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  • Sandra Bullock dancing around a fire in the middle of the woods singing Lil Jon's "Get Low".
  • Andrew's attempt at singing "It Takes Two".
  • The sequence involving the eagle and the puppy.
    • Even better is the Chekhov's Gun with Gammy telling Margaret not to let the dog outside lest the eagles snatch him. It seemed like a one-off joke until it actually happened.
  • The after credits interrogation session. Especially this line:
    Immigration Agent: Well, I'm sorry. Laura was supposed to do that.
    Andrew: Laura?
    Agent: The girl standing behind you. Don't turn around.
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  • "Be free, be free..." *throws shrimp cocktail into water*
  • The exotic dancer. Dear God...
  • "It's the morning..."
  • The scene that proves that Naked People Are Funny.
    Margaret: Why are you naked?
    Andrew: Why are you wet?
  • Meta Example: Part of the premise is Canadian Ryan Reynolds plays an American and American Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian.
  • Margaret's arrival in Alaska and upon seeing the boat to Andrew's place.
    Margaret: I am not getting on that boat.
    Andrew: You don't have to. See ya in a few days!
    Margaret: You know I can't swim.

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