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Funny / The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

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  • Barbara gently trying to stop Clive from becoming prematurely Blimpish:
    Barbara: Darling?
    Clive: Yes?
    Barbara: You're humming.
    Clive: Am I?
    Barbara: Mm-hm. It's a little habit you have.
    Clive: [beat] What'll I do if I don't hum?
  • Angela and Theo in the car, when he first notices that she looks like Edith and Barbaranote :
    Theo: What is your first name, Miss Cannon?
    Angela: Angela.
    Theo: What a lovely name. It comes from Angel, doesn't it?
    Angela: I think it stinks. My friends call me Johnny.
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  • Clive and Hoppy reunited:
    Hoppy: I was awfully sorry to hear about your leg. [looks down] Jumping Jehosaphat! They're both there!
    Clive: What the hell did you think I was standing on?
    Hoppy: They told me in Bloemfontein that they cut off your left leg.
    Clive: [examines leg] Can't have, old boy. I'd have known about it.

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