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First Chapter

  • The very first mission involves wandering into some sewers and opening a chest which contains two boxes which you're supposed to bring back. Estelle wants to open them and see what's inside. Joshua points out that this could be an automatic flunk, noting that if it were a real-life situation, the contents would be the property of the client. Afterwards, you can examine the chest again, in which case you get the following:
    By looking inside this chest again, you flunk! ...Just kidding.
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  • There are two ways Estelle can get Dunan to leave the Checkpoint in the "Make Him Leave" sidequest, and both are GLORIOUS. Either:
    Convince Dunan that the Checkpoint is filthy and beneath him, culminating in Dunan freaking out over an imagined cockroach. Estelle then states she was channeling Joshua.
    In typical Estelle fashion, she can give Dunan a "Reason You Suck" Speech before having to be held back by everybody else from beating the crap out of him.
  • Joshua's exasperation at having to wear a maid outfit
    Joshua: BOY CLOTHES, NOW.
  • Estelle's reaction to one of the bosses:
  • Any of Estelle's Straight Man moments, often punctuated by her "what" face, as seen here.
  • In one of the side missions in Chapter 3 of FC, Estelle learns that she's being paid to try out a pair of the latest model of her favorite brand of sneakers, and promptly offers a prayer of thanksgiving.
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  • Dunan, when faced with three women pointing their weapons at him, decides that the best course of action to take is to insult their gender in their face. Even the goons protecting him are exasperated at his stupidity.
  • In FC Chapter 4, it takes Estelle several minutes to realize that the Princess is Kloe
  • When her father brings a child into the house, Estelle asks if her dad betrayed her mother. Specifically, she asks if he's an illegitimate child, leading him to wonder how she knows such phrases.
  • The first time Dorothy joins your party as an NPC. Admit it, you thought she was deadweight. Wait, why is she walking towards the enemies... did she just take a picture? And did she just blind the enemy with her flash?!
  • Is Olivier on screen and is his mouth open? Then one of these is probably going on. Double points if Scherazard is also present, quadruple points if Aina is also there.
    • Everyone's reactions to Olivier become even more hilarious if you're either on a rerun of the franchise or have played Cold Steel, and know that's the prince of Erebonia they're talking to.
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    • Add on top of that Mueller's expression and threat of physical violence soon after if he's present. Given how immediate this is, it's clear he's been putting up with Olivier's crap for a LONG time.
  • At one point Dunan demands that an in-disguise Estelle "attend" to him that evening. Estelle reacts with disgust, saying that she doesn't want to serve him tea, at which point Joshua (also in disguise) points out that it's probably not tea that he wants served. Once Dunan is gone, Estelle - still not clued in - wonders aloud what the deal is.
    Estelle: Oh, right. Back to before. I feel like I'm missing something. Why would the duke want tea so late.
    Hilda: Estelle. Allow me to... elucidate the matter of 'tea' and why gentlemen should never request it in polite company. Come closer. (*proceeds to whisper something in her ear*)
    Estelle: ... (*blushing furiously*)
  • The second fight with Amalthea is somewhat amusing due to the robot mooks malfunctioning and confusing themselves, even though Silver Will is playing.
  • Estelle gets at Joshua for kissing Kloe in the play, as he's obviously in love with her. He then informs her that it was a fake kiss.
    Estelle: ... Do not insert foot into mouth.
  • In Chapter 1, Estelle, Joshua, and Scherazard, with the Mayor's seal of approval, are attempting to get past the guards to see General Morgan. At one point, exasperated with the pace at which things are going, Schera has a short but witty shutdown.
    Schera: The mayor has requested that we come and speak with General Morgan about the status of the search. As you can see, this document is official. But if you don't want to let us through, I'm sure you'll be hating life later.
  • Estelle walks in on Joshua in the hot spring. The traditional 'screams' ensue. That's not what's hilarious. What's hilarious is how CASUALLY he takes it, as Estelle SLOWLY loses control, until she blows. And, that the next scene is Estelle getting called out for her false alarm.

