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Funny / The Haunted Hathaways

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  • This exchange from "Haunted Sleepover":
    Louie: Ghosts are supposed to be feared!
    Frankie: The duckies on your socks are not helping, Louie.
  • From "Haunted Science Fair", when Michelle is desperately trying to hide the fact that she damaged Taylor's project:
  • Louie tries to get revenge on a thief who stole from the tip jar and winds up blowing out confetti leading to this exchange
    Louie: "I think I sent him the message."
    Frankie: "Yeah, Happy New Year."
    • Keep in mind this aired 3 days after New Year's Day.
  • When Miles turns evil, Ray thinks he's going through a phase and tries to help with a scuba trip. His response is flipping the oxygen tank, opening it, and sending Ray flying.
    Miles: That'll keep him busy for a while.

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