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    Mumfie's Quest 
  • This dialogue from the beginning of the movie:
    Mumfie: What's wrong?
    Scarecrow: What?
    (crows start pecking at him and cawing)
    Drat them birds! They're what's wrong. The farm's been closed down and I've been forgotten with nothing to do but be stared at by rude persons with peculiar noses.
  • The cut scene where the pigs attack Pinkey for having wings.
  • Mumfie mistaking Whale for a mountain.
  • The cut scene where Mumfie doesn't know how to sleep in a hammock.
  • Mumfie's facial expression after he says "Well, that explains everything!" before he starts singing "Gotta Dance, Gotta Whistle, Gotta Sing".
  • Bristle falling on the ice and Napoleon mocking him after the skating song.
  • Scarecrow's facial expression after his "what-iffer" attack when they find the admiral.
  • After the scene above concludes, this funny conversation is held. This is made even funnier by Scarecrow's face being like "What's going on here?" during this entire dialouge.
    Natsy Nate: And what do you think you're doing?
    (Nasty Nate sneers as Mumfie and Scarecrow look scared)
    Nasty Nate: Answer my question, you dogs!
    Mumfie: I'm not a dog, I'm an elephant!
    Nasty Nate: Get up that ladder, and let's have no more of your sauce.
    Mumfie: I haven't given you any sauce, cheese or otherwise!
  • The conversation with the Secretary of Night after Mumfie gets blown away for dawdling in the peaceful meadows, due to Mumfie telling the Secretary to smile, and him not knowing what "occupation" means.

    Season 1 (Phoenix Animation Studio episodes) 
  • "Captian Jellybean's Treasure Hunt" had a few funny scenes involving Pinkey. First, there was one where she was playing baseball and got so dizzy she fell to the ground. Then, there was Davy Jones calling Pinkey "Porky" multiple times, Pinkey and Mumfie mistaking dubloons for balloons, and a conversation about fish riding bicyles.
  • Things That Go Bump has a few funny scenes.
    • Mumfie's voice changing when he's getting changed into his pajamas.
    • After Scarecrow turned out the lights so that they could sleep, this happened:
    Mumfie: Scarecrow?
    Scarecrow: What, Mumfie?
    Mumfie: Did you put out the cat?
    Scarecrow: We don't even have a cat!

    • Later, to find out what the mysterious noise was, they heard a voice. Pinkey asked the voice if he was a ghost, causing Mumfie to get angry.
  • When the gang was riding on top of Whale in "A Grouper's Tooth" with the Admirals and Davy Jones, a group of fish were fleeing from the Grouper, and Scarecrow got one caught in his hat.
    • Later in the episode, Scarecrow got scared by the Lighthouse Keeper's "new boot scraper".
  • "The Lost Cloud" is about a cloud who won't stop raining because it can't find it's mother. This leads to the cloud raining on a few things, including Scarecrow's armchair (which looks as if Scarecrow just peed in his chair, except he wasn't sitting in it) and even Scarecrow himself.
    • The characters mistaking the sheep for clouds.
  • At the beginning of "The Guest", Mumfie was playing music with a tissue box guitar, and Scarecrow got annoyed. Scarecrow then puts pillows over his ears. Scarecrow says he though he lost the pillows, and Scarecrow asks where the music was coming from. Mumfie says he was playing it, and asks if he likes it. Scarecrow says he does, and blushes.
    • Mrs. Admiral's dance when she arrives.
  • In "Scarecrow's Birthday Surprise", Mumfie was discussing with Pinkey about a birthday party for Scarecrow. When they though he would overhear their plans, Mumfie said "Oh, he comes!", but it sounded like something else.
    • Also, whenever the crows made fun of Scarecrow, as well as the forest animals joining in the fun of teasing him.
  • "Scarecrow's New Best Friend" had Mumfie's constant sneezing.
  • The wellwisher from "Mumfie and The Wellwisher" had bad hearing due to illness, and thus called Mumfie "Thumpie" and Scarecrow "Hair Grow".
  • In "Napoleon Moves In", Scarecrow and Mumfie were glad after Napoleon's favorite song ended, but he kept playing it for hours.
  • "The Whole Tooth" is another episode where Pinkey and Davy Jones have an insane exchange, this time about elbow grease. Pinkey wanted to give it to her mother after hearing Davy Jones talk about it.
    • Mumfie wondering what it would be like for someone to wander about in his own mouth.
  • In "Making a Stand", Pinkey chewed on Mumfie's jacket to support his arm. Seconds later, Napoleon asks if Pinkey is changing her diet because she is chewing Mumfie's jacket.
    • The part when Bristle came in the garden after Mumfie told Napoleon Jones he was being Bristle's scarecrow was funny:
    Napoleon Jones: Ah. There you are, you officious little twit!
    Bristle: Twit?
    Napoleon Jones: (after ruffling his feathers): Twit, twit, and double twit! I am a bird of honor, not a thief! How dare you enlist Mumfie and the petite Pinkey to scare me away? You should do your own scaring. That face of yours would stop an autobus.
    Bristle: I haven't a clue what you're talking about.
    Mumfie: He doesn't like me being your scarecrow.
    Bristle: You're not my scarecrow!
    Pinkey: Then why did you want him to keep his arm up?
    Bristle: I was measuring him. I never wear this sweater and I thought it might just fit Mumfie.
    • Also, it is funny that the sweater Bristle gave to Mumfie is the SAME EXACT ONE Mumfie wears all the time.
  • Bristle dealing with the pirates when they were on mischief patrol in "Bristle's Holiday" after the pirates made a room that Bristle was cleaning in the castle a mess.
    • Scarecrow (after trying to lift Bristle's suitcase, which contained cleaning tools): "What did you bring, your rock collection?"
    • The animation error where Bristle's blue notepad changes into a green book.
    • Bristle's face when he tries to lie in the hammock.
    • Bristle not understanding how to do the fun activities Mumfie and Scarecrow try to do with him after Bristle says he will never learn to have fun:
      • When Mumfie and Scarecrow suggested Hide and Seek, Bristle suggested that if Mumfie and Scarecrow stayed with Bristle, he would save a great deal of time instead of looking for them.
      • When Mumfie and Scarecrow tried to play baseball with Bristle, Bristle suggested that he should just hand the ball to them, so he wouldn't have to run after it.
      • When Mumfie and Scarecrow tried finger painting, Bristle found it too messy.
    • The part where Bristle was hula-hooping, playing with a paddle ball, and playing with a yo-yo at the same time.

