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aka: Laughing Salesman

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Interesting way of introducing yourself, isn't it?

In General

  • Any moment where Moguro scares his customers with his Stealth Hi/Bye.


Episode 44: "Moonlit Orchid"
  • At the end of every episode, Moguro would usually give a closing monologue while he walks away with his back facing the camera. But in this episode, after he gives his monologue while walking away, he turns back to the camera and walks towards and, for unknown reasons, reintroduce himself and then resumes walking away again.
Episode 59: "My Wife's Lunch"
  • Seeing Moguro, the big eater that has been seen eating any food he gets his hands on, choking on a lunch simply due to how bad it tastes, is kind of funny.
Episode 60: "Divorce Club"
  • Moguro presents himself to his new client while both are urinating, he even shows his card while doing it, but specially ridiculous is at the end of the scene, were we see both of them doing little hops to "get rid" of everything.


Episode 3: "Bento Wars" / "Ah, My Beloved 583-Type"

Episode 4: "The Woman On The Platform" / "Runner’s Paradise"

  • Michihara multiple moments where he gets interrupted during his run and always gets hurt. One notable moment is when he was running through the park and he gets chased by a dog who bites him on the butt and he ends up running into a tree.
  • When Moguro is about to punish someone, he always wears his iconic suit and hat. But when he meets up with Micihara to punish him, he's wearing his running clothes and a sweatband.

Episode 5: "Sunday Club" / "The Woman Who Throws Away"

  • When Uchinaki tries to grab Kazuko's hand, the hand he ends up grabbing was actually Moguro and he acts like a shy woman screaming "Oh, my!".
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  • When Moguro tries to get Monomochi to open the door by ringing the doorbell, he puts his face close to the camera. After being rejected twice, he starts ringing the doorbell constantly while putting his eye close to the camera.

Episode 6: "I’ll Lease This Monster" / "Tonight’s Another Awesome Night"

  • During Udo's time as a monster, he does a parody of the "PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)" song.
  • When Udo discovers that he can't remove his monster mask (thanks to Moguro), he goes on a rampage and destroys the movie set. Among the destruction, he beats up his agent and the director and tore up their clothes.
  • When talking to Doraki, Moguro is eating an ice cream during the talk. After finishing his ice cream, he eats two more ice creams at the same time.

Episode 7: "The Man Who Transformed" / "The Rule of Mommy Friends"

  • Someone finally calling out Moguro for his Cheshire Cat Grin and planned on calling the cops on him during the second half.

Episode 8: "The Man Chased by His Dreams" / "Mustache Taxi"

  • Yowagoshi wearing the mustache Moguro gave him. He looks goofy wearing it, thanks to his curly hair. The longer he wears mustache, his mustache transform into a Dastardly Whiplash type mustache and his hair forms a V-shape.
  • Whenever he appears before Yowagoshi, Moguro is always pressing his face against the taxi window, distorting his face in the process.

Episode 9: "The Nostalgic Bathhouse Tour" / "The Researcher's Melancholy"

  • Whenever we see the bartender of the "Demon's Nest", he always wiping a glass cup. But in the first half, he's wiping a glass cup while sleeping.
  • While at an idol concert, Towani accidentally punched Moguro in the face. Moguro insist he's fine, despite the fact that his nose is bleeding, he has a black eye, and blood is dripping down his face. The fact that he's still smiling makes it hilarious and creepy. And also the fact that Towani managed to do that much damage to his face on accident.

Episode 10: "The Person in the Acquired Film" / "Fake Grandchild"

  • Naiichi goes home after developing his photos, only to realize he accidentally got someone else's photos by mistake. Just as he's crushing on the cute woman in the photos, Moguro knocks on his door. After Naiichi opens the door and asks who he is, Moguro walks in like he owns the place, taking his shoes off and making himself at home at the main table!
  • Naiichi turns his friendly but teasing co-worker down for drinks in order to meet up with Moguro, who is willing to take him to the building where the cute woman works. Just as Naiichi greets Moguro, his co-worker shows up, wanting to see what kind of cute girl Naiichi was meeting with and jokingly says he's disappointed that he's going out on a date with an old man. Immediately in the next cut, Moguro says, "I'm sorry that you ended up on a date with an old guy like me."
  • A few days later, Naiichi is with Moguro at "Demon's Nest", explaining how he keeps ending up being with Nobue rather than Michiko like he wanted. Moguro correctly points out that it's obvious that Nobue is obviously in love with Naiichi and have told Michiko how she feels. The Imagine Spot has the two dressed like and acting like high school girls in some kind of high school romance anime!
  • When Moguro tells Naiichi to stop seeing Nobue and just waiting for another lovely lady to appear in his life, not only does he get uncomfortably close to Naiichi, but his lower jaw stays still while the rest of his head moves up in down in time with his voice, making him looking like some kind of creepy puppet.
  • As Moguro is walking away from the viewer, he gives off his trademark laugh. However, a couple starts to come out of a nearby love hotel, is startled by Moguro laughing, and both wisely cower away from him.
  • Moguro takes Oite's cellphone and plays keep away while signing him up with a message service.

Episode 11: "Destructive Tendencies" / "I'm an Idol"

  • When Moguro sees Matsuo about to enter a clip joint after being seduced by a woman, he saves him by "accidentally" ramming him to the ground and takes him to the Demon's Nest for a drink.

Episode 12: "The King of the Chat Room" / "Japan Overseas Trip"

  • When Shimai Chikako is greeted by Moguro, she does something no one else in the series has done: run the hell away as fast as she can!
  • Her Motive Rant after getting DON'd and filled with alcohol is so delightfully frenzied and elaborate that it brings literal stars to Moguro's eyes.

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