Second Chapter

  • Before Anelace and Estelle part at the beginning of the first act, Anelace confesses that she feels they have become good friends, yet she would like them to be something more. The exchange that follows is worth quoting in its entirity. By the end, Scherazard, Agate and Estelle pretty much have to pick themselves off the floor, and poor Anelace is totally clueless as to why everyone's blushing so hard.
    Anelace: And, and, um...(Okay, deep breaths...) I know you might think I'm weird for saying this, but...
    Estelle: Huh?
    Anelace: I, um, like to think we're already friends, but...well...I'd like it if you and me, Estelle, if we became something...more.
    Schera: Wha? Are you saying what I think you're saying?!
    Anelace: No! Don't try to stop me, Schera! I'm serious! I'm absolutely sure about this!
    Schera: 'Serious'...? Oh...Oh, my...
    Anelace: I, well, I know I'm a couple years older than you, Estelle...But we've totally spent about the same amount of time in the guild. And you know what? Age doesn't matter when it comes to something like this! So...what do you think?
    Estelle: U-Um! Well! Um...! I mean, um, I'm really happy, and I think my heart is racing out of my chest, but this is kind of surprising, to say the least! Besides, there's, um, Joshua, and there's kind of some issues on a couple fronts, or more than a couple...or rather, I don't, uh...
    Anelace: Joshua? What does he have to do with this? And what problems would there be on 'a couple fronts' if we became rivals?
    Estelle: Rivals?
    Anelace: Yeah, yeah! We're about the same age, about equal in skill level...I thought it'd help us both try to reach even higher, but... You...don't actually like the idea, do you...
    Schera (sighs) As unpredictable as always, I see. Not quite the punch line I was expecting...
    Estelle: Punch line? Haha...Well, if that's what you meant...
    Estelle: (grinning) All right, then! I, Estelle Bright, hereby recognize you as my rival, Anelace Elfead! Consider the gauntlet THROWN! In your face, even!
  • While the scene in Kaldia Tunnel is cute if you picked Scherazard as your partner in Chapter 1, the same scene if Agate is your partner is downright hilarious. You can hear the fuses blowing in Anelace's brain as she meets Tita.
    Anelace: That's it! I claim this cutie in the name of the Bracer Guild! Scherazard, we're taking her with us!
  • The Hot Spring sidequest in Chapter 2. Sheep level 600%.
  • Elnan expresses his views on the signing of the non-aggression pact with Erebonia at the Royal Villa.
    Elnan: They might as well have painted a sign on the roof of the Villa saying, 'Ouroboros, please attack us.'
  • When trying to find a missing child in a game of hide-and-seek, Estelle winds up suggesting they look in increasing impossible places (inside a hedge, inside a podium, inside a vase) as her companions try not to facepalm.
    • Another potential hiding spot that Estelle checks out is under the table of the villa's dining room. Estelle bends over to take a look underneath, forgetting that her recent outfit change no longer includes her old spats. Once again, Olivier puts it best.
    Olivier: *ahem* Putting that aside...Bending over in your current outfit may not be wise, Estelle.
    Estelle: Huh?
    Olivier: How to put this delicately... Your unmentionables are now quite mentionable.
    Estelle: *straightening up immediately* E x c u s e m e ?
    • It's decidedly less amusing once you find the child in question, Renne, as it turns out she started hiding because her parents had, for whatever reason, seemingly left her there. It's made worse later on, as you find that she's actually a Enforcer for Ouroburos. Yep, that seemingly normal and cute little girl? That's the Angel of Slaughter.
  • Estelle pointing out that she's standing right there and that she has a very large stick several times throughout the game.
    • Particularly notable in one conversation with Olivier, where he offers to give her The Talk. Estelle understandably passes on the offer, explaining she'd go to Scherazard if she had any questions on that subject.
    Olivier: Oh... but if Scherazard is providing instruction... (his face is suddenly overtaken by a perverted grin) ....Ahhhhh...
  • One of the optional side quests in Chapter 4 is getting the ingredients for a drug that makes the drinker immune to alcohol. Watching the NPC who commissioned it then enter a drinking contest with Aina (and still lose because he consumed a incorrect quantity) is hilarious. Better yet, Olivier joins in, and gets so drunk that he has to be temporarily booted from the party, forcing the player into the character select screen.
  • Gilbert's voice acting. Whoever played him clearly had fun doing it.
    Let's see what color your blood is!
    [When KO'd] It's just a.. flesh wound...
  • During Estelle and Joshua's reunion, a slightly nervous Estelle asks Joshua about the nature of his relationship with Josette.
    Estelle: ...Did you kiss her?
    Joshua: What?
    Estelle: Question. Answer. GIVE.
  • One skit after you save Josette in Liber Ark if you choose her immediately as party member right away, Estelle who now has a temporary truce with her after Joshua said "Forbidden words" together bully him. The reaction of the remaining party member varies depends on whoever you choose.
    Joshua: It may be worth our time to search this district again. We may be able to find a clue of some sort.
    Estelle and Josette: ... *glaring*
    Joshua: And, um, on another note... ...Please forgive me
    Estelle: Forgive you? Whatever for? *creepy smile*
    Josette: Joshua, if you're not sure something's wrong, just act normal, y'knoooow? *another creepy smile*
    Kevin: Endure the pain, Joshua! Endure the pain!
  • Olivier's first appearance in the game has him sailing in on a motorboat just as two rival political parties are about to come to blows on Ruan's bridge. He proceeds to serenade them with a song in an effort to cool their tempers and succeeds in confusing them to the point where they decide to break off and head back to their respective sides of town. Estelle and her party discuss the situation amongst themselves and decide to return to the Bracer Guild with their report, all while pointedly ignoring Olivier's presence.
  • If you speak to Mueller with Olivier in your party just after landing on the Liber-Ark, he asks you to keep an eye on Olivier and reasons that he'd be get in the way of repairs if he stayed on the ship. Olivier shoots back with a hurt rant about how Mueller clearly just wants to be alone with Julia and tops it off with the accusation "You only wanted me because of my body!"

