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The Gods Must Be Crazy

  • The entire jungle fight scene.
    • One of the guerrillas keeps getting hit in the head with ejected casings from his buddy's assault rifle.
    • Another one slips on a whole bunch of bananas.
    • The guerrilla attempting to load his buddy's rocket launcher, only for the rocket to keep falling out.
  • Land Rover hanging from a tree. Must be seen to be believed.
    "What the hell did you do that for?!"
  • The struggle to get the Rover through the gate. Given it's on sloped roads and the brakes are out, it's prone to rolling away while Steyn gets out to open/close said gate so he has to chase it down. Adorned nicely with shots of a baboon just looking on and comedic music that wouldn't be out of place in a Sesame Street segment.
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  • "Do the noises in my head bother you?"
  • "It's just an interesting psychological phenomenon." Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • There's also the part where the guerrillas are first barging in on the Prime Minister's cabinet to assassinate him. They kick open the door to gun him down, but it immediately swings closed in their faces.
  • Although it's a sobering and even serious scene, there's one especially funny moment where the guerrillas' leader orders them to make the captive children (and Sam) walk in a circle shape. The guerrillas complain that they keep walking in a square. So the leader relents and orders they walk in a square.
  • "...I'm making coffee."
  • "I'm teaching [Xi] to drive... just for the hell of it!"
  • The narration itself can be pretty hilarious. Of special note is the description of "civilized" life, in which everyone has to spend huge portions of their day looking busy. The tone of the narrator is what really sells it.
    • Getting into a car just to drive to the end of the driveway to the mailbox, then driving back with the mail.
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  • The miniature bows rigged up for the tranquilizer needles, and the "pinggg" sound they make when launching one.

The Gods Must Be Crazy 2

  • The whole scene with Marshall trying to steal the ostrich egg.
  • Those Two Bad Guys:
    • Attempting to hide from a sniper by running behind the same tree, repeatedly.
    • Trying to move while tied back to back.
    • Wondering what else she keeps in her bag.
    • The Cuban voluntarily surrendering at the end of the movie, only to be replied to with:
    Timi: I don't want you. You're're a shitty prisoner!
    Mateo: (*Hurt expression*)
    • The tenacious honey badger, especially since this animal has since become a major Memetic Badass.

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