    Season 2 (D'Ocon episodes) 
  • Mind Over Manners had Bristle getting injured multiple times (mostly by Scarecrow). Despite this, Bristle still allowed Mumfie and friends to visit for tea another time.
  • Bristle's Blues: The scene where Bristle panics over his rule book while finding it.
    • The crows mocking Bristle for using a skipping rope.
    • The scene where Mrs. Admiral lets Bristle try on clothes.
    • The scene where the rule book is found, because if you paid close attention to the part seconds before Napoleon found the book for Bristle, the pillow he lifts up is the same pillow the Black Cat sits on, implying that she pooped the rule book out.
  • Pinkey's First Winter had the "Winter? Who's Winter?" joke, Scarecrow yet again mistaking the word "Come" for something else, and Pinkey's reaction to Mumfie and Scarecrow as snowmen.
  • "Mumfie's Lost Button", especially the part where Scarecrow says he is going to scare cows, and the button party.
  • In "Upside-Down Magic", Mumfie falls in the bushes after ripping his trousers when Pinkey said "Boo!" to him. Scarecrow asks if he's okay, and Mumfie says he's fine, but his pants aren't. As soon as he rips his pants, we see a hole revealing no underwear. This was made even funnier by the fact he was covered in fabric the next scene.
    • The Running Gag where Scarecrow got thread stuck on his jacket.
    • Everything that went wrong because the patch was sewn on upside down.
  • "It Won't Be Alright on the Night" had many funny parts:
    • Mrs. Admiral thinking that the Queen of Night's birthday meant that she had to make a cake for her, and Bristle keeps on telling her she cannot get up and make the cake yet.
    • As a result of the Gooseberry Imp's magic, the performance was messed up. Below is what each character did.
      • Pinkey: Said the last verse of her poem as "A really rotten time" instead of "A really happy time".
      • Napoleon: Gave his paper silhouette of The Queen of Night a beak instead of a nose.
      • Davy Jones: Made donkey noises instead of singing a sea shanty. When Mr. Admiral tried to save the day, he instead made rooster sounds.
      • Scarecrow: The potatoes he juggled changed into eggs and splattered on him. Bristle's reaction to this is extremely funny.
  • "Scarecrowella" has the ending of the hat matchup scene, when Scarecrow is told that he can't have his friends visit more than once a month, have adventures, or scare crows.
    "No! I don't want to be king! I don't want to be king! I don't want to go to the palace, I-I want to stay here!"
  • To finally scare the crows in "The Amazing Scarecrow", Scarecrow told the crows that he would count to three, and if the crows hadn't left, he would loose his temper. He does so, and tells the crows to not say he didn't warn them, and then imitates a lion.
  • The scene in "Orders Is Orders" where Bristle wants to know why a box is quacking and ringing.
  • When Mumfie and Scarecrow were trying to find Santa's magic bell in "Jingle Bell", the bell room started ringing, and everyone screamed and held their ears.
  • The random animals appearing after the French and English words for them are said in "French Lessons".
    • Also, Scarecrow saying that Napoleon has to get reading glasses since he confused the French word for "cauliflower" with the French one for "butterfly".
  • The scene in All Work and No Play where Bristle thinks Mumfie made a mistake by not straightening the Queen's picture, but Bristle finds out that he didn't read the rules carefully, as Mumfie said the rule was to leave all royal pictures as they were found.
    • An unintentional funny part was when the Queen of Night pronounces "Hello, Mumfie." as "Hallo, Mumfie."
  • The Queen of Night's reaction to the pirate's song in "A Royal Misunderstanding", and Bristle shooing off the pirates with a huge cane.

    Running Gags 
  • Any moment where Scarecrow gets angry.
  • Davy Jones calling Pinkey "Porky".
  • Scarecrow's Stock Scream, due to him mostly doing it in funny scenarios.
  • Anytime Scarecrow poops straw when he falls down.
  • Any scene where the crows mock Scarecrow.
  • Bristle's pronunciation of the word "rules" as "ruuels".

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