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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When Bagheera is guiding Mowgli out of the jungle, the panther tells the boy to bow to the elephants. Later, when Bagheera senses danger near the buffalo and tells Mowgli to get down, the boy responds with, "What, do we have to bow to the buffalo too?"
    Mowgli: "You're taking me back where I came from, but you found me in the jungle. Are you taking me back to the jungle? No!"
  • Baloo asks Mowgli to stay and help him prepare for hibernation. When Mowgli tells Bagheera this later, Bagheera points out that bears don't hibernate in the jungle. To which Baloo replies, "Not full hibernation, but I nap, a lot."
    • Shortly afterwards, Baloo invites Bagheera to sit down, relax, and have some honey while they discuss Mowgli's situation. Bagheera's reaction is a very stiff "I don't eat honey." He even narrows his eyes!
  • When Mowgli and Baloo meet for the first time, the bear sticks his nose very close to the boy and sniffs. Mowgli freaks out until Baloo tells him with a grin, "Relax, kid. No need to get worked up, okay?"
    • The scene that follows is also worth mentioning, as Baloo tells Mowgli the exaggerated story of how he saved him from Kaa, before asking if the boy can climb. When Mowgli agrees, Baloo leads him outside so Mowgli can get "payback".
    Baloo: Lucky for you, your new favorite hero, ol' Baloo here, just happened to be passing by."
  • When Baloo is describing what Mowgli has to do to pay him back for saving him from Kaa, Mowgli, who knows exactly what bees are, responds with this "You're kidding me right?", before scoffing and stating that he could get killed trying to do that.
  • Much like in the 60s film, Baloo acts as a diversion to King Louie while Bagheera goes to get Mowgli. In the original, he did this by hijacking the musical number. This time? He makes idle conversation...after King Louie has ordered him be thrown back over the cliff. However, all the monkeys together can't budge him, so Baloo just plops down onto his bottom and continues talking up a storm, occassional tossing monkeys off himself without a care.
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  • Baloo even joins Mowgli and the wolves in their running exercise, out of breath already and saying, "You guys! You're going way too fast! Anyone ever teach ya to jog?!"
  • Louie's line "I got ears, my ears got ears", followed by a tiny monkey popping up from behind one of his cheek flaps.
  • When Mowgli is about to meet King Louie, he marvels over a pile of discarded human objects. Particularly, he takes an interest in a cowbell.
  • The "I Wanna Be Like You" number was always funny, but this time it's made even more hilarious simply by being sung by Christopher Walken.
  • Baloo reassures Mowgli that the bees up there are of the non-stinging variety. When Mowgli makes it back to the bottom covered in evidence to the contrary, Baloo simply shrugs it off: "They must be FEMALE bees, those do sting. They looked like males from down here..."
  • The pygmy-hog getting buried under several pieces of honeycomb. After he made his way out he is picked up by Baloo, who proceeds to lick the honey of the hog's back. At first he squeaks in surprise, but then seems to be enjoying it.
    • "Exfoliate me."
  • The very, very Christopher Walken look Louie gives Baloo as the bear attempts to distract the Bander-log so Bagheera could get Mowgli out of the temple quietly.
  • When Mowgli references the Laws of the Wolf Pack to Baloo, his expression says it all.
    • "That's not a song, that's propaganda."
    • Makes it funnier because you hear Mowgli go "What's propaganda!?"
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  • "You have never been a more endangered species than you are right now." Although, this line can double as a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, given the current status of pangolins in the world.
  • Baloo climbing up a cliff, whimpering all the while. When he hears an eagle call we get this gem:
    Baloo: A bird! That can't be a good sign. (sobs)
  • The porcupine going all "My rock. Hey, a stick! My stick!" He even fights with a peacock over a twig when the peacock takes an interest.
    "I could pee on it"
  • The heart-warming (and final) scene of Mowgli and Bagheera watching the sunset is slightly interrupted by Baloo climbing up and joining them. The branch creaks under his weight, and he says "Don't tell me we have to get back down again." Bagheera's rather dry "Oh, now he can climb." sells the moment.
  • As Bagheera and Baloo battle the legions of monkeys, King Louie is in the process of looking for Mowgli. When he causes the temple to collapse on him, the fighting immediately ends and the monkeys begin pulling the rubble away. Made even funnier by the credits, when Louie just pops out from underneath the rubble.
    • From the same scene where Bagheera and Baloo are battling the monkeys, Baloo lets out a Mighty Roar. At first, it appears to work as the monkeys stand down for a moment, but once Baloo finishes, he gives a rather comical Oh, Crap! expression before the monkeys dog-pile him.
  • In one scene, we see Shere Khan, after usurping the role as leader of the wolf pack, giving an allegorical speech to some wolf cubs about how the cuckoo bird lays its eggs in another bird's nest to turn them against Mowgli. Cut the next scene, where we see a mother bird feeding a much larger cuckoo bird sitting in her next.
  • During the credits, Baloo and Bagheera in the book see a giant jerboa coming at them. The jerboa and Baloo fight over a piece of honeycomb before the page turns, and the jerboa starts messing with Shere Khan. The tiger's reaction is cute, batting at the giant jerboa like a cat would to a ball of yarn.
    • The irony of a mouse harassing a cat is also pretty amusing.
    • The jerboas tend to be an amusing example of The Dividual throughout the film, always popping up in groups and talking about the same thing.
  • Akela jokingly telling Gray (who is a runt and showing off his cute little howl) "In most packs, the runt usually gets eaten."
  • When Louie decides to personally take part in the chase after Mowgli, he first has the challenge of getting off the ground. It takes considerable effort and he groans loudly as he finally gets to his feet. He even leaves some fur behind on the ground, because he'd been sitting there so long!
  • Louie tries to make small talk with Mowgli when he's brought before him to smooth things over. He first asks what part of the jungle Mowgli is from, and when Mowgli responds he's from the south, Louie marvels at how beautiful the south jungle is... but then admits he hasn't actually been there. But he's heard so.
  • During the Truce Bagheera pops up between a herd of bucks to drink, who understandably are a bit nervous with a predator in their midst. Bagheera very calmly replies that he knows the law and continues to drink, completely unbothered. There is something quite amusing (especially with Bagheera being the no-nonsense panther he is) that of all the places he could have chosen the panther decides to squeeze himself between the bucks and unnerve them.

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