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Funny / The Misadventures of Skooks

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Part 1
Lucky for you, I'm a dog lover!


Part 2
  • "Scientology got Tom Cruise." Shaggy reflects on it.
  • Obama getting angry at the gang's racism.
    Fred: Well, the crate says "White-"
    Velma: Power.
    Shaggy: I've heard of whites before, but I've never heard of blacks!
    (Obama is steamed as Shaggy and Skooks laugh).
    Velma: That's a fake name, you nigger.
  • This scene:
    Mr. Wickles: Thank you for finding the moon! But I wish you hadn't.
    Daphne: (glitches out) Fuck you, Mr. Wickles!
    (The gang, sans Skooks, now all have Daphne's face)
  • Fred attempts to open a door... by having sex with it.
  • "Watch me swooce right in! "
    • "Swooce! Swooce!"
    • And then Fred still tries fucking the door open.
  • "My thing's sex. Here's a T-Rex."
  • Fred claims there's no one aboard a ship, even though there's a clear view of the captain giving the boat driver a blowjob while "In the Navy" is loudly playing.
    Shaggy: I don't like it!
    (A furry OC appears on the ship)
    Shaggy: I like it!
  • The gang trying to get Skooks down. Fred yells at him to no avail, Shaggy tries shooting him down, and the rope just lowers itself while a T-Rex almost eats Skooks.
  • The random Dance Party Ending after Shaggy gets kissed by Princess Peach. Which happened after inexplicably seeing Rarity running by. Which happened while he was looking for Skooks after attempting to give him anal sex.

Part 3
Am I glad he's frozen in there and that we're out here and that he's the sheriff...
  • Fred's nightmare of Skooks giving Shaggy a handjob. Even funnier when it actually comes true less than a minute later.
  • This:
    Daphne: Wow, it's a—
    Velma: —two million-year old ice cube.
    Fred: I wonder where this fat fuck floated in from?
    Velma: I know! I read about it in the two million-year old paper.
    Fred: (punches Velma) Bitch!
    Shaggy: Gimme a handjob, Skooks!
    Skooks: You bet!
  • "Am I glad he's frozen in there and that we're out here, and that he's the sheriff, and that we're frozen out here, and that we're in there, and- I just remembered, we're out here! What I wanna know is where's the caveman?"
  • Fred suggesting they go to the malt shop, where they then proceed to eat the caveman.
  • "Go to the church and ask God to fug you!"
  • Fred's explains his latest plan while Shaggy and Skooks are dressed as fish:
    Fred: All you and Skooks have to do is to find Daphne and get turned on, and then Daphne will shag the fish.
    Shaggy: Lucky for you, I'm a fish lover!
  • Skooks loses control of himself thanks to Shaggy throwing a dart at his eye, and Velma gets bit by a poisonous spider. Fred's solution?
    Fred: Let's all meet back at the malt shop!
  • A couple of creepy guys want a copy of The Golden Ass, which Daphne refuses to give them. They change their mind and want her ass, to which Daphne happily obliges.
  • Skooks' strange motions when Velma tells him to "make like a two million-year old watchdog" which, judging by Velma drooling afterward, is implied to be humping. When he attempts to give it to Fred...
    Fred: No thanks. (DE-NIED)
  • The quickest way to Daphne is literally labeled "Quickest way to Daphne" with another sign reading "SECRET BITCH" on top of it.
  • Everyone is trapped inside a secret vault with no way out. Fred's response? "There's only one way out. Let's head... for the... malt shop."
    • When that doesn't work, they try pushing their way out, leading to this exchange:
    Fred: It's no use; it won't budge!
    Daphne: I guess our only chance is if Shag-
    Fred: It's no use!
    • This is immediately followed by Shaggy and Skooks swoocing right in. By ramming right into the door.
    Shaggy: Watch us swooce right in! Swooce!
  • Fred and Daphne are still shakin' it all wrong. Meanwhile, Shaggy tries to give Skooks a blowjob and is tricked by hot dogs.

Part 4
Get outta my backdoor!
  • The opening with Shaggy in a western setting.
    Shaggy: The caveman! He's the sheriff!
  • Fred forces the gang to go to the carnival at gun point.
  • Fred wonders where Shaggy and Skooks are. It then cuts to them having sex, with Skooks having a big stomach. Then Dick Van Dyke tries to get in on it.
    Shaggy: Hey! Get outta my backdoor! I'm a dog lover!
  • Fred's impatience at Daphne in the photo booth. It culminates in him hitting her with a wrench.
  • Daphne vomits on Fred in the background.
  • The turnstile slices Fred in half.
  • Velma, Dick Van Dyke, and Fred thinking of ways to save Shaggy and Skooks:
    Velma: You know what I think? I think we better think of something.
    Dick Van Dyke: I'll think of something.
    Fred: And I think we better think of something.
    Dick Van Dyke: Good thinking.
    • Velma stretches her neck to save Shaggy and Skooks, only to be decapitated by a helicopter. She also has a Johnny Bravo tattoo on her neck.
  • Shaggy attempting to lift.
    Shaggy: Stand back, Skooks; I'll lift it up!
    Skooks: You? (laughs nonstop)
    Shaggy: You'll be laughing out of your dick!
    (Shaggy attempts to lift the barbell, but trips and loses his head as Skooks and the Duck Hunt dog laugh at him.)
  • "Would you like to see the Strongman?" The "NO" option is the only one available and Fred dies.

Part 5
Never piss off Skooks. note 
  • While the gang finds a "big, heavy stove", Shaggy spray-paints the back of Velma's head.
  • Fred and Shaggy decide to "nail the girls to the floor". Daphne easily shrugs it off.
  • Fred farts in an attempt to open another "secret bitch" door.
    Daphne: It m-must have been our imagination. (winks)
  • The Penguin angers Skooks, who decapitates him in one punch. He is then easily defeated by The Joker.
  • Bat Milk.
  • "No one was paying any attention, so Angela and Uncle Bob had a little sex."
  • Batman eating the Xbox 360 copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us. To add to it, Skooks takes a shit on it.
  • "Justin Bieber? I better get something to defend myself!"
  • Fred and King Kai's reaction to Shaggy wishing for onion rings instead of reviving Fred with the Dragon Balls.
    Fred: Bitch!


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