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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Meg's reaction after her car gets towed.
    Meg: What the fuck?! That's my fucking car! [the tow truck drives off] FUCK!
  • Kate arrives home to find Meg dancing and drinking following her misfortune with her car.
    Meg: [totally jovial] I am totally and thoroughly fucked!
  • Meg finishing off a Cherry Pepsi...and proceeding to burp constantly on the airplane, much to everyone's disgust.
  • Meg re-enacting the infamous diner scene from When Harry Met Sally....
  • Kate succumbing to the effects of her anti-anxiety pill and Meg pushing back against her seat.
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  • An asleep Kate hitting her head when the flight attendant moves her seat forward and remaining deep asleep.
  • Kate arriving at the St. Louis Sheraton still out of it.
  • Meg commenting that an artistic nude in her and Kate's hotel room is called "Man Getting Out of Cold Lake" and going "Boop, boop" as she playfully pokes at the man's genitals.
  • Meg coercing Anuj to help her by threatening to leave a negative review on Yelp.
  • Meg pretending to be an FBI agent when one of Craig's friends reveals he has cocaine.
  • Nancy and Roger's sexual banter in front of Kate, Meg, and Ryan.
  • Kate and Meg's reactions when Ryan reveals he's a firefighter.
  • Meg's wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor.
    Meg: How long was it out?
    Kate: Twenty seconds.
    Meg: That's the length of a fucking Geico commercial.
  • Kate and Meg arguing over Ryan.
  • Kate's very visible unease as she, Meg, and Ryan get on the hot air balloon.
    • Followed by her freaking out as the balloon takes off, her unease increasing right after finding out they're only at 500 feet.
    • Meg buying a bottle of champagne on the balloon ride while Ryan consoles Kate has more than a touch of I Need a Freaking Drink.
    • After the balloon pilot is hurt by Meg popping the champagne, Kate freaks out even more. Alexandra Daddario really ventures into Large Ham territory at this point.
      • She then screams hysterically after the pilot asks the passengers if they've piloted a hot air balloon before.
    • The balloon lands right onto a kid's birthday cake.
    • As Kate freaks out more, Meg tells her "Shut the fuck up!" Then she sees kids standing nearby and, after a beat, asks "Que pasa?"
  • Meg Flipping the Bird to a kid that swims at her after she executes a risky dive maneuver and hurts her eye in the process.
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  • "I'm going to Fort Lauderdale and I hate this fucking game."
  • Kate and Meg bickering like little girls as Kate attempts to switch seats with Meg in the moving car.
  • Kate climbing out the window of the filthy, run-down bathroom and falling to the ground behind Meg and Ryan.
  • Kate and Ryan having sex, solely due to Kate's over-the-top reactions and expressions.
  • Kate and Meg arguing after it comes out that Meg slept with Ryan the night before after he had slept with Kate. And they do it loudly in front of other patrons in the restaurant.
    • Both women ask the other "How do you know he has a bent dick?", though Kate is considerably more enraged (again edging into Large Ham).
    • After Kate shoves Meg backwards, Meg responds by punching Kate in the throat, resulting in Kate speaking in a strangulated voice.
      Kate: You took fucking kill shot at me?! What the hell is wrong with you?!
      • During this bit, Craig notes that Meg executed a Krav Maga maneuver that was a kill shot, apparently taking a class in the martial art at the Y.
    • Craig giving up and simply walking away as the two women proceed to throw food at each other in a scene taken straight out of a Jerry Springer episode.
      Kate: I paid for this trip!
      Meg: You didn't pay for this breakfast!
      Kate: It's a continental! It's free!
    • Kate kicking Meg into a shelf, only for the shelf to come falling down on them both.
    • A hotel employee aims a shotgun at the women and orders them to "Freeze, lesbians."
  • Craig replying he didn't have sexual relations with Ryan after the police officer expresses disbelief with the fact that Kate and Meg don't know Ryan's last name.
  • Ryan's response when Kate and Meg show up at his wedding? Haul ass.


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