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The papier-mache falcon, "Montecore"
This show basically runs on funny, so it's hard to pick specific moments, but...

  • Gina forgetting the first name of Richard Hatch, so she covers it by referring to him as "Mr. Hatch." In this case, it's funny because it's totally believable that her character would refer to him as "Mr. Hatch" because she has so much respect for him.
  • Pretty much the entire sequence of the "Money, Money Honey" game from the first season. For the challenge, the "contestants" had to lather up with honey and then roll around in money and try to get the most on their bodies, all while Ralph Garman oversaw the thing in a bee costume. Molly and Matt were paired together and they "lost," which meant that they had to be handcuffed together for the rest of the day. Then, Molly's boyfriend comes and performs a serenade to her, only to find her chained to Matt, and basically go off on her. She asks to be uncuffed and when she finally is, she and Ralph go off into a room together, which Ashleigh immediately notes to Matt. Inside the room, Molly and Ralph joke around out of character, with Molly awarding Ralph's costume a "bee plus," while outside, Matt comments "This place is f-ing starting to drive me crazy," a line that became iconic because they used it at the end of the intro to the show.
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  • Also from the first season - the Hutch puts photographs of his butt in Kip's photo album, then Kip discovers it and explodes.
  • Second season - Eleanor has another breakdown after not getting alone time with Austin and then Austin suggests that they use the "coupon book of love" that she gave him, only for her to discover that one of the coupons is missing, one for a ten minute foot massage. Cammy then reveals that she used it, that she "thought it was okay," and Tim's mouth forms a perfect jap-dropping oval at his shock at what's going on around him.
  • At the end of the episode, Eleanor quits the show, telling Austin to "take his half-hearted locket and shove it up his ass." After she stalks off, Derek is all "well, let's just continue with the ceremony. There are three of you, and we have three wicks..."
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  • Beginning of the next episode, recapping previous footage:
    Eleanor: You can take your pearl necklace and your half-hearted locket and shove it up your ass.
    Derek: Did he? Find out now on Joe Schmo 2.
  • Additionally from the second season, Bryce's frog supposedly getting killed by the falcon Montecore and Bryce's blow-up once he finds out. And the papier-mache falcon that was created once Bryce "killed" the falcon.
  • Amanda imitating Derek in the second season.
    Amanda: Your lives are going to be over after this evening if you're sent from this house. You can pretty much guarantee that you will have no point in living anymore. Let's get on with the ceremony. Cheers everyone. Smiles.
  • During one of the Falcon Twists, related to Austin and Piper, Amanda starts chanting "They're gettin' married, they're gettin' married..."
  • In the third season— Chase getting caught in a love triangle after two of the girls tell him that they like Lavernius, who has revealed to Chase that he's gay.
  • Chase having a conversation with his llama towards the end of the penultimate episode of The Full Bounty.

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