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Funny / The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

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  • Volume 10. "A corpse is a corpse/Of course, of course/And no-one can talk to a corpse, of course..."
  • "I'm not a geek! I'm a nerd! We're smarter!"
  • Earlier example, also from Numata: when Sasayama, er, "persuades" the Kurosagi crew to do some charity work at an old folk's home, he offers to use his corpse-dowsing ability to figure out who will die next. It works.
  • From Vol 6:
    Sasayama: It isn't going to be one of those things where I'm going to open it, and there's going to be this woman inside with all her limbs cut off, but still alive?
    Karatsu: ...what?
    Sasayama: Nothing... Just something that happened to me once. Anyway, ever since then, I've had this trauma about opening anything bigger than a breadbox.
    Numata: No worries, man! One, it's a he, two, he's got all his limbs, and three, he's definitely dead!
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  • From the first volume:
    Sasaki: I say we use this money as a start-up capital...and find the others all around us who need a service for their last bodies...The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.
    Karatsu: Tell me again...Why'd we agree to her idea...?
    Numata: Because we're all completely unemployable?
    Karatsu: Oh yeah..right.
  • Yet another from Numata: "She's dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange..."
  • A corpse appears to have moved under its own power:
    Yata: I don't think the police are going to buy that the corpse moved itself.
    Kerellis: "No, officer, I'm not saying the dead walk, I'm just saying they crawl once in a while!"
    • And later, after some discussion as to how to move a corpse in a body bag, Numata tells Karatsu to cheer up and stop "acting like death is hanging over us". Karatsu looks up... and it turns out they're put the body bag in the overhead.
  • Kerellis gets pissed: "I've got a middle finger for you, and it's made out of felt!"
  • From volume 12. Numata and Yata both jump separately to the same odd conclusion.
    Yata: I was just thinking they reminded me of Clara and the grandfather in Heidi, Girl of the Alps.
    Numata: (a page later) Old man, it's no use! Clara ain't ever gonna walk again...
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  • Karatsu: "Hold on! I'm strangling a puppet!"
  • The Corpse Delivery Service are able to help an alien hiding in the corpse of an ape from the Soviet space programme return to orbit in return for compensation. The compensation comes in the form of advertising for their services from space, which is only picked up by SETI. They immediately discount it as a prank.
  • From volume 14. Numata gets the honor of delivering a homeless man's last message - which was to berate Sasayama for his welfare check being short that month.


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