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The book:

  • Offred and Moira's reunion scene. Moira affectionately tells Offred that she looks like the Whore of Babylon, and Offred replies that Moira looks like something the cat dragged in.
  • The names of the tapes Offred recorded over, including Twisted Sister: Live at the Met.

The series

  • In the series, when the Aunts are explaining The Ceremony, Moira's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! expression, and perfect summation of the whole society.
    This is fucked.
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  • The note on Moira's package to June.
    Praise be, bitch.
  • Moira taking the time to carve "AUNT LYDIA SUCKS" into a wall at the Center.
  • The juxtaposition between the two birth scenes in the second episode: there's the scene the Handmaids attend, where Janine is giving birth, and then there's the scene the Wives are attending, where the Wife Janine was assigned to is pretending to give birth.
  • Offred parading out on her shopping trip with "Don't You Forget About Me" triumphantly playing...then she sees there's a new Ofglen and just thinks "Fuck!"
  • In flashback, Luke, June and their daughter are in a trunk heading to a safehouse. They're pulled over with a cop opening to look in. He then tells his partner "all clear" and walks off as the driver leans in.
    Driver: I took his sister to the prom back in the day. Trust me, he owes me a fucking favor!
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  • The Season 1 cliffhanger turns out to be a mock execution, to which June speaks for everyone in the audience:
    "Our Father, who art in Heaven, what the actual fuck?"
  • "Blessed be the Froot Loops."
  • "Prayvaganza"... Yeah, Serena Joy outright states the Commanders weren't too original to come up with that.
  • Aunt Lydia says to the Commander that she's sure that the baby will be as handsome as his father. The Commander gives an awkward glance towards Nick when she says that.
  • June asks Nick what Mrs. Blaine's bedtime is.
  • The Black Comedy Burst of Serena's horribly misguided attempt to cheer June up by having several other Handmaids over for lunch, resulting in them all making awkward small talk while Serena hovers over them, and even asks the tongueless Ofglen a question. All filmed in one take so we feel every second of the unease.
    • June breaks the ice by discussing the place she used to go to brunch before and the Handmaids begin having a animated discussion, making Serena Joy even more awkward.
  • Offred reassuring Eden that Nick's not a gender traitor because he won't have sex with her. The look on her face all but says, "Yep, I know from experience."
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  • Offred and Janine's reunion:
    Offred: Blessed be the fruit
  • Whilst on a diplomatic trip to Canada, Serena is handed her itinerary. It's all in pictures. Her face is priceless.
  • When Nick reports that Moira is alive and well in Canada and living with Luke, June can only respond with "But they'll kill each other!!"
  • When Emily's new Commander suffers a heart attack right after finishing the Ceremony, his Wife panics and tells Emily to go get the house Martha — only for Emily to placidly say that, in order to maximise the possibility of fertilisation, she's supposed to remain lying on her back for a while. And when the Wife storms off to get help, she promptly gets up and kicks the Commander square in the groin.
  • When it is discovered that June was undergoing false labor pains, Serena Joy finds June sitting on bed relaxed and smug like an imp.
  • The flashback to Hannah's birth, where June first insists she likes Luke's "trash" music, but once it actually starts she shouts through her contractions "What the fuck is this song? I hate this song!"
  • A darkly hilarious moment after Holly's birth. Aunt Lydia praises Offred for her bravery in delivering the baby, and mentions that several households now want her to be their next Handmaid. She then reveals a basket of muffins one household sent as a bribe, and encourages Offred to take one, saying, "You've earned it." Offred snarks that she deserves a whole cake, to which Lydia replies, "Prideful girls don't get anything." So Offred takes a muffin, and takes a bite as Lydia leaves.
    Offred: (thinking) Bran. Great. Praise fucking be.
  • There's something hilarious about the fact that Fred and Serena (probably unintentionally) named their daughter after her biological father.
  • Joseph Lawrence's sheer strangeness has you constantly off guard just as much as Emily, with Bradley Whitford having a blast introducing every new eccentricity. And in the Season 2 finale it turns out he's with the resistance, but none of his personality is an act and he really, truly is that fucking weird, down to cautioning June and Emily to stay away from drugs as he delivers them to safety.
  • June inquires if Serena misses her old job at all. Serena, of course, can't admit that she does, but she dryly admits, "I do truly detest knitting."
  • June finds that her new shopping partner, Ofmatthew, reported her to Aunt Lydia for gossiping and unpious language. The next time they're walking on the street, June casually informs Ofmatthew that she heard of a handmaid who was shoved in front of a bus by her shopping partner... just as a city bus roars past them.
  • Commander Lawrence mocks June for being useless and without a real education, the only skill she possessed pre-Gilead was editing dry, academic texts that no one would ever be caught dead reading. Books like Lawrence's, June retorts.
  • June calling the late-middle-aged chemistry teacher Martha trying to escape "Breaking Bad."
  • The flashback to Hannah's baptism, with Holly loudly calling the Church "holier-than-thou child molesters" and Moira calling herself a "fairy godmother."
  • Serena asks June if she's missed anything at the Putnams' Christening party.
    June: The ususal. Jell-O shots, charades, a little karaoke.
  • When Ofmatthew does her usual bullshit about Luke being sure to bring Nicole back, June finally loses her patience and gives a high-pitched, sarcastic "Bite me."
  • June narrates her sincere prayers for Serena to be able to find peace with Nicole being safely away, and convince Fred to let it go. Then:
    "Or may they both get hit by a fucking truck, I'm down for either."
  • Moira is outraged to find out she and Emily never dated any of the same people.
    "I'm pretty sure this is the first time this has happened in all of lesbian history!"
  • June's Sanity Slippage gives her the courage to mouth off to Aunt Lydia when Ofmatthew goes into a seizure.
    "If you're lucky, you might get to see her shit herself."
  • Likewise, her response to Fred when he asks her if she's all right after he and Winslow force the Lawrences to perform the Ceremony.
    "At least it wasn't you."


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