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Funny / The Kicks

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  • Mirabelle's interview at Pinewood, which she is deliberately trying to tank:
    Interviewer: So, Mirabelle, why don't you tell me a little about yourself?
    Mirabelle: Let's see...I'm not very motivated. My best subject? I'd have to say detention. Is that a subject? I also enjoy lunch break, Christmas break, all the breaks really. In elementary school, I was voted least likely to succeed. I'm a really good napper. Is this being recorded? Seriously, I can nap anywhere.
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  • In an attempt to convince Mr. Rivas to be their coach, The Kicks took care of everything on his to-do list except fixing the air conditioning, because they couldn't figure out how it works. After he agrees to coach them, it becomes a Brick Joke:
    Emma: Glad you changed your mind, Mr. Rivas. We will Google how to take care of that freon for you.
    Mr. Rivas: Please, stay away from the AC unit.