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  • Whenever Weed tries to scam or exploit naive customers and said customers believe their getting a great deal. Its even more hilarious whenever the point of view switches to one of his friends who can only feel pity for those people.
  • Weed's subordinate Tori, a Lord of the Vampire Race that tries to escape from Weed's grasp, only to somehow finding his way back to Weed and having to be discplined the hard way. Really, you just can't help feeling bad for the poor guy sometimes, especially after het met Seoyoon who was a master he loved following around but ended up pawning him off to Weed for a rabbit.
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  • This actually applies towards any of Weed's subordinates that are roaming free and somehow end up meeting Weed again on one of his adventures.
  • When Morata (that was reformed due to Weed) started becoming popular for beginners to start in, some of Weed's colleagues (who know what kind of man he truly is) attempt to warn them that living in Morata will become a living hell in the future as the ruler will increase the taxes and exploit them. They think their doing a good deed, only for numerous people to start bashing them for trying to give them good advice and that they are probably just biased haters.
    • In a hilarious twist of fate, Morata actually becomes one of the best places for beginners to start in as the taxes are low and the culture is breathtaking, allowing for both enjoyment and rapid growth. It's also funny because Weed's friend's who tried to warn them in the beginning actually turned out to be completely off the mark about Morata.

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