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The Film

  • When Emmet attempts to make peace with the DUPLO aliens, footage of the event is caught by a camera crew, accompanied by News Tickers reading, "Insane man approaches monsters," "Taco Tuesday a hoax," and "Free tacos a lie."
  • Part of what makes the DUPLO aliens so hilarious is how they're essentially small children trying to join in the fun, but the film treats their unintentional destruction like something straight out of a Roland Emmerich film.
  • President Business's reaction to the DUPLO aliens invading? Grabbing a golf cart and high-tailing on out of there.
  • Batman throws a batarang at a DUPLO alien, which harmlessly bounces off of it. The subsequent exchange sounds exactly like two children at play arguing (mostly because that's what it is).
    DUPLO: Missed me!
    Batman: (stomps his foot) No, I didn't!
    • In the same vein, Metalbeard tries shooting a DUPLO alien with a laser blaster. It eats the lasers and then this exchange happens, with Metalbeard sounding exactly like how a little girl's older brother would react to this;
    DUPLO: I eat lasers!
    Metalbeard: That's impossible!
  • When the Justice League are leaving on their ship, they're bringing along Lex Luthor... in a cage.
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  • Emmet remains cheerful as ever despite living in the LEGO equivalent of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
    Emmet: [casually] Two coffees please! One black, one with just a touch of cream and 25 sugars.
  • There is a "Tween Dream" remix of "Everything Is Awesome", which plays as Emmet cheerfully strolls through Apocalypseburg.
    • The fact that Emmet's smartphone apparently has nothing but "Everything Is Awesome" remixes.
  • Surfer Dave becomes Chainsaw Dave in Apocalypseburg, and later Purgatory Dave during Armamageddon.
  • Emmet passes a group of guys getting into a brawl over which actor is the better James Bond.
  • Emmet cheerily observes that "Everything Is Awesome" really upsets Lucy, who immediately tries to deny it, adding a Death Glare and crushing her coffee cup.
  • Lucy trying to teach Emmet how to be brooding by having him practice saying, "War hardens the heart," over and over.
  • Emmet's dream house includes a spacious basement with trampolines, monkey bars, and a room full of giant toasters popping out both toast and waffles (as shown here). Why? "So you can have toast or waffles at any time!"
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  • Lucy tries to convince Emmet to change with the times:
    Lucy: We need to be tough and battle ready!
    Emmet: Yeah, I get it. That's why I've cultivated a totally hard-edged side that's super tough and- LOOK, LOOK, A SHOOTING STAR! Make a wish! (happy gasp)
  • Why is Sweet Mayhem able to predict their every move when chasing them? Because Emmet keeps using turn signals. He doesn't even seem to realize it.
    • Emmet gave their Mad Max-style vehicle turn signals of all things.
    • Likely a Call-Back to The Instructions from the beginning of the first movie: "Always use turn signals".
  • Unikitty accidentally fires a flare reading "Happy New Year" that Batman sees. After she fires a corrected one, it cuts to Batman and Alfred singing "Auld Lang Syne" together before they notice the new one.
  • Lucy trying to awaken Ultrakatty’s inner rage:
    Lucy: Poverty! Pollution! People putting raisins in stuff!
    (Ultrakatty loses it)
  • The Running Gag of the Systarians charming the people of Apocalypseburg using their Puppy-Dog Eyes.
  • Sweet Mayhem is not impressed by Emmet.
    Sweet Mayhem: So, you fought, and Master Built, and kicked butt, and then the hapless male was the leader?
    Lucy: He, uh, well...
  • When Emmet unleashes his Triple-Decker-Couch Mecha to stop General Mayhem from taking his friends:
    All the Friends: (happily) "OH, EMMET!"
    • The Mecha and Emmet are then both knocked aside flat.
  • Gandalf complaining that Marvel isn't returning his calls.
  • Unlicensed knockoff "Larry Poppins".
    Larry: Well, I say a spoonful of salt helps the medicine go down. Anyone? No? (Cue incessant booing)
  • Emmet provides the perfect inversion of My Friends... and Zoidberg:
    Emmet: Hang on to your fronds, Planty! We're going... to save... Lucy! (Cue Aside Glance) And all the other people who were captured.
  • Sweet Mayhem taking the captured Master Builders to the "Systar System":
    Master Builders: Whooooa!
    Lucy: No "whoa's!" Don't give her the satisfaction of whoa-ing this!
    Master Builders: Oooh!
    Lucy: That's even worse!
    Master Builders: Aaah!
    Lucy: STOP IT!
  • While on Mayhem's ship, Lucy sneaks a star projectile to use for later, but awakens it. The little guy cheers, "Hello!" When Mayhem grows suspicious and wonders, "What was that?" Lucy tries to cover by claiming, "I said, Heeeh-low!" The way her voice cracks when she imitates the star projectile's "hello" is what seals it!
  • The Master Builders meet Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, a being that can take the form of anything, who was currently resembling a horse. She offers to take a more appealing form... which turns out to be a three-eyed octopus. Batman has to tell her that the horse was much better.
  • Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi singing an over-the-top song about how not evil she is... and the subsequent revelation that she really isn't evil, she and her subordinates are just terrible at communicating. The background singers repeat "not evil, not evil" in the background, which is so over the top it adds to the comedy.
    Sweet Mayhem: The queen sang a whole song about how not evil she was!
    Lucy: That was the truth!? You guys are terrible communicators!
    • Queen Watevra asks Benny if he likes spaceships, cause she thinks they are great.
      Benny: How'd you know that? Loving spaceships is my one defining trait!
    • Queen Watevra lists some other adjectives people use to describe her.
      Queen Watevra: Unduplicitous, unmalicious, unconniving, unnasty!
      Lucy: You're clearly just adding "un" to words that describe you.
