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Season One

  • Alfred's subtle snark is a pretty constant source of funny moments. For instance, when Aelswith is being particularly bloodthirsty:
    Peace be with you, my dear.
  • Aethelwold's Sarcasm Mode repentant speech about lust Crosses the Line Twice, wins a jeering crowd over and gets in a jab at Alfred's own indiscretions, doubling as an awesome moment for him. Made funnier by the big grin he makes as he figures out what to do.
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  • Alfred, master of the patriotic pick-up line.
  • Beocca's advice to Alfred - to give his messages to his messengers personally and clap them on the shoulder - is clearly taken on board, as he does it with Halig and then, hilariously, with a protesting Brother Asser who was there when Beocca gave the advice.
  • Beocca gets in a bit of snark at the holier than thou Brother Asser, who's trying to poison Alfred against Uhtred, saying that if Uhtred is as soulless as Asser claims, then he will be Uhtred's soul and be his conduit to God. When Asser replies that following Uhtred around like this will get him killed, Beocca delivers a waspish reply that gets a smirk from Alfred.
    I am sure that with your prayers, Brother Asser, I will be invincible.
  • Beocca again, when he insults Skorpa after the latter had tried to shock Uhtred by luridly describing what was happening to Thyra (Iseult had already told Uhtred of this), then essentially says Bring It when Skorpa says that he'll seek him out personally.
    And your mother should have kept her legs together!
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  • Alfred and Beocca's exchange afterwards.
    Alfred: Beocca, you should wash out your mouth.
    Beocca: Yes, Lord, I will... With ale.
    Alfred: *smirks*
  • Ubba and Guthrum killing King Edmund. As funny as it was in the books and in history.
    • Edmund's Oh, Crap! expression when the Danes use his own words to trap him.
      Edmund: Uh... Ah... Very well. We shall dispense with the need for the baptisms, the washing. I accept your terms...
      Ubba: But you claim your god is all powerful! I want it proven!
    • Guthrum and Ubba looking towards Uhtred when Edmund starts talking about baptisms.
      Ubba and Guthrum: (look to Uhtred with WTF expressions)
      Uhtred: (looking embarrassed) They put you in a tub of water and pour more water over you.
      Ubba:... They want to wash me?
    • After shooting Edmund, Ubba delivers a funny Ironic Echo to the expiring King refering to the fact that St Sebastien survived the arrows but was then clubbed to death to complete his martyrdom.
      Ubba: Do you still wish to be clubbed, or were the arrows sufficient?
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  • Uhtred gradually gains Leofric's respect during their practice skirmishes, receiving a genuine compliment when demonstrating a Danish shield wall. Unfortunately, he happens to be standing in front of it when Leofric gives the order to charge.
  • Skorpa stabbing Peredur through the heart as soon as he's finished telling them where the gold is. This right after he gave his word that the Briton would live.
  • Uhtred throwing stones at Oswald's kids when their mother sends them in order to shame him into paying their dead father's weregild. The little squeal the kids make lets you know that Uhtred scored a direct hit.
    Uhtred: Their mother sends them, hoping to shame me for killing their lying, theiving father. [Uhtred throws a rock, and there is a yelp of pain in response]
    Leofric: I see it's working.

Season Two

  • From Season 2: When Uhtred, Ragnar, Steapa and Hild storm in on Eadred trying to force Gisela into an Arranged Marriage by proxy with Aelfric. When Eadred gleefully remarks that in the eyes of God, Gisela and Aelfric are now man and wife and there is nothing Uhtred can do about it, Ragnar cheerfully snarks from by the door "Make her a widow". Cue a Mass "Oh, Crap!" from Eadred and all his lackies present, particularly the underling of Aelfric's who stood in for him at the wedding.
  • Season 2 shows Aethelwold has not lost his capacity for snarking. Consider the below example during a feast at Wessex where the guest of honour, Lord Ceowulf of Mercia, promptly has a heart attack mid-rant.
    Aelswith: Perhaps a cup of water for the Lord Ceowulf? [Ceowulf promptly expires]
    Aethelwold: [completely deadpan] A hole in the ground might be of more use.

Season Three

  • Athelred murders a servant after he is informed Aethelflaed has fled. Aldheim looks and sounds like he's utterly done with this idiot.
    Aldheim: Lord, you can not simply execute subjects as you please. This is the ninth century.
  • Beocca gets some hilarious moments in Season 3. In the first episode, where Haesten, now a seeming ally of Alfred, makes one mysognist comment too many about Aethelflaed, who he still has a grudge against, Beocca quickly shuts him down.
    Beocca: Say one more word about the Lady Aethelflaed, and I'll shove that food so far down your throat, you'll be shitting it out seconds later!
    Uhtred: It's true, I've seen him do it. It's a small miracle.
    • After having to deal with the snobbish and ungrateful lord Aethelhelm, Beocca gets in a good Servile Snarker dig.
      Aethelhelm: I can find my way to an alehouse, Father Beocca. You are dismissed.
      Beocca: Of course, lord. [under his breath] And may you choke on your oysters!
      Aethelhelm: What was that?!
      Beocca: [smiling like butter wouldn't melt] Try the oysters, lord. They are a delight.
    • Father Pyrlig, meanwhile, is even more upfront with his dislike of Aethelhelm
      Aethelhelm: This move to the Palace is long overdue. But it comes at a bad time.
      Pyrlig: Were you busy bedding alehouse whore?
  • While Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth are in a Mexican Standoff with Steapa and the Palace Guards who have come to arrest Uhtred, Hild tells them to stop the pissing contest and walks into the house Uhtred has taken refuge in. When Steapa asks why they're refusing him but allowing Hild inside, Finan admits it's because they're afraid of the Abbess.
  • After learning how to successfully kill Skade and her curse, Uhtred declares that they will leave to recover Skade. Finan points out that she's in a camp surrounded by more than 2,000 sword-Danes, but Uhtred says it can be done.
    Osferth: How?
    Uhtred: With God's help.
    Aethelflaed: (stares in surprise)
    Uhtred: I'm joke. I've yet to decide.
  • When Uhtred and his army are ambushed by Haesten, Haesten offers them a chance to live if they surrender Uhtred to him. Finan makes their thoughts on the matter clear.
    Haesten: I only want Uhtred! Give him up and the rest of you will go free!
  • The looks of genuine amusment on Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric and even Osferth's faces as they watch Father Beocca beat the shit out of a racist, misogynst thug of Aethelwold's who's been harrassing Thyra. They briefly pull him off the man...then let Beocca give the man a bit more of a kicking for good measure.

Season Four

  • Father Pyrlig asks why Uhtred is reluctant to become Lord and Protector of Mercia
    Pyrlig: Apart from the silver, the power, and saving the woman you love, what is holding you back?
    Uhtred: Giving my loyalty to another Saxon King. I swore to myself I would not do that.
    Pyrlig: I swear I will not drink too much ale and I frequently go back on my word. (takes a gulp from his mug)
    • Later, after Uhtred has accepted Edward's offer to become Lord of Mercia:
      Finan: Finally he can pay us some silver!
      Pyrlig: I very much doubt that.


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