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  • Meg Cabot was approached and told that the studio wanted Mia's father deceased in the movie. Confused and slightly hurt, she asked why on Earth they were asking. They explained that they had a big name actress for the role of Grandmere and wanted to make the most of her by combining the roles. The following ensued.
    Meg: Who did you get?
    Studio: Julie Andrews.
    Meg: Oh my god! KILL THE DAD!

The first film

  • This is a non-riot hearse.
  • Charlotte is full of little funny moments in the first movie.
    • When Clarisse is trying to explain posture to Mia, behind her back Mia is making funny faces. Charlotte keeps laughing and tries to hide it whenever Clarisse looks at her.
    • When Clarisse explains to Mia that princesses never cross their legs in public, you can see Charlotte discreetly uncross her legs.
    • Her reaction to Mia's "I want to show you my baby." (Mia is talking about her car.)
    • A meta example, it is revealed in the directors' commentary that the editor would often cut to Charlotte's reaction during the training scenes as an easy edit to bridge clips from different takes or end a scene. The editor cut away to Charlotte so much that the character was named "Charlotte Kutaway", as seen in the credits.
  • Clarisse's exaggerated imitation of a teenager's walk is so much funnier just for having Julie Andrews do it.
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  • Whenever Mia steps on the lawn at the embassy, a pre-recorded announcement says "Get off the grass!" - and then yells the same thing in several different languages.
  • Clarisse and Mia are sitting in a couple of chairs, practicing proper car etiquette, and Joe is sitting in the chair in front of them, pretending to drive. He checks his watch and realizes he has somewhere to be, then pantomimes stopping the car, putting it in park, and removing the keys from the ignition before he gets up to leave.
    • Mia also puts her Royal Wave skills to good use when she gives Joe a "thank you for being here today."
  • Heather Matarazzo's delivery of "Has your grandmother turned into the big bad wolf?!"
  • While Lilly ragging on Mia's makeover is a major Kick the Dog moment for her, Heather Matarazzo's comedic delivery on certain lines is pure gold.
    Mia: Does it... really look that bad?
    Lilly: You look ridiculous. You should sue.
  • After Mia give herself brain freeze from a huge scoop of Genovian pear sorbet at her first formal state function, the prime minister and his wife follow suit to spare her the embarrassment. The baron snottily tells his wife "They are acting like monkeys." Cue Mia, the prime minister, and his wife making monkey-like hooting.
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  • Car t-bones San Francisco trolley. Nun (yes, a nun) whips out her cell phone, dials 911, gets put on hold, and lets out an exasperated, "Oh, for the love of God!" It must be seen to be believed.
  • "Gupta. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. The Queen is coming. To Grove High School."
  • Mia shows up to the grand ball in casual clothes from the rain. Lily turns to Jeremiah (the two of them have cleaned up well) and says "Why didn't we dress like her? We look like idiots!"
    • A journalist from a teen magazine starts to excitedly dictate Mia's outfit to her tape recorder.
  • At the grand ball the press asks Baron and Baroness von Troken if it's true that they'll rule Genovia, should Mia abdicate the crown, and they say yes. Earlier in the movie (long before the pair are even introduced) Clarisse literally tells Helen that should Mia abdicate, Genovia would "cease to exist." Turns out that Clarisse was actually taking shots at Baron and Baroness's ability to rule the country!
    • The Baron attempts to steal a vase during the grand ball by slipping it into his coat and walking off. A moment later, Charlotte comes back and returns the vase to its place.
  • Mia literally giving Lana her "just desserts" by shoving an ice cream cone on her cheerleading uniform (also counts as an awesome moment). Everybody chants "Lana got coned!". Lana whines and tries to get sympathy from Mrs. Gupta by complaining to her about what Mia did. Mrs. Gupta's sarcastic response:
    Mrs. Gupta: Oh, no, honey, I'm sorry. I was in a very important meeting. Send it out for dry cleaning.
  • "Oh, shut...up."

