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  • Alejandro's first "fight" with Don de la Vega after de la Vega keeps him from fighting Captain Love. It last all of about 20 seconds.
    de la Vega: You would have fought very bravely and died very quickly.
    Alejandro: I'd have found a way. I've never lost a fight!
    de la Vega: Except to a crippled old man just now.
  • When de la Vega is first training Alejandro, Alejandro whips his sword around in several fancy-looking movements...then de la Vega simply knocks the sword out of hands with one swipe.
    • Also this scene:
    de la Vega: (referring to Alejandro's sword) Do you know how to use that thing?
    Alejandro: The pointy end goes into the other man?
    de la Vega: This is going to take a lot of work.
  • Zorro pretending to be a priest and hearing a Confession. He gets the Ten Commandments wrong.
    • He doesn't just get them wrong - he has no idea which is which or what most of them are.
    Elena: I broke the Fourth Commandment.
    Alejandro: You killed somebody?
    Elena: No, that is not the Fourth Commandment.
    Alejandro: [Beat] Of course not. What did you do to break the most sacred of Commandments?
    Elena: I dishonored my father.
    Alejandro: That's not so bad. Maybe they deserved it.
    • Perhaps some of Don Vega's education of Alejandro included some Japanese texts.
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  • The sword fight between Zorro and Elena. More specifically the hilarious Shameful Strip Zorro subjects Elena to that was pretty much the money shot of the entire marketing campaign.
  • Alejandro as Don Alejandro is such a delightful jerk, it's hilarious.
  • Alejandro getting a lot of enjoyment out of trolling Captain Love.
    [Alenjandro walks over to Elena and Love on the dance floor]
    Elena: Yes, were you looking for something?
    Alejandro: A sense of the miraculous in everyday life.
    Captain Love: [bemused] Really? Well, why don't you try looking somewhere else? The lady and I are trying to dance.
    Alejandro: You were trying; she was succeeding. [Love scowls at that while Elena grins slightly.] Forgive me, Captain Love. A shameless joke at your expense...And I hope it won't be the last.

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