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Funny / The Odd Couple (1968)

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  • At one point, when he and Roy get into an argument, Oscar grabs the bag of potato chips on the poker table and flings the entire contents all over the living room.
    • Soon everyone starts arguing to the point that Murray the cop snaps that if they don't calm down, he'll arrest everyone at the poker game. After that, they all quiet down.
  • Felix leaving Oscar little potstones that say F.U. all over the apartment. Turns out the F.U. was for... Felix Unger.
  • The gang leaving the game early when they realize Felix disinfected everything in the room, including the cards.
    Roy: (gets up from the table) I'm getting out of here. I can't stand any more.
    Oscar: Wait a minute, Roy. Where are you going?
    Roy: I've been sitting here, breathing cleaning fluid and ammonia for three hours! Nature didn't intend for poker to be played like that.
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  • Oscar's reaction when he emerges from the kitchen, drinks in hand... Only to find Felix crying over his divorce (again), and the Pigeon sisters joining in.
    Oscar: Is everybody happy?

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