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  • This video, showing all the old rivalries coming back to the surface during rehearsals for their reunion tour (NSFW).
  • Whenever Stewart breaks into skanking in their older videos, such as towards the end of "Message in a Bottle".
  • (at 3:01) "I'd just like to introduce the band - Andy, this is Stewart..."
  • During the reunion tour, an interviewer asked Andy Summers was asked what he thought about his bandmates. His answer? "I hate them both. Next question." (This exchange is included in the Better Than Therapy documentary shot by Copeland's son Jordan.)
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  • "Sally - Be My Girl," an ode to a blow-up doll.
  • "On Any Other Day", due to the So Bad, It's Good lyrics, and "Mother" for the same reason.
  • Most of their videos have the guys dancing around and mugging for the camera.
  • Stewart Copeland's film Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out is littered with hilarity:
    • Sting and Andy's conversation while filming "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da"'s video, which is an exercise in lip-reading during the video proper, but is helpfully subtitled here.
    • Andy's Cloud Cuckoolander antics, including singing "i'll sing you a song about my cat / my dog" repeatedly during a soundcheck; improvising a spy-on-the-run narrative during a train ride; and playing a difficult jazz guitar solo in a dressing room while trying to hide from the camera under a table.
    • Stewart's brother Miles reciting "Every Breath You Take" over the studio backing track like a preacher from the Southern United States.
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    • Stewart filming himself drumming one-handed and talking to the camera during a live show.
  • The Police's performance of "Spirits in the Material World" on British radio DJ turned TV comedian Kenny Everett's 1981 Christmas special is preceded by a mock interview between Sting and Kenny, which descends into hilarity:
    Kenny Everett: Hi, Sting.
    Sting: Hi, Kenny. [Beat] Well... what? [Beat] Aren't you going to interview me?
    Kenny: Interview you? Don't you know who you are?? You're... you're Sting, from Police! [sic] You're a sex symbol! Don't you know there are millions of young girls out there [points to camera] drooling over your bodily particles? And this, this is our sex symbol request spot, ladies and gentlemen. For Barbara of Birmingham... [rubs Sting's chest through his shirt] And for Cotty of Colchester... [kisses Sting on the cheek] And most of all, for Agnes of Aberystwyth... [shoves Sting onto the stage and jumps on top of him as though about to shag him; Sting quickly flips them over so that he is on top of Kenny]
    Sting: [excited] Thanks, Agnes!

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