A Royal Engagement

  • The art of the fan scene in the second movie. That is all.
    • And all set to Gilbert and Sullivan's Three Little Maids From School Are We.
    • And the capstone when Clarisse catches on.
      Clarisse: Are you sassing your grandma?!
  • During the montage of acceptable royal bachelors, Lily turns to Mia and asks if the popcorn actually is pear-flavored. Mia nods and in a voice that indicates she is way too used that sort of thing, states that it's a Genovian specialty.
  • Mia's reaction to finding out who Nicholas really is. No Armour-Piercing Slap, no Groin Attack, instead a well placed stomp to the foot. Later on Clarisse gives her opinion on Mia admitting that she flirted with him at her ball.
    Clarisse: As your Queen I simply cannot condone it. As your grandmother I say: right on.
    • After she treads on Nicholas' foot, Mia turns away with a "hmph" that would put Miss Piggy to shame.
  • Nicholas' sarcastic reaction to Mia's indignity that he didn't tell her who he was when they danced.
  • Lady Elyssa, a minor character, politely commenting to Andrew that they should probably leave when Mia and Nicholas start trying to one-up each other on their dates' achievements at the garden party: "I think they're starting a my horse is bigger than your horse run?"
  • After a moment of Slap-Slap-Kiss in the palace gardens during an event, and Mia shoving him off, Nicholas just cheerfully points out that Mia enjoyed it and asks if she wants to do it again.
    • It takes Mia a second to respond.
  • Mia just fell in the fountain in the palace gardens and walks up to Clarisse soaking wet. Clarisse looks her up and down and simply says, "Do I want to know?"
    Mia: I don't think so.
  • The entire archery training montage set to "Fun in the Sun," by Steve Harwell.
    • Possibly the funniest part is when one of Mia's arrows whizzes past uncomfortably close to Nicholas, and he just glances up from the book he's reading and gives her a totally blasé smile and wave.
  • The hilariously uncomfortable kiss between Andrew and Mia. Which cuts away to a goat as though to emphasize how incredibly non-sexy the moment is.
    • Not only that, but the goat moos. Like a cow. Huh?
  • Paolo trying to justify a hairstyling choice for Mia's wedding.
    Mia: I look like a moose.
    Paolo: ...Yes, but very cute moose! Make all the boy moose go "HWAAAAH!"
    Mia: I have antlers.
  • At the very end, after Mabrey's plot to steal the throne has been thwarted, he's left locked out to the wedding chapel, banging on the door and yelling to be let in when a couple of guards show up to remove him from the premises. And they don't just escort him out of the building, no, they lift him off the ground and carry him off, ignoring his protests. Meanwhile, Mabrey's maid is watching the whole thing on television at his estate, pointing and laughing at him while stuffing the chair she was sitting in with popcorn kernels.
  • Also, when Mia's wedding is cancelled and Nicholas renounces his rights as a second heir, everyone starts to ask who will accept the throne in Mia's place. Baron and Baroness von Troken get up and offer to ascend. The Prime Minster just tells them both to sit down.
    • When Mia moves to abolish the marriage law, and the Genovian Parliament votes in support, von Troken also votes for her. The senator in front reminds von Troken that he's not in parliament, and his vote doesn't count, causing the baron to remark "someday.." under his breath.
  • Clarisse and Joe, deciding to not waste the preparations for Mia's wedding, get married themselves. Judging from the priest's "Finally!", either he was a Shipper on Deck for those two or their "hidden" feelings for each other was more like an Open Secret.
  • Just as the ceremony's about to start, Mia's mother has to leave to change the baby. She's only gone for a few minutes, but it's an eventful few minutes, and it takes her a little while to catch up.
    Patrick: She's not getting married.
    Helen: She's not getting married?
    Patrick: Now the queen's getting married.
    Helen: The queen's getting married?


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