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  • Obama's introduction of the Killers at a Harry Reid rally. "They don't look like killers, let's face it. I mean, one of them is tall, but they don't look like you'd be scared of them."
  • The Japanese Elvis Impersonator dancing in the Surreal Music Video "Read My Mind" is pretty funny next to the well dressed Brandon Flowers.
  • "Don't Shoot Me Santa", their take on the Christmas song. Made especially funny by the fact that it's performed in their usual musical style and sounds like something right off Sam's Town, with Flowers pulling out all his vocal stops on lines like, "Don't shoot me Santa Claus, I've been a clean-livin' boy..."
    • The sequels "I Feel It In My Bones" and "Dirt Sledding" are equally likely to cause involuntary spitting of eggnog.
      "Hey Kringle! / You mean to say when you were young you never got wild?"
      "Kid, don't you get it? I'm gonna make an example out of you / For every mother's child!"


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