    • The reveal they're not actually evil and instead were trying to speak dark and gritty like the setting Apocalypseburg is going for and it's not working ends up making the song come out as her trying to spell out the truth as bluntly as possible...and being misunderstood anyway.
  • Benny's feelings on Queen Watevra's song.
    Benny: My favorite part was the spaceship part! Also no other part, just the spaceship part.
  • Rex Dangervest explains how dangerous the Systar System is... while Emmet is too busy giving a raptor a tummy rub.
  • Rex’s raptors all being named after 1980s action stars (Rocky, Conner, Ripley, etc.), with the exception of the last one, simply dubbed ‘the other one.’
  • The entire scene of Superman, Green Lantern, and Lex Luthor hanging out as buddies.
    Superman: "By the way, the S stands for Silly. I'm Sillyman now."
    • What makes it funnier is when it turns out they're actually not brainwashed, Superman actually tolerates Green Lantern, as compared to their last scene together in the first movie.
  • Triple the LEGO Wonder Woman now; along with the returning minifigure, there's a Friends Mini-Doll, and even a DUPLO doll (with little-child voice).
  • Aquaman (voiced by Jason Momoa) saying "I'm so Glittery!" Bet you would never think he would have said that!
  • Batman doing the floss.
    Batman: "Don't worry. This song has zero effect on me."
    Wyldstyle: "You're dancing!"
    Batman: (realizes he's dancing)"GAH! DON'T LOOK AT ME!" (covers himself in shame)
  • At one point during the Catchy Song, Emmet is being dragged along down the road by Dorothy and friends.
  • Everyone's over-the-top responses to the reveal of Lucy's true hair colors, exceeded by her own ranting of Suspiciously Specific Denial to explain.
    Rex: And you can't wash the brain without washing the hair that's on top of that brain, it's basic science.
  • Watevra's Reverse Psychology song to Batman to get him to agree to marry her. What makes it hilarious is Batman's overdramatic "Waaaaaiiiit!" at the end, and the camera zooms out to show him slowly knee-sliding down to the other side of the table and the Queen.
  • The Running Gag of Ice Cream Cone's impatience with Batman and Watevra's cutesiness. Bonus points for Richard Ayoade's deadpan drawl.
  • Emmet's recurring fear that Rex isn't real and is just a projection of what his subconscious needs.
  • Bruce Willis' second cameo during a mid-air-vent crawl.
  • Willis's third cameo, audio only, when Emmet and Rex are in the air ducts and say hello to him while passing by.
  • Rex keeps making references to franchises that he states only older kids and grown-ups will get. Examples include him mentioning The Matrix and, as he's being erased from existence, saying that he's Back to the Future-ing.
  • When Lucy sees Batman and Queen Watevra talking lovey-dovey:
    Lucy: They brainwashed Batman! Wow, they're good... because he is dense!
  • Lucy boasts to one of the guards that she's his worst nightmare. He asks if she means that she's the one in which he's late to school, he forgot his homework, and he's wearing pants made of pudding.
  • Lucy and Mayhem's battle in the control room causes a pair of giant robot hands to engage in thumb wrestling.
  • Emmet trying to fake Perma-Stubble.
    Lucy: Did you draw stubble dots on your face?
    Emmet: What? No. (wipes his chin, smearing the ink on his face)
    • Becomes a little Harsher in Hindsight because Rex did something similar during his 'transformation'.
  • Batman's introduction at the wedding. While Ice Cream Cone announces everyone else politely, he announces Batman in an unimpressed, deadpan manner, as if he's just noticed that Batman is there. Then Batman makes his entrance...
    Batman: COMMITMENT!! *Spins an electric guitar, whilst bats fly around and flames shoot up behind him*
  • Lucy's utterly deadpan reaction upon learning what causes Armamageddon.
    Lucy: Armamageddon. Our-mama-gets-in? Okay, really?
  • Mom stepping on LEGO bricks, twice, with cutaways to Bianca and Finn wincing. Amazingly, her subsequent Angrish is subdued (stepping on LEGO bricks hurts a lot), though the fact that it happens in front of her children might necessitate her to tone down her language.
    Mom: Close to childbirth. Very close to the pain of childbirth.
  • During Armamageddon:
    • Gandalf is one of the first to be seen falling into the abyss, framed to look just like his Heroic Sacrifice from The Lord of the Rings. Bonus gag after with the Sewer Babies on a platform which goes into the abyss, just like the orcs.
    • The following quotes:
    Abraham Lincoln: I had theater tickets tonight!
    Green Lantern: No! I was finally valued!
    Aquaman: Cannonball!
    • The Everything is Awesome Sing-Along actually encourages viewers to sing along with the ominous choir.
    • After being trapped in the Bin of Sto-raj, Benny sadly sings that he finally understands Radiohead. Batman then suggests listening to Elliott Smith.
  • During an epic space battle, a raptor's grunts are translated in subtitles into the gunfire "Pew! Pew! Pew!"
  • The final battle between Emmet and Rex is set up as an epic final showdown to the finish... and then the two's "fight scene" immediately consists of the figures merely being clicked together.
  • Benny the 1980s space guy's love of spaceships is alive and well.
    Benny: There's so many more spaceships on this adventure!...and yet not nearly enough.
  • In the final scene with Finn and Bianca playing together, The Man Upstairs can be heard asking his wife where his pants are.
  • Emmet has an absurdly long Dramatic Gasp when he realized that he is dating one of the original singers of his favorite song.
  • The first song over the ending credits, "Super Cool", features The Lonely Island rapping about how great ending credits are.
  • Right in the middle of one scene around halfway through, it is randomly interrupted by an animated 'intermission' card, complete with the talking snacks (represented by Banarnar, Ice Cream Cone, and Chocolate Bar) singing "Let's All Go To The Lobby". An animated Unikitty appears, and she pounces upon Chocolate Bar and takes a bite out of him, causing him to briefly scream before cutting back to the action.

