoots them dead on the spot, and is promptly told to leave.
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  • Frank is forced to partner up with Daredevil and Spider-Man for The Omega Effect mini-crossover event. The whole time, DD leaves him alone, but Spidey can't stop making jokes. They prepare an ambush, with Spidey leaving Frank to speak with DD and coming back:
    Spider-Man: Hey, honey. Miss me?
    Punisher: I wasn't aiming at you.
    Spider-Man: Wait, did you just—
    Punisher: Incoming...
  • Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #9 has Spidey, wearing bulletproof webbing, swinging forward as Frank opens fire on him. Then Spidey rips the webbing off and chews out Frank.
    Spider-Man: Confound it! Frank Castle, what the hell are you doing? And how in the world did you access my new secret files to learn that this new prototype webbing is bulletproo— didn't know.
    Punisher: (embarrassed) I assumed. Besides, I wasn't aiming to kill you. Just to get your attention.
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  • A crossover comic has Frank and Wolverine team up to take out a South American haven for criminals. They're captured by a guy (who dresses up as Napoleon) who wants them to fight to the death, claiming that it's nothing they wouldn't do on their own seeing as The Punisher thinks Wolverine is a limp-wristed liberal (Wolverine gives Frank an "Excuse me?!?" look while Frank just looks smugly to the side), and Wolverine thinks Frank is a brainless hot-head (they switch expressions).
  • Another crossover has Punisher team up with Wolverine to kill some criminal midgets. Yes... you read that correctly. At one point, Punisher blows off Wolverine's face with a shotgun, shoots him in the balls, and parks a steamroller on him Judge Doom style.
  • Frank's biggest role in the Crisis Crossover event in JLA/Avengers is to get ambushed and beaten badly by the Batman for twenty minutes, off panel.
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  • How do you make Punisher Lighter and Softer? Just have him ramble on in Frank Miller's oh-so-easy-to-parody style of prose on The Superhero Squad Show.
  • During one of Punisher's many early team-ups with Spider-Man, Spidy gives him a web-sling of his own, leading to this exchange:
    Spider-Man: Ever zipped across town on a handy-dandy web before, Punisher?
    The Punisher: Not exactly wall-crawler— But I think it's about time I got into the swing of things!
    Spider-Man: Ouch! And you complain about my sense of humor!
  • After Frank kidnaps a Mafia Princess, he calls her mooks to let them know he has her. When they want to make sure he has her, Frank puts her on:
The poor mook is standing there bug-eyed, holding the phone at arm's length.
  • After that, Frank tells her to grab the bag of groceries and follow him, when she refuses do do either, he tells her she can freeze to death, without dinner... and this is bear country.
  • The Girl Comics short "A Brief Rendezvous", featuring the Punisher's take on To Catch a Predator. Which involves impersonating a young girl, which naturally calls for an appropriate screenname.
    [Would-Be Predator]: whats your favorite flower sadprincess???
    [cut to the Punisher, grimly typing away]
    sadprincess14: posies
  • Nick Fury hires Frank to retrieve Power Armor that used to be SHIELD's before it was disbanded. He (a former Army man) convinces Frank (a former Marine) of the righteousness of his deeds by by revealing that it was given to the Air Force.
  • The Punisher, Volume 2, Issue 37: After a falling-out with Microchip, Frank has to infiltrate one of his abandoned warehouses...but the place is being guarded by a robotic gun-toting security system Micro left behind, and it needs a password inputted before it will stop shooting. Cue this exchange while the robot continues firing at Frank:
    Punisher: Avengers Assemble! Hail to the Chief! Just say no! #@$# you, Microchip!
    Robot guard: Nope, nope, nope... (keeps shooting)
  • Frank is able to infiltrate a gang of neo nazis, his disguise solely consisting of a cowboy hat and a confederate flag shirt. He's only found out when one of them opens up his duffle bag to see his logo. Frank promptly holds him out the door of the truck he's driving and kills him by driving next to a cactus.

Marvel Knights Series

  • There are a lot in The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank but the top one is probably when Hilarity in Zoos. Devoid of weapons Frank dispatches several mooks before finding a polar bear pen, coming up with the brilliant idea of angering them to fight by punching one.
    Cuddly. Lovable. Docile. (POW!) That won't do at all.
  • "Am I sure it was The Punisher? Is that supposed to be funny, Soap?!!" (said by a cop amidst the remains of a firefight between Frank and a dozen now-dead goons)
  • During one of his (many) rematches with The Russian, Frank finds himself interrupted by Spider-Man. Unable to fight the Russian toe-to-toe himself, he manages to hold Spidey up in front of him, using him as a shield as the Russian just wails on him. After the fight, as the confused and beaten Spidey regains consciousness...
    Spider-Man: Wha... what happen?
    Frank: We had a team-up. You were great.
    • While fighting off the Russian mob from Joan's cottage in the wilderness, Frank accidentally shoots Joan's ducks.
    Joan: The ducks! The ducks!
    Frank: They had to go.
  • Pretty much everything the Russian says:
    (On first hearing of the Punisher) "Is he like Mighty Thor? I am fan of mighty Thor. He has big hammer, he seems like good Communist..."
    (When offered ten million to kill the Punisher) "Ooooh. The Russian could buy many pairs of Levis with that amount. Many compact disks."
    • The Russian's fight with Frank counts, too. Punching him as soon as soon as he opens the door, smacking Frank in the face with a toilet... it's hilarious.
  • What about Ma Gnucci leaping out of a burning building without arms or legs and trying to gnaw the Punisher's legs off? That, friends, is determination.
  • "I am putting ten million dollars on the head of the animal that did this to me." "You — you want us to put a hit on the bear?" "On the Punisher." "Oh."


Video Game

  • Soap attempting to find an apt description for the drug trade, settling for that Ulysses guy from Roman legend fighting a lion whose heads grew back. After his partner corrects him on all three (Hercules, Greek, a hydra), Soap claims it's still a valid metaphor. Frank steps in to correct him ("Analogy.").
  • Most credits sequences have cutscenes or moments from the game playing, or concept art. Volition put in a blooper reel of various bug testing sessions that produced the most amazing results, including the visual of Punisher emerging from a casket to the shock of all the gang members there, and then running around waving his arms in the air along with them.
  • Sometimes when the Punisher kills an enemy with one of the special interrogations, he makes a funny remark about it. Showing he's got a sense of humor, albeit a dark one.
    Frank:[After dropping a Yakuza gang member in a meat grinder] Never got his name, I'll just call him chuck.
  • While crashing Bobby's funeral, Frank comes across a mortician who thanks him for all his work he's been doing as the Punisher, saying that it earned him enough money to get his three kids through college.
  • After you throw a mook down the well at Ma Gnucci's place, stick around. He's not quite dead.


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