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  • Web's quip upon shooting Simon Gunther in the pilot:
    SIMON GUNTHER! *bang* Let her go! *lowers his gun* Damn, got that backwards.
  • Danny's silent conversation with the older kid in "Pre-Filer" about how to properly play FBI agent and hold a gun.
  • "Bitch, don't you try to profile me!" Apparently, Ben Linus has grown the snark gene.
  • Paul's Out Gambit to S.A. Terry from "Declawed":
    I think I covered it all. Although, I left out the part where you prefer McCartney to Lennon. I didn't see any need to humiliate you.
    • Terry stepping out of his office to deliver the earth-shaking revelation that the victims all went to a nail salon, which the team already blew past, and finding the bullpen empty because they're out actually finding the unsub.

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