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  • Mac explains the concept of God to Lincoln:
    Mac: Well, you know when you want something really really bad and you close your eyes and you wish for it? God's the guy who ignores you.
  • The conversation that went nowhere, fast.
    Bartender: Well, it's your lucky day, Captain Kirk. He's in the can.
    Lincoln: He's in a can?
    Bartender: Takin' a dump.
    Lincoln: A dump? Taking it where?
    Bartender: Tell you what, Bubba, you're fixing to get on my nerves. First door on the right.
    Lincoln: Thank you. (to Jordan) I gotta go, he's taking a dump in a can...
    • Then Jordan and the Bartender.
    Bartender: (to Jordan) Something to drink? Jack?
    Jordan: Yes, please.
    Bartender: Straight up? (Jordan looks up at the ceiling)
    • Then moments later:
    Guy at Bar: What's your number?
    Jordan: (being lead away by Lincoln) Two Delta...
  • Lincoln wonders why Tom Lincoln sounds different from him, and Tom explains he's from Scotland, hence a Scottish accent that Lincoln lacks. Lincoln then starts parroting Tom's speech and imitating his accent perfectly. Tom quickly gets annoyed and Lincoln stops, the two agreeing it made things too weird on top of their appearance.
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  • After Lincoln meets his sponsor, his sponsor slips away to call Merrick's assistant.
    Tom Lincoln: Why is my insurance policy sitting on my fuckin' sofa?
  • A construction worker's reaction after seeing Jordan and Lincoln surviving a Michael Bay action sequence that wrecked a building:
    Worker: Jesus must love you!
    • This is also followed shortly by the worker seeing Jordan climb up and exclaiming, "I know Jesus loves you!"
  • When Mac is explaining to Lincoln and Jordan the nature and purpose of their existence, he states that they're the source of replacement parts for their "owners". Cue Lincoln subtly crossing his hands over his groin.
  • Jordan finally figures out this "sex" thing and demonstrates it to Lincoln.
    Lincoln: Wow, that tongue thing is amazing.
    Jordan: I know. Open your mouth again.
    Lincoln: Why didn't we ever do this before?
    Jordan: Shut up!
    • Earlier, Tom Lincoln's disbelief at Lincoln not knowing what sex is when his "best friend" is Jordan.
    "You're kicking around with her and you're a virgin? ...Well, I don't want to spoil anything, but boy, are you in for a treat."

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