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That shirt never fails to deliver.

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  • All the times that Uncle Phil throws Jazz out of the house are guaranteed to bring some laughs. Highlights include the one time he threw Jazz inside the house when they were already outside (in the episode "Cased Up"), and the time when Jazz got his revenge by throwing Uncle Phil out of the house during Will's dream ("Hex and the Single Guy"). This is the page image.
  • LITERALLY every single one of Will's pick up lines:
    Will: Baby, you look so good I wish I could plant you and grow a whole field of y'all!
    Will: Girl, if God made anything more perfect, I hope he kept it for himself.
    Will: Girl, you look so good I'd marry your brother just to get in your family.
    Will: I could've sworn I've seen you before. Oh yeah, it was in the dictionary right next to the word "KA-BLAM"!
    Will: Girl, that swimsuit looks like a piece of "Good God!" wrapped up in some "Have Mercy!" with a side of "UMMPHH!"
  • The Noodle Incidents whenever Philip or Vivian are insulted offscreen. Such times included someone said Phil's beard made him look like Bigfoot, another where the pool guy accidentally called Viv "Mr. Banks" and she responded by holding the poor man's head underwater (although in technically both of their defenses, she was several months pregnant) and a time where Phil angrily dismisses a "compliment" where a client said that he looked like a "Black Alfred Hitchcock", to which Will responded, "Good ebening!"

    Season 1 
  • "The Fresh Prince Project":
    • When Philip comments on the slang Will uses when he first arrives:
      Vivian: We used slang when we were kids! Do you remember our first date? You took one look at me and said, "Vivian, that is a bad dress." Now, you could've just said it was a good dress.
      Philip: I could've if I liked it. Actually, it was a bad dress.
    • Ashley raps grace.
  • "Bang the Drum, Ashley":
    • This exchange:
      Uncle Phil: I used to stand outside the Philharmonic, hoping to catch a spare note on the night air...
      Aunt Vivian: Philip, when I met you, you were into James Brown!
      Will: [incredulously] He like James Brown?
      Aunt Vivian: He even wore his hair like him.
      Will: [laughing] He had hair?
    • Carlton's hilariously terrible jokes, such as this:
      Vivian: [to Phil] Snap is a great band.
      Carlton: Well, when Crackle and Pop cut a disc, THEN call me. [laughs]
  • "Mistaken Identity":
    • Will scaring Carlton with a Freddy Krueger mask and glove.
    • "Carlton, look out! Low bridge! Thanks a lot, now we gotta go back and get my head!"
    • Will unceremoniously flattens himself on the hood of the car after one too many faux pas from Carlton.
    • "When Israel was in Egypt land..." With accompaniment from Bob, the large, musclebound cellmate.
    • The reason Will's so afraid of Bob (who has actually not been all that menacing):
      "Anytime you see a white guy in jail, you know he did something bad!"
    • Carlton is given One Phone Call, but couldn't put it to good use because the people at the resort the pair are trying to go to are so noisy (there is a major football game going on) that they cannot hear him. So how do Will and Carlton manage to tell Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv that they are in trouble? By requesting to make a "public confession" on live TV.
  • "Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect":
    • Will and Carlton's mad dash to ask a girl they both see from opposite sides of the mall out at the end of the first part. Will cartwheels around a janitor and vaults over a pedestrian while Carlton runs around the same kinds of obstacles like a dork.
    • When the kids won't stop bothering Philip about wearing a costume to the Halloween Party:
      Philip: I'm going as Comfortable Man.
      Hilary: Is that a comic book hero?
      Philip: Sort of. He has superhuman bill-paying power, so he gets to dress however he wants.
      Hilary: [quickly gets it] Great costume, Daddy.
  • "Kiss My Butler": Geoffrey knows the lambada!
  • "Courting Disaster":
    • Coach Smiley tries to talk Will into joining the team—capping off with offering to give him his car.
    • The exchange between Will and Carlton when the latter tries to teach the former the game plan, first using two chalk stick figures on the board:
      Will: Naw, you got it all wrong. [erasing the board and drawing himself as a tall stick figure] You see, this is me... [drawing Carlton as a ridiculously short figure and speaking with a squeaky voice]...and this is you.
      Carlton: All right then, this... [drawing a huge circle around his figure that's larger than the figure itself] my brain, and... [lightly dabs the "Will" figure near his head, leaving a tiny mark] this is your brain.
      Will: [drawing a smile on his figure's face] Well, this is my handsome face and [scribbling out the "Carlton" figure's head with chalk] this is your ugly little Frankenstein face!
    • Phil walks in on Will leading a game of keep-away from Carlton (and Geoffrey).
      Phil: Will, how many times do I have to tell you that this is our living room? How would you like it if I went up into your room and started throwing chalk around?
      Will: [uncertainly] I'd be devastated.
  • Will, Carlton, Ashley and Hilary cooking Thanksgiving Dinner in "Talking Turkey".
    • Uh oh, everybody out of the pool”.
  • "Day Damn One":
    • Will tells the plot of the episode to Ashley and her friends at their sleepover, but changes the names of the characters to Willbert and his evil cousin Carl...bert!
    • Will asking one of the teachers where all the cute girls are.
      Teacher: Didn't anybody tell you? Bel Air Prep is an all-boys school!
      Will: *stares in silent horror at the camera while a Scare Chord plays*
    • Dr. Bloat, the history teacher.
      Bloat: Any questions?
      Will: Weren't you the bad guy in Goldfinger?
    • Will wears his school tie like a bandanna, because while the rulebook does state that all students must wear a tie with a windsor knot, it does not actually say ''where'' you have to wear it!
    • The Title Drop when Uncle Phil finds out that Will didn't make it through a single day at his new school before getting into trouble (he scratched his nickname on an antique bench).
  • "Nice Lady":
    • Will dresses up as Ziggy Marley, speaks in Jamaican accent and sings "I Shot the Sheriff".
      Will: Goeffrey, mon. Do da limbo with me.

