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Funny / The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning

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  • From the third film, when Ariel and Flounder find Sebastian's underground music club.
  • Marina celebrating Sebastian's arrest right after this sad line.
    Attina: No one's happy...
    Marina: Yahoooooo!
  • These lines between a couple a fishes watching Marina's celebration makes it even funnier.
    Fish 1: Who is that?
    Fish 2: I don't know but she scares me.
  • One part of the celebration has Marina mimicking Ariel's iconic pose on the rock as a wave crashes behind her... and into her.
    • And on top of it all — the very next second, Scuttle makes a two-second cameo in which he comes flying up to Marina, only to be told "Don't touch me!"

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