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  • Why did Solaria make a spell that can break people out of Rhombulus' Crystal Prisons?
    This spell is very helpful when Rhombulus accidentally crystallizes a mewman in the heat of battle.
  • After Solaria's chapter includes a guide on slaying different types of monsters, Eclipsa makes a guide about dating those same types of monsters.
    There's a trick to dating monsters. There are so many monster varieties [...] We even have our own monster expert in an attempt to catalog them.
    I've dated them all, and if you're an adventurous princess like me, then you're probably eager to see what the monster community has to offer by way of men.
    • For Slimes, the pros and cons and basically the flip sides of the same thing ("Their mucus can heal a rash or allergic reaction./Their mucus can cause a rash or allergic reaction.")
    • The cons for Septarians are "Not so found of magical Mewman girls." and "Probably wants to kill your mom."
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  • After rebuffing her mother's pressure to to marry for political gain, Eclipsa ruminates on her own parentage:
    I understand her position, taking a king is arbitrary. She just went out to sea with Alphonse, and nine months later I was born.
  • Dirhhennia's chapter features a wanted poster for Bobipsa the Baby-Eating Barbarian, who apparently also went by the name "Tonya." The poster mentions she's fine as long as there are no babies around her. Dirhhennia thought she was cool.
  • Festivia tried to convince Dirhhennia that the marks on her cheeks were "Shade Moons," but Dirhhennia is more than aware she got shafted in the cool glowing cheek mark department.
  • Dirhhennia had to get a new mill horse for the wand because the last one, Stephandipity, "Passed."
    Look, millhorses are like, goldfish, okay, I can't be expected to remember to feed 'em and stuff, jeez?
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  • During Star's chapter, Glossaryck pops in to question the tone of her journal entries:
    Note about her headband: What you do think?
    Glossaryck: Who are you talking to?

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