Trailers and Promotional Material

Teaser Trailers:

  • After just 2 seconds: "A lifetime has passed since the horrific events of Taco Tuesday." If you haven't seen the first LEGO Movie, this line can come off as extremely funny out of context.
  • One of the teaser trailers on YouTube begins by acknowledging how catchy "Everything is Awesome" was. Then it begins extolling how obnoxiously catchy what appears to be the main song for the sequel (literally called "Catchy Song" very meta). The song plays and you expect the teaser to end so you can get to your actual video. But weirdly enough it keeps looping the same 10ish seconds (literally singing "this song is gonna get stuck inside your head!"). You look at the run time for the teaser. Turns out it runs for 5 HOURS! They really were not kidding when they promised an obnoxiously catchy song that would play so many times that you will never forget it! It's weirdly hilarious because the teaser appears to display the characters getting tortured/hypnotized with the song being played on repeat and the ad ends up putting the viewer through the exact same thing (assuming you don't skip or pause.)
    • There is now a 10-hour-long version that can be looked up in the search (Or just click here). It was posted a few days before the movie's release, and begins and ends the same way as the 5-hour YouTube ad version.

Emmet's Holiday Party

  • Emmet can somehow tell it's Christmas time even after the apocalypse.
  • Unikitty eats confetti thrown over the ice rink. She ends up barfing it on the Christmas tree.
    Unikitty: My tummy's a little rumbly! (vomits the glitter she ate over some of the tree's branches) Yaaayyy!
    • Later, she goes Ultrakatty when the Systar ship lands, but when no fight ends up occurring, she finds herself unable to hold herself up on the ice.
  • Batman is displeased with Alfred's gift.
    Batman: Alfred, this sweater only has eight abs! Not cool, bro.
    Alfred: But sir...
    Batman: 'Nog me!



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