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Animated TV series

  • In "The Giant Beetles", Professor Porter describes his encounter on the mountain.
    At first I was just minding my own business and then all of a sudden I was mown over, by a Mammoth Marigold!
    • And at the end there's an explosion from the distance.
    Professor: Did that come from my base camp!?
    Terk: You see, the old Terk would just deny deny deny. But the new improved Terk would admit that she left the Bunsen burner on.
    Professor: Good heavens! (runs off in a panic)
  • Jane finds out her former friend is a spy in "The Flying Ace".
    Robert: Is it too low-brow to say "I did it for the money"?
    Jane: Perhaps. Is it too high-brow of me to say "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN"!
    Jumps in the air and dropkicks him
    • She later uses the plane's radio to contact her father who is trying to listen to the Cricket match.
    Professor: Jane? What are you doing at the Cricket finals?
  • Tarzan and Terk are wrestling...
    Tantor: Can't you boys play nicely?
    Terk: I'm a girl!
    Tantor: Really?
  • In "Tarzan and the British Invasion", Jane and her friends are creeping through a swamp, trying to avoid two panthers. Jane warns them to keep quiet and all of a sudden Greenie starts screaming that there's a leech on her arm. She screams for them to get it off, saying "it's sucking my precious life blood!" and it turns out to be a leaf.
    Jane: So much for keeping it quiet.
    • When the girls get cornered by leopards, Jane assures them that they wouldn't want to eat them as they're all skin and bone. As she says this, Hazel (the chubby one) can be seen trying to suck in to make herself look smaller.
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    • Earlier, they came to try and "save" Jane, by hitting Tarzan with their umbrellas (with Hazel protecting Jane and finds Tarzan hot). Despite being told by the Captain from the first movie that Jane chose to stay, but marched to the "rescue" when he mentions a "wild man".
    • The Professor being stuck on the tree through the rest of the episode.
  • Although it immediately turns serious, Kala's line when a bunch of gorillas are running screaming "snake!" qualifies.
    "All this, over a snake!?"
  • From "The Protege", Ian's retelling of his day with Tarzan to his aunt.
    Robyn: You dove off a waterfall!?
    Robyn: Oh thank heavens.
    Ian: I dove off an elephant into the waterfall.
    Robyn: Excuse me!
    Ian: Don't worry, the poisonous eels had already left.
    Robyn: Poisonous eels!?
    • When she grounds him, he protests "But Tarzan and I were going to explore the leopard caves!" and she remarks that is a very poor argument to change her mind.
  • Tarzan pretending to be scared of Jane's powderpuff so she would stop pestering him trying to find out what he's afraid of.
  • In "Rebellion of the Leopard Men", after La's leopard men kidnap Jane, they run into La being menaced by one.
    La: Tarzan! Save me!
    Tarzan: I'd rather save the leopard...(to Terk, Tantor and the Professor) She says she wants me to save her.
    Terk: Oh, then maybe it was a poor time to KIDNAP YOUR WIFE!
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  • In "The Eagle’s Feather", Tarzan and Jane hear someone creeping around their tree-house. When Tarzan tackles the intruder, it turns out to be one of their Waziri friends whom frantically has to yell out-
    Waziri Tribesmen: You're invited to a wedding!
  • The ending of "The Hidden World", where Philander's attempt to prove dinosaurs still exist is foiled by Manu the baby baboon messing around with his camera earlier.
  • In "One Punch Mulligan", Tarzan, curious about the boxing gloves, puts on the pair and started to imitate a boxer. He winds up accidentally knocking out Mulligan unconscious.
    • By episode's end, Terk does the same thing by putting on the boxing gloves to see what the big deal is, and winds up punching out Mulligan with one hit while she was throwing mock punches.
    Terk: It was an accident!


Live Action film

  • George Williams is a truly dedicated exponent of deadpan snarkery. Even whilst being menaced by a very large, very pissed off ape that just handed Tarzan his backside, he can't resist snarking.
    Williams: Do you want me to lick his nuts too?
  • Even funnier, John (Tarzan) takes it one step further and decides to troll George.
    John: (in response to the above) If you want to live.
  • George in general is a foundation for many. For example, Tarzan and a group of natives jump down into foliage with a large tree limb underneath. His reaction?
    Williams: Shit!

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