The 3rd

  • Erika Russell's Cuteness Proximity tendency can be either scary or funny. One of the first times this trait is shown, during Ries' first appearance, Erika mistakes her presence as Septian Church's ploy to persuade her into giving up the artifact using Ries' cuteness. She also mentions that were she not have her protective barrier, she would actually be swayed. Also, during the aftermath of the discussion which results in Septian Church getting the item, Kevin and Ries says that Erika insists on taking Ries with her as a trade if she can't get the artifact!
  • Rufina's method of getting a young Kevin to eat is both unconventional and awesomely funny, as is Kevin's entirely understandable reaction.
  • The whole scene where Ries consequently saddles you, that is, Kevin Graham, with a Quest Log, a Monster Guide and... a Recipe book is downright hilarious. Mind you, Kevin is not a bracer but a senior Knight of the Church.
  • Kevin, Ries and Tita find another Sealing Stone and wonder who can be inside. Rise immediately offers a suggestion that it might be a second Tita.
    Kevin: I hope you will take responsibility if it really is another Tita.
    Ries: Of course. I will love her as my own.
  • About half of Moon Door 1 is one of these, as Tita's parents return home and her overprotective mother is very keen on meeting 'that red-haired brute'. To say Erika takes matters a little far would be an understatement.
  • Anelace's immediate reaction after Renne notices that Phantasma is reacting to the wishes of the party is to start wishing for stuffed animals. Schera is there for the Facepalm.
    • Similarly, when first unsealed, Anelace's first reaction is that she's dreaming that she's been presented with life-sized plushies of the entire party, and declares that Tita will be the prize of her collection.
  • Kloe and Lechter's first meeting. When Kloe stands up to leave, Lechter matter-of-factly tells her that she just gave him a Panty Shot, then when she walks off in a huff he equally matter-of-factly points out that she's walking the wrong way, flustering her further. Thus setting the tone for their entire relationship.
  • This bit when the party unleashes Richard's sealing stone where he questions how he was able to enter Phantasma in his Colonel uniform while he has retired from Liberl army.
    Olivier: (perverted grin) Oh! I have a thought! Perhaps the Lord of Phantasma decided the colonel wasn't sexy enough in anything else and prepared that strapping uniform for him after bringing him here?
    *everyone else turns at Olivier with sweatdrop*
    Scherazard: Yeah, I don't think so.
    Anelace: I couldn't entirely blame them if they did though...
    Josette: Same....
    Kloe: ... (blushing)
    Richard: Um...
    Agate: I swear... Girls these days.
    Tita: ??? <— (has no idea what's going on)
  • Richard insists that he is not a colonel anymore but people still uses that anyway. One conversation with Estelle after getting him in the party begins with this topic only for Estelle to call Richard colonel again after a lengthy dialogue.
    Richard: *exasperated* (did that entire conversation fly right over her head...?)
  • Each party member can be set as the leader to get a different reaction when reading "From Fat to Fit." Better yet, the game doesn't even reveal its contents like with the other books.
  • Cassius's Qilingong buff Craft is equal parts scary, awesome, and amusing due to how over the top it is.
  • In Star Door 1, an NPC in Zeiss reveals that Erika wanted to be a sister of the church when she was younger, but the priest told her she had the completely wrong personality. Said NPC reminisces that Erika ran through the streets crying her eyes out when it happened... then proceeded to launch a flying kick at him.
  • At the start of the game Kevin runs into Dorothy during a trip from Calvard. He's quite surprised that she was trusted with an international solo story; as it turns out, she wasn't - she was supposed to only head out to Bose, and somehow wound up on an airship headed to a different country. Nial reacts pretty much exactly as you'd expect.

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