      Will: Aunt Bibian! Bootiful American womann.
      Aunt Viv: Whatchu tinkin' you're up too, boy?
  • "Banks Shot":
    • Will notices the car keys on the table after his uncle has left. He has a conversation with his Shoulder Devil, who tells him to take them and go to the pool hall; when he looks to his other shoulder for more advice, another Devil appears. "What are you, ignorant? Pick up the damn keys!" And then the second devil dope slaps him.
    • The change in Phil's tone, stance, and attitude when he goes "Geoffrey? Break out Lucille." And Will looking back and forth from Phil to the hustler, trying to figure out what's just happened. And then Phil dances and eats a sandwich while he's spanking the hustler. Well, the other hustler.
  • "72 Hours":
    • Will leaving Carlton alone with Jazz's gangsta friends for about half an hour while the two go out to get some dinner. By the time they come back, not only has Carlton assimilated to the gangsta style, the gang has taken a shine to him (even giving him the nickname "C-Note") and his knowledge about economics, which they want to apply to their own scams.
    • Uncle Phil strangles Will after Carlton comes home from Compton having gone full gangsta, announcing he's quitting school, and trying to steal silverware from his home. Carlton even brandishes a pair of nunchucks when the police come to catch him. Thankfully it turns out to be Will's nightmare.
    • This gem when Aunt Viv reprimands Will for his actions.
      Vivian: Will, You are the one who started this whole thing!
      Will: I'm sorry Aunt Viv!
      Vivian I'm sorry! How many times are we going to hear that? When are you going to start taking responsibility for your actions? When are you going to grow up boy?
      Will: [Beat] I'm sorry, Aunt Viv!
    • Aunt Viv going down to Compton in person to drag Carlton and Will home, and her reaction when she finds out Carlton was planning on going with Jazz and his hood friends to Macarthur Park later that night (a very dangerous and crime-ridden part of Los Angeles in the 90's, especially after dark).
      Vivian: Carlton, you are not going to Macarthur Park tonight! In fact, NONE of you are going to Macarthur Park tonight! *indicates everyone else in the gang as well*
      Tiny: *a huge musclebound Scary Black Man* Hey, wait a minute-
      Vivian: Boy, do not test me!
      Tiny: Yes, ma'am... *sits back down*
    • The ending, where Carlton teases Will about caring for