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Funny / The Guided Fate Paradox

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  • The first time Renya sees Cheriel.
    Renya: ''Holy moly! Those tits are Old Testament huge! Such monstrous cans could only exist on an angel! Those are big boobs, perfected. Made in God's image, indeed. Thank you, God.
  • "Fight!!!" is a song mostly reserved for serious moments, usually when Renya is very determined. So you can imagine how silly it is when you hear it playing in reaction to Liliel asking Renya if he kissed anyone.
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  • Renya's reaction once he sees the "fan" his sister wanted him to meet. It's Lanael.
    Renya: ''Fuuuuuuuuu-!
  • The choice to skip the tutorial has Renya saying he's versed in "God Kwon Do."
  • One of his "I am God" introductions has Renya just casually say "Sup, I'm God."

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