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  • The whole bit in the second Austin Powers movie, where Scott Evil appears on the show. His father, Dr. Evil shows up as a surprise, having escaped his self-inflicted cryogenic freezing again. This results in him denigrating Scott as being "not evil enough". Then a Klansman calls Scott a "freak", resulting in Doc Evil going Papa Wolf and starting your typical brawl, which has the Doc smashing a chair and snatching the Klansman's hood ("I gotcher hood! I gotcher hood!"). After Evil's calmed down by Jerry, Jerry promptly orders the crew, "Get this jerk outta here", at which point Evil assaults Jerry, and Jerry fights back, biting Doc Evil on the leg ("He's biting me! The little *bleep*er's biting me!"). And then Evil escapes Jerry and snatches a model globe from the set while ranting, "The world is mine! The world is mine, ya *bleep*ers!", and then, with apparent lack of any other idea, smashes it on the floor.
    • A deleted portion of that scene had Dr. Evil revealing bizarre facts about himself, such as the fact that "he invented finger quotes", and that he's the "Princess of Canada" (though he doesn't have papers to back up that fact).

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