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  • Barry's over-the-top facial expressions.
  • Whenever Beverly hears something that she doesn't like, regarding her or her family, and she gets that look on her face, you know it's not going to be pretty.
  • Barry running.

     Season One 
The Circle Of Driving
  • Adam showing the audience how to speak "Murray."
  • Murray demands Barry to get out of his car, but when Beverly arrives, he makes a 180 and demands to be let into the car. And the icing on the cake:
    Adult!Adam: (while child Adam is filming) I'll give you a hint... it was me.

Call Me when you get There

  • Murray's halfassed reassurance when Beverly declares that "she has failed as a mother":
    Murray: You're good at other things.
  • Murray's increasing fury at missing the World Series to look for Barry, while trying to avoid game spoilers.
  • Barry's downright pitiful attempts to find a phone.

The Presidents Fitness Test

  • Erica has her French pen pal, Fanny, over to visit which prompts Barry to flirt with her with no success. Contributing to this is Erica "translating" what Barry, who has no understanding of the French language, wants to say into completely embarrassing things. To top it off, he even raps about how he wets the bed

     Season Two 
I Rode a Hoverboard
  • The Goldbergs dicuss going to a new Chinese restaurant in town.
    Adam: Dave Kim's family owns that place. Ooh, maybe they can score us some free French fries.
    Barry: Stupid, they're Chinese fries.

Just Say No

  • Real Life Barry's Anti-Drug PSA, shown at the end of the episode.
    Real Life Barry: Here we have drugs.
    Caption: (pointing to the "drug") This is a tampon.

     Season Three 
Boy Barry
  • From the stinger, Adam forges a letter from Chuck Norris to Barry, narrated by Chuck himself as Barry reads it. He realizes it was fake when he reads Chuck telling him to respect his brother, then signing off with "Godspeed, Douche-nozzle". The fact that this is Chuck friggin Norris saying this makes it even funnier.
    Adam: So what's it say, Douche-nozzle?
    Barry: (furious) It says I should kick your ass.

Lainey Loves Lionel

  • Barry's attempts at making a clay bust of Lainey, inspired by the video for Lionel Richie's "Hello". Each one more horrifyingly awful than the last. Having a clip of "Hello" playing for each reveal is the icing on the cake.

Weird Al

  • Adam sends Weird Al a demo of his spoof of Wang Chung's "Everybody Have Fun Tonight," all about insulting Barry. Weird Al reacts:
    Weird Al: Who is this "Barry?" This song offers no context! Amateurs!

Smothers' Day

  • Adam's video he made to convince Murray to take him to Space Camp, with Pops dressed as an alien in one scene. Afterwards we see Pops still in the alien costume, sipping a martini.
  • Barry and Erica destroying the kitchen trying to make Beverly breakfast, all set to "Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston.
  • And the scene with the ALF puppet.

     Season Four 
  • After Adam drops an F-bomb and he tells Beverly he learned his fifthly language from her, she denies that she ever swears. Beverly drops an F-bomb at lease once per episode.

     Season Five 
Dinner With The Goldbergs
  • Beverly analyzing every table until she finds one up to her standards.
  • Beverly filling her purse full of dinner rolls, then asking the waiter for more.
  • Murray repeatedly reaching for the rolls, only for Beverly to smack his hand away.
  • In order to save money, Murray doing things such as having a "communal soda" and telling the waiter that it's his "twins" Geoff and Erica's birthday in order to get free cake. Murray later scolds Geoff and Erica for acting romantic to each-other as he just told the waiter that they're twins.

     Season Six 
8-Bit Goldbergs
  • Overall, the meta-humor of Adam's game paralleling the development and reception of the TV series itself
    • Adam gender-flipping Erica to Eric in the game; similar to how in real life, Adam changed Eric into Erica for the series.
    • Barry requesting Adam to make his character less cooler, similar to this.

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