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    The U.S. Series 
  • Anderson's Funhouse, specifically when Al was in the Tiny Bubbles room.
  • Immediately after Elavia takes the $50,000 bribe, Anderson returns to the other players and acts as though the execution will still take place despite one player already leaving. He gets a few words into his Rules Spiel before revealing it was a joke. The other players are not amused, but Anderson clearly enjoyed the prank as did a little dance declaring, "I love this game!"
  • In the retrospective finale of The Next Betrayal, a video confessional of Al has him saying how confident he is of his reads on the other players. He then muses, "I could be wrong. Somebody at home right now is going, 'You ain't reading nothing well! You're way off! It's Bill!!'" Needless to say, the assembled players had a big laugh at Al's expense. Even Anderson called it the best line of the season.

    The U.K. Series 
  • Apparently during the Helibombing task in the finale of UK 2, the Mole had begged to be allowed to do one task for real. They ended up being the only one to actually hit the target.

    The Belgian Series 
  • The mere fact that the priest contestant in Season 6 had no compunctions about swearing left and right. He even said in the reunion episode that his religion class students now sometimes respond to his admonitions to them not to swear with, "But sir, we learned it from you!"
  • In the last episode of Season 6, the Mole shows that Lloyd, for some reason known only to himself, submitted an image of himself in a Red Riding Hood costume as his application photo.
    • The same episode also showed that while everyone else was sticking their hands into a box full of cockroaches during one challenge, the Mole's box had a teddy bear in it instead which he used to secretly wave at the camera while pretending to be squicked by the "cockroaches".
  • In Season 7, episode 2, Joeri nearly has a heart attack every time a stray block bumps into his meticulously constructed tower. What really sells this scene is Gilles going into Lemony Narrator mode in his voiceover:
    Gilles: It took a few years off his life, but Joeri managed to finish the sixth tower.

    The Dutch Series 
  • Marc-Marie and Isabelle's interaction during the communication challenge in Season 5, episode 7, with Isabelle not realizing just how loud a megaphone-amplified voice can be.
    Marc-Marie: YEAH, OKAY! "Isabelle's clever"...and deaf, too!
  • The contestants' terrific attempts to sing and dance for money in Season 8, episode 6. Dennis and Patrick, upon seeing them, literally collapse onto the floor with laughter.
  • In a Dramatic Irony situation similar to Al's from the U.S. series, a video confessional of Joris in season 8 in which he said, "I never suspected (Dennis) so either I'm the joke of the year or I've had it right and it's not him. If Dennis is the Mole, I'll eat Edo's hat!" got a lot of laughs from the other contestants when it was replayed during the finale. It also doubled as a Brick Joke as the first thing Joris did after he was executed was to ask Edo if he could have his hat.
  • In Season 10, episode 4, the contestants decide to get back at Frits for choosing an exemption over money for the pot by stealing almost all of his luggage and forcing him to choose between keeping the exemption or getting his stuff back. Frits retaliates by stealing their own luggage and hiding it in the woods until they return his stuff.
  • One challenge in Season 12 required three of the four remaining contestants to disguise themselves so they could secretly photograph the fourth contestant. Tim's oh-so-subtle disguise? Putting on a brightly-colored flamenco dress and high heels and posing in plain sight at the town square. And then being shocked when Hadewych immediately tries to figure out who he is!
  • During the laser tag challenge in Season 16, episode 3, Rop manages to get stuck underneath a net and a crate less than a minute after starting.
  • Season 17, episode 2: Imanuelle gets really into in the amusement park challenge, enthusiastically imitating the banging of guns in her confession cams and dragging around a trash bin to hide behind from the snipers' fire.
  • During the "car-aoke" charades challenge in season 18, episode 8, one of the things Olcay does to get Jan to correctly guess Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is an imitation of Jackson's crotch grab. It must be seen to be believed.


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