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  • The discussion of Australia being in Eurovision 2015 with David Mitchell:
    Josh: Bad. Don't like it.
    Adam: Why?
    Josh: Because Australia... They're very competitive... they ruin everything... Keep 'em out of the Eurovision Song Contest, keep them out of the World Cup - if I had my way they wouldn't be allowed to compete for The Ashes.
    Alex: I think the Eurovision's complete shite anyway. Did you know Blue came eleventh, when they went in it in 2011. Eleventh! Eleventh! You get some knobhead from Lithuania win, for a folk dance, Blue come eleventh - fuck it.
    Josh: I don't know whether he thinks they should have come higher or lower! That seems about right to me!
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  • The end of series 7 episode 4. It starts with Scottish boyband Rewind, one of whose members collapsed wearing 12 layers of clothing on a plane, performing Nelly's "Hot in Herre" wearing 12 layers of clothing. They all collapse, only to be interrupted by a man who Josh found on the internet "defining bad dancing." Everyone gets up to join in the dancing, only for Mexican gangster El Chapo (presumably not the actual one) - who guest Amy Poehler has called her boyfriend throughout the show - to arrive on a motorbike, give Amy a rose, and for them to ride off. The rest of them just keep dancing.
  • Adam throws a mic to Alex without thinking. The look on his face when he realises - the minute it's left his hand - is a beauty
    Alex: Let's face it, of all the stunts that aren't going to work, throwing a mic for me to catch is gonna be number one.
  • Adam and Alex do impressions of Josh, where both exaggerate his West-London accent to the point where you'd swear they were impersonating a woodland sprite rather than a real life human.
    • In the same clip, Josh's impersonation of Alex, where makes hand gestures that could (and probably were) mocking Alex's disability, then quickly covers himself by saying it's because Alex is a Trekkie.

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