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The Buster Keaton film
Keaton can make anything funny.
  • Johnnie Gray trying to fire, and later, avoid, the rail mortar.
  • There's also the time when Johnnie sees his girlfriend putting in a small piece of wood in the locomotive's furnace and he sarcastically presents an even smaller piece for her and loses his temper when she puts it in without recognizing the spirit of the gesture. Later, she discards a piece of firewood because it has a hole in it.
    • Now imagine that with Keaton's trademark stone face instead of the sarcastic face you might see if that was done in a modern film. That's why Keaton's one of the masters.
  • Johnnie creating a fake identity, when he's trying to become a soldier for a war. But the people saw right through it and sent him out.
  • At one point, Johnny delays the pursuing Union troops by kinking the rails. Cue a bunch of Union officers standing around trying to figure out what to do next.
  • Johnnie's absent-minded ride on the General's side-rod as pictured.
  • Johnnie's reactions when his disconnected boxcar first mysteriously appears in front of him, and then just as mysteriously disappears.


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