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2006 Bong Joon-ho movie

  • It ends up in tragedy, but the all too human moment of a normal man thrust into the thick of danger... who promptly realizes he miscounted just how many shotgun shells remain in his gun.
  • Se-joo asks Hyun-seo what she'd want to drink.
    "Beer. A cold beer."
  • The chase scene, due to its unfitting orchestral BGM.
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  • During the monster's first attack, we see a girl playing with a bobby pin listening to orchestral music on her headphones completely oblivious to the mayhem around her. When someone runs by, she turns around only to promptly get taken out by the monster.
  • The Park family's mourning session over Hyun-seo turns into an over-the-top farce when they start wrestling each other and end up writhing on the ground, drawing everyone's attention.
  • While the Park family is sheltering in the gymnasium, Gang-du scratches his genitals in his sleep after Nam-il reluctantly stops prodding him with his foot.
  • The first time Gang-du wields a sign is both funny and awe-inspiring.
  • A black comedy moment; a bunch of fleeing citizens run into a food trailer to hide from the monster, and lock out a woman who is seconds too late. The monster then barrels towards them... only to run right past the woman and smash straight into the food trailer. Laser-Guided Karma indeed.
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  • A moment that's funny and poignant at the same time: On the family's way to find Hyun-seo and escape the doctors, Gang-du gets out of the van, and he starts running into the fumes as it drives in front of him. Hee-bong explains that he's trying to disinfect himself so he doesn't pass the virus to anyone, especially not Hyun-seo when he finds her. What's so amusing is how childish he looks running in the fumes. It's hard to believe he's in his late thirties (and his chubby face doesn't help either).
  • The way everyone cowers on the floor after Gang-du makes his second break out of quarantine, and threatens to spread the virus to everyone. The moment he squirts a syringe full of his blood the doctors duck for cover.
  • In a deleted scene, a man explains to his girlfriend in a restaurant how he saw the creature clinging to the bridge... but then she gets distracted by a game playing on TV.
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  • A darkly comedic moment when a man finds a bill on the side of the road... only for the monster to grab him.
  • When they're watching Nam-joo on the TV, Gang-du offers Hyun-seo beer to drink.
    Gang-du: Here. Let's have a cold one. (He hands Hyun-seo a can of beer.)
    Hyun-seo: This is alcohol!
    Gang-du: You're in middle school now.
  • A medical officer tripping and nearly falling over in the gymnnasium while about to make an announcement to the people sheltering there.
    • That same medical officer tries to explain what's going on, and decides that turning on a news report will be faster, fumbles around with the TV trying to find the right channel, only to realize... The news isn't on yet.
  • When the Park siblings see their ID photos as "Wanted" ads on the news, Gang-du suggests getting a tape of it so Hyun-seo can see her daddy on TV. Nam-il reacts with exasperation.
  • At the end, we see a family photo of Gang-du and Hyun-seo. Funny thing is, neither of them look very happy to be in the picture, and Gang-du has a bemused expression on his face.
  • Gang-du demonstrating the creature eating Hyun-seo by stuffing a phone in his mouth and spitting it out into a bin.
  • While Gang-du is in captivity, and Nam-joo and Nam-il are in hiding, the news announces that the virus contains symptoms of the common cold. A man with an actual cold, waiting in a crowd to cross the street, spits phlegm out onto the road. Then a car passes by, splashing everyone and causing them to panic.
  • When the family is hiding out in the food trailer, Hee-bong tries to stop Nam-il and Nam-joo from criticizing Gang-du again.
    Nam-il: Yep.
    Nam-joo: Yes.