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Funny / The Missing

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  • Samuel gets caught in the dead man's house and tries to explain himself:
    Samuel: I didn't kill anyone! I said I didn't kill anyone! I am looking for my grand-daughter!
    Lieutenant: Then tell me her damn name!
    Samuel: I don't KNOW her damn name!
  • Maggie tries to be assertive with the strange Indian friend of her father's she doesn't trust yet.
    Maggie: I am not giving over my horses! You understand? You'll have to kill me first!
    Samuel: *in Chiricahua* Now look. You pissed her off.
    Kayitah: *in Chiricahua* How could I tell? You people always look pissed off.
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  • "We're Indians, Lily. INDIANS!" *big grin* Then Lily slowly shuts the door.