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Funny / The King Is Dead Long Live The Emperor

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Honestly, the whole story.

  • "It is said that love conquers all. This is quite true: The magical energy of love is capable of ignoring all manner of factors, including time and space. Love laughs at mere distance, and farts in the general direction of such a meager concept as years, or even decades. That is simply how love rolls... and if you try to question it, love will mare-slap you for talking back to it."
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  • "Extremely important emperor business in progress. Please wait a moment." This is Pan's response to a maid's surprise at seeing Pan allowing a young colt to jump up and down on his bed.
  • Ruggiero's long list of things that he has been made to fight.
  • A meta example, but what is the first chapter after almost a year's silence about? Necromancy, the art of bring things back from the dead.

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