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Funny / The Prince and the Pauper

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Original Mark Twain story

  • Prince Edward's attendants just standing around all day even after Tom has left the rooms they're in, since he as the Prince didn't dismiss them and he doesn't know he has to.
  • Miles Hendon asking Prince Edward - now the rightful King after Henry dies but yet uncrowned - for the favor of him and his heirs being allowed to sit in the presence of the King of England (everyone normally has to stand). Of course, Miles doesn't know he's talking to the real King, just a delusional pauper who won't let him sit in his own chair. The King gravely accepts his request. Later, after all is back to normal, Miles exercises this right on occasion and so do his descendants.

1937 film

  • Tom admitting he used the Great Seal to crack nuts. (This is in the book, and is the final proof to any who doubted that Tom wasn't the real King.)

1990 Disney film

  • Goofy selling snow cones in the middle of winter.
    • The flavors are plain, rock, and twig.
  • Goofy's line as he sang while bumping into a sign, causing icicles hanging from it to go flying into a small snow bump to make a 'fireplace'.
  • The funny sequence of what the Prince does to Donald during his lesson; Mickey naming the three secondary trigonometric ratios while using his pea shooter on Donald, before the duck tried to shoot a candle at the Prince, but he accidentally hit Horace's butt instead, causing him to yell out in a high-pitched voice.
    Horace: Sire, we have been through this time and time again. It's hypotenuse. Hypote- (gets hit in the butt, high-pitched) -NUUUUUUSE!!
    • Which leads to Horace berating Donald, while the Prince mimics Horace behind his back to mock Donald.
    Donald: (points at the Prince) But he started it—
    Horace: Donald! (he and the Prince point to the door)
    (Donald leaves in a huff, grumbling)
  • Mickey slipping and bumping into a suit of armor, causing its helmet to fall onto his head while getting other suits of armor to fall apart in a domino effect.
  • A Weasel guard's reaction after hearing Pete booting out the actual Prince.
    Weasel guard: (spits out beer in shock) You threw out the prince?! (laughs, doing 'shame, shame' hand gesture to him) You're gonna get it! You're gonna get it! NYAH-NYAH-NYAH-NYAH-NYAH, NYA— (Pete suddenly grabs the Weasel by the throat, making him stick his tongue out with a hilarious facial expression.)
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  • Goofy trying to use a feather duster for a weapon, which wilted with a silly wilting sound.
  • A Weasel guard's wild take after the executioner- Goofy in disguise- slipped on a water bucket and accidentally threw the axe towards him, making the weasel scream in a wild take.
    • Right afterwards, when Goofy pulled the axe off the wall, the bladed end broke off and clanged the weasel on the head.
    Goofy: (to the dazed Weasel guard) You wouldn't happen to have an axe I could borrow, would ya?
    Weasel guard: (dazedly) Thank you. (gives Goofy a wet kiss on the nose) I've had a lovely evening. (faints to the ground with a crash)
  • Mickey trying to stall for time waiting for the real Prince at the coronation, with the owl archbishop thinking he's picked an inconvenient time to play jokes.
    Archbishop: Now, Your Highness, if you will take your place...
    Mickey: Uhh, after you!
    Archbishop: (chuckles) Oh, beauty before age, Sire.
    Mickey: Uhh, age before beauty!
    Archbishop: (affected laughter, gritted teeth) Oh, Your Highness, you're such a sport! SIT DOWN!!!
    Mickey: (chuckles nervously) Got it.
  • The Weasel guards screaming as they fell off from midair while attempting to get the Prince, Donald and Goofy who held onto the door.
    • Freeze-Frame Bonus, when the weasels are throwing knives and all other manner of projectiles at the heroes one can clearly make out a kitchen sink among the things they throw at Goofy.
  • The Prince cutting Pete's trousers loose, revealing Pete's underpants to all.
    • The laughter of the audience can be a bonus to some. Believe me, I've never seen so many tonsils in my life!


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