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  • In general, any really horrible contestants.
  • In general, any time David Letterman showed up.
  • During one episode, Steve Martin tried to be a contestant, playing the banjo (which he can actually do quite well).
  • On another episode, the panel tied Chuck up and hosted the show themselves after he kept screwing up the contestant intros.
  • Oingo Boingo showing up and completely baffling the judges with a three-piece band that quickly degenerates into a insane marching band tromping across the stage with a big paper mache dragon in tow.
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  • In a fairly early episode, the opening act was so bad that, after the commercial break which immediately followed it, the show was effectively "restarted", complete with Johnny Jacobs doing the opening spiel and Chuck making his entrance once again (a short time later, by force of habit, the band began playing the commercial cue after the second act had finished, but caught themselves and quickly stopped!).


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