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Funny / The Mark of the Dragonfly

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  • Piper and Arno Weir arguing at the beginning.
  • Most of Piper and Gee's arguments.
    Gee: So it's emergency sightseeing?
  • One when Trimble and Gee tell Piper that she's a Technopath.
    Piper: I'd use (magic powers) for something important, like conjuring food whenever I wanted it - steak dinners, caramel apples, mushroom soup.
    Gee: Caramel and mushroom?
    Piper: Not all at once.
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  • Anna "rearranging" the train's library by pulling all the books off the shelves and stacking them on the floor. The stacks predictably fall over as soon as the train starts moving.

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