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  • A cartoon George Booth did for the magazine depicts a man on the porch of a beach-house hunched over a typewriter, while a woman stands next to him with a sandwich on a plate..
    "I've got an idea for a story: Gus and Ethel live on Long Island, on the North Shore. He works sixteen hours a day writing fiction. Ethel never goes out, never does anything except fix Gus sandwiches, and in the end she becomes a nympho-lesbo-killer-whore. Here's your sandwich."
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  • Another classic by Carl Rose and E. B. White shows a mother and her young child eating dinner:
    "It's broccoli, dear."
    "I say it's spinach, and I say to hell with it."
  • Charles Addams had many of these. One classic example would be the cartoon of the Addams Family preparing to pour boiling oil from the roof of their house onto a group of Christmas Carolers at the front door (a gag re-used for the opening of the 1991 Addams Family film).
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