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  • Sho'Nuff's dismissal of Bruce Leeroy's reputed Kung-Fu Prowess:
    Sho'Nuff: The legendary Wassah! Bruce Leroy, catches bullets with his teeth... catches bullets with his teeth? Nigga please."
    • Sho'Nuff's attempt to get Leeroy to fight him in the theater becomes such an annoyance to the rest of the theatergoers that they all decide to fight Sho'Nuff and his crew just so they can go back to watching the Bruce Lee movies.
  • The call and response boasting of Sho nuff and his crew. Which leads to a hilarious moment in the Pizzeria:
    Leroy Green Sr.: I'm Leroy Green, who are you?
    Sho'Nuff: (genuinely incredulous) Who am I?!
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  • In response to one of Angela's music videos playing at Daddy Green's Pizza:
    Sho'Nuff: Who plays this garbage? (Turns to video playing) Shut up, bitch! (Sidekicks video player, destroying it.)
  • Vanity tries to seduce Leeroy at her nightclub by showing clips of Bruce Lee movies to get him aroused. It almost works except that one scene inspires Leeroy to disguise himself to sneak into Sum Dum Goy's wareshouse, and he rushes off to fulfill his quest before Vanity can kiss him.
    Vanity: (frustrated, as the screen shows Bruce Lee in action) Thanks a lot, Bruce!
  • The whole quest subplot, where Leeroy's teacher had sent him off to return a "talisman" to an unseen super-master Sum Dun Goy, from whom Leeroy can attain final wisdom as a Master. Everybody but Leeroy recognizes the talisman as a belt buckle, and Leeroy's teacher had sent him on the quest just to get Leeroy to realize there is nothing else to learn, he is already a Master too humble to realize it.
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  • Eddie Arkadian goes to Sho'Nuff's dojo to hire him and his people to his side against Leroy. Eddie finishes the negotiations with "Thank you, Mister Nuff." Sho'Nuff gives a double take at the name, which instantly shifts into a Death Glare and he walks away.

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