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Funny / The Night Angel Trilogy

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  • When Vi is at the Chandry and the teacher is talking about how glamours are a difficult magic to use. Vi replies that she's actually very good. She proceeds to explain that she learned how from a courtesan, and describes in detail a sexual encounter in which she used a glamour to inflame the passions of a client, much to the shock of the teacher and the scandal of the other students. This in itself is hilarious, but after she was done one of the other students (these are all 12-13 year old girls mind you) asks the teacher what kind of mage a courtesan is.
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  • After Kylar explains his plans to Durzo in book three, Durzo's reply? "The Wolf is going to have puppies."
  • In book two, Kylar and Vi infiltrate the Cenarian to assassinate the Godking only to find out it was a trap and they were expected. The Godking asks if Kylar would like to fight a Ferali to which he asks if he has a choice. Upon finding out he doesn't Kylar snarks, "Well in that case, Gee I'd really like to fight a Ferali."

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