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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Daisy spits on Warren's Lincoln letter. He responds by smacking her so hard that she, still handcuffed to Ruth, falls out of the carriage, taking Ruth with her.
    • She later proudly mentions how she spat on the letter to Mannix, who replies, "Good for you, sister!"
  • Pretty much any and all of Daisy's moments of Troll:
    • When Ruth rants about the Mannix marauders using "the Cause" as an excuse to steal and kill—"in particular emancipated blacks!"...Daisy chimes in, "Sounds like my kinda fella."
      • And Mannix tips his hat to her in response.
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    • This classic:
      John Ruth: This here's Daisy Domergue!
      (Daisy gives a wave to everyone)
      John Ruth: I'm takin' this woman to HANG!
      (Daisy holds her hand up over her head and sticks out her tongue)
    • When John Ruth disbelieves Mannix's statement that he is the new sheriff of Red Rock and declares, "He's a goddamn sheriff, I'm a monkey's uncle!" Daisy replies, "Good. Then you can share bananas with your nigger friend in the stable."
  • When Oswaldo suggests the place be divided up to ease tentions, the fireplace of all things is declared to represent the spirit of Georgia. Considering what Sherman did to the state during the war...
  • Pure Black Comedy, but Warren's horrific story of how he raped and killed Smithers' son. If it had been told normally, it'd have been absolutely disgusting, but Sam Jackson's over-the-top, hamtastic delivery, euphemisms, and magnificent Evil Laugh (complete with a random "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at the end) carries it firmly into (warm) black (dingus) comedy.
    • Doubly hilarious as one can easily assume Warren made the whole ridiculously over-the-top story up to provoke Smithers. Refuge in Audacity as its finest.
  • O.B. cursing at John Ruth that he will NOT go out into the storm again...only to be sent back out to dispose of General Smithers' body after drawing the short straw.
  • Warren referring to Jody Domergue as the "bushwhacking nut shooter".
    • Really, the entire aftermath of Jody shooting Warren's nuts from under the floorboards. The chapter ends with Warren lying on the ground in agony for what seems like an eternity and he ultimately ends up incapacitated for the rest of the film, holding his scrotum together with his free hand. And THEN he goads Jody up from the basement under the pretense of surrender. In an outrageous demonstration of vindictiveness, Warren ends Jody's sentimental reunion with Daisy by shooting the smiling Lothario in the back of the head.
      Mannix: Now throw out your pistol!
      Warren: Toward the bed!
      [a gun is tossed up]
      Warren: [to Mannix] Bet he got another one.
      Mannix: ...Now throw out—your other pistol!
      Jody: I ain't got another pistol!
      Warren: Well, you better shit another pistol out your ass—'cause if you don't throw one up here in the next two seconds, we gonna kill this bitch!
      [a gun is tossed up]
      Warren: [to Mannix] See? Told ya.
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  • Warren giving sophisticated theories as to who may be a gang member and why, followed by Mannix's theory that Joe Gage is a gang member on the basis that he's the ugliest one there, and later on, celebrating that he got it right (though all the other suspects were, too).
  • The Running Gag of the latches being broken on the door. To open it, you need to kick it in. To close it, you need to hammer it shut with two pieces of wood.
    • Plus, Bob's defensiveness when Warren asks what goddamn idiot broke it. Because he shot it to pieces when the gang massacred Minnie and the rest of the Haberdashery Staff
    Joe Gage: One ain't good enough!
  • Is Minnie fluent in french? (beat) Oui~! After learning the word, she spends some time trying to get someone to set up a joke about her ass being big.
  • Warren's cry of "You gonna do a deal with that diabolical biiiiiiitch?!" A fairly serious moment which is played in slow motion.
  • While Warren is piecing together who poisoned the coffee in the extended version, Mobray, Gage, and Bob get into a brief argument over if Bob's coffee is bad or not.
  • Mannix's reaction when Gage admits he poisoned the coffee.
    Mannix: I FUCKIN' KNEW IT!!
    • And even his reaction to seeing John Ruth and O.B. start throwing up blood due to said poisoned coffee, which he was about to drink, throwing it away like it was the plague.
  • The opening narration for Chapter 4 begins "It's been 15 minutes since..." It gets hilariously meta because, if seen in the Roadshow, these are the first words spoken after the 15 minute intermission.
  • Bob trying to play Silent Night on the piano, but occasionally playing a wrong note ("Goddammit!")
  • Bob's response when Warren thinks he's part of the group trying to spring Daisy. "You are real imaginative nigger, ain't ya? So do you intend to murder me based on a far-fetched nigger theory, ORCANYOUPROVEIT, CABRÓN?"
  • When Ruth and O.B. are poisoned, they spit out a cartoonish geyser of blood that's both terrifying and hilarious, especially when John Ruth is attacking Daisy on the ground and hurls a fountain of blood on the person in a sequence that rivals Charlie swallowing the blood capsules on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • John Ruth ends Daisy's song prematurely by taking her guitar and smashing it into a support beam, El Kabong-style. Even better, this altercation is kept in the version of the song on the official soundtrack.
    • Instead of wrecking the prop guitar as planned, Kurt Russell smashed the guitar Jennifer Jason Leigh was playing, not knowing the guitar was an antique worth some $40,000. Needless to say, the people who loaned out the guitar were pissed!
  • John Ruth's barely-contained giddiness over the Lincoln letter. He's like a kid getting to play with the hot new toy.
    • Before reading it, he dons a pair of spectacles that take all too long to bring to bear. Oswaldo's specs are readied with a flick of the wrist. Blink and you miss it, but it's hard not to laugh at the annoyed look on John's face.
  • Warren's evidence that Bob is lying is that there used to be a sign saying, "No Dogs, No Mexicans". Minnie later took down the accommodate dogs.
    • This is later followed by Warren shooting Bob the Mexican after he deduces that he was responsible for the deaths of Minnie and her company. The humor is not so much Bob's death itself, than it is how Warren does it—he shoots him in the chest with a pistol in his right hand. Then shoots him in the chest again with the pistol in his left hand. And then, even though Bob has hit the ground by this point and is unlikely to have survived both shots, he then fires both guns into his head, making it explode. The first two of shots are shocking, but the third shots from both guns into his head runs straight into Bloody Hilarious territory.
  • After the massive shoot down, Oswaldo and Gage confess their true identities and their bounties, including Bob, who was really "Marco the Mexican". Warren's reaction?
    Warren: That's "Marco the Mexican"? Haha, shit! Now that I blew his face off, Marco ain't worth a peso.

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