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Funny / The Ikaris

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Funny moments in The Ikaris

  • Rei studying out about marriage traditions and acting on them (and apologizing every time for being late):
    • she suddenly approached Asuka and gave her the sexy lingerie that was supposed to be given to the bride at her bachelorette party (to her embarrassment, Asuka had to admit that Rei had good taste);
    • she ambushed Shinji and Asuka and suddenly threw some rice at them, explaining it was a fertility ritual;
    • she forced the poor lawyer to help her with a Polterabend. It's about smashing dishes... But as Rei isn't allowed to smash school's properties, she opted for plastic dishes;
      • Also, the poor lawyer's dealing with Rei. Warning her that drugs are bad as a goodbye actually made sense...
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  • The marriage counsellor's antics.
  • Four words: Super Gendo Super Show.
    • Made funnier by the reactions of Shinji, Asuka and Misato when they accidentally find out. Especially Shinji being completely spooked by their interpretation of Gendo as really friendly (Gendo beating up an Angel, not so much).
    • It's also an hell of a Brick Joke: a few chapters earlier Gendo had complained that nobody recognized him in spite of his distinctive appearance and had Fuyutsuki order the PR division to remedy it, and the previous chapter Shinji saw a bento for girls decorated with the SD versions of the EVA/s, the Children, and Gendo in his trademark pose (the last caused Shinji to scream in horror).
  • Gendo trying to introduce himself to the divorce lawyer, leading to a minor but nonetheless hilarious case of Entertainingly Wrong.
    Gendo: "You don't know who I am?"
    Lawyer: "No. Should I?"
    Gendo: "Maybe you should take a closer look."
    Lawyer: "Sorry, but I don't understand..."
    Gendo: "The tainted sun-glasses..."
    Lawyer: "Yeah..."
    Gendo: "The beard..."
    Lawyer: "Okay..."
    Gendo: "The clasped hands in front of the mouth..."
    Lawyer: "Uh-huh..."
    Gendo: "And that makes me...?"
    Lawyer: "A blind man, who can't shave himself right anymore, and likes to make grimaces to people he talks to? And the one behind you is your male-nurse?"