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  • In the Anime St. Louis 2013 episode, after being told by an audience member to put the microphone down, Danielle responded with "Make me." Greggo's response? "I WILL make you!"
  • In the Japan Expo 2013 episode, Greggo replaced some of the "Miss!" panels in the Elite Four round with "Splash!"
  • At Zenkaikon 2014:
    • During the "Make Your Move" game, contestant Steven found the word "ice" in both selections on one turn. During the audience's laughter, someone in the audience shouted out, prompting Greggo to respond "Yes, as someone in the audience just said, we do indeed have, 'ice, ice, baby!'"
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    • Later, in the moments before resuming play into Round 3, Greggo informed the audience that "We're gonna play tag-team camera people here, 'cause [cameraman] Charles Dunbar has to go make a water Pokémon. I have no idea which one; quite frankly, I don't want to know."
  • At Tsubasacon 2014:
    • In the Elite Four round, after two really quick bouts, contestants Elsa (not her real name; she was cosplaying as Elsa from Frozen) and Ryan went through a very long third bout. By about the tenth turn, everyone was practically in stitches at the whole situation, mostly because both players kept picking box #7 to start their turn (that and they found three different Miss panels on three consecutive turns). Finally, on the thirteenth turn, Elsa found an attack that was super effective against the first Pokémon (but not the second; the first box chosen would work against both), and Ryan immediately chose the same two in reverse order to win the game.
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    • Greggo and Ryan head-banging to the contest music at the beginning of the Championship round.
    • And then Ryan simply choosing the numbers in numerical order in the Championship round, which quickly became a Moment of Awesome as he defeats all of Iris's Pokémon in just six selections without finding a single K.O. square.
  • At Anime-Zing 2016, Jacob correctly answers a question about Ursaring in the Evolution Match round. He immediately finds Teddiursa, much to the audience's amusement. He finds Ursaring on his very next pick.


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