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  • When Aaron has to shove a package in his butt, we hear this:
    Lacey: The tip is the worst part. Trust me on that.
    • Later, when Dave sees the package, he says, "You got fucked by RoboCop, dude!"
  • "I have a butthole, and it is working overtime."
    • The matter-of-fact way that Sook states that Kim doesn't have a butthole, and has no need for one since he doesn't pee or poop.
    • Dave responds with "You're saying my man doesn't pee or poop?"
  • Aaron's encounter with a tiger and Dave's completely useless advice on dealing with it.
    Dave: Maybe it doesn't see you.
    Aaron: Oh, it fucking sees me!
  • Aaron receives the package with a message "Two doses, in case you fuck up again."
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  • Kim Jong-un's rather graphic, slow-motion death, set to a backdrop of a mellow-er version of "Firework".
  • Dave's melodramatic realization that the grocery store is a ruse.
    Dave: That was a fake grocery store, and I think that fat kid was a fake too!
    Dave: (to a poster of Kim Jong-un) LIAR! YOU LIAR!!!
  • The skype call between Park and Aaron.
  • "Your chest is so HAIRY, like a bear! Your nipples are so PIIIIINNKKK!"
  • The conversation between Park and Aaron involving Miley Cyrus's private parts.
    Park: Very deep!
  • Aaron and Dave attempting Asian accents at various points in the movie. Especially when Aaron accidentally lets a "me so solly" slip when on the phone with a North Korean representative.
  • The many arguments between Aaron's logic and Dave's logic.
  • Dave calling John Kerry an "oak tree-looking fuck".
  • Aaron runs into an old classmate, who talks down to him for being the producer for a trashy celebrity talk show while the classmate is a producer on 60 Minutes.
    Aaron: You really helped build up 60 Minutes too, right? They'd be nothing without you. It's only been on for like 80 fucking years.
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  • Kim Jong-un reveals his vintage Soviet tank to Dave.
    Jong-un: It was a gift for my grandfather from Stalin.
    Dave: In my country, it's pronounced Stallone.
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, Kim Jong-un has just pooed in his pants."
  • When Aaron is stripped naked by North Korean officers who are searching him for a possible weapon he shakes his privates and screams "You like it!" at them.
  • David gets a puppy as a gift from Kim and later when he's escaping and trying not to get shot he yells at his companions "You protect that puppy with your life!"
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  • When Dave tells Aaron he's more like Boromir than like Sam, Aaron responds that he doesn't know who that is. Dave's response is that's the kind of thing Boromir would say.
  • Whenever the word "honey-dicking" (like Honey Trap but directed from a guy to another guy) is used.
  • Eminem coming out of the closet, which makes everyone double-take.
    Eminem: It's like I've been playing gay-peek-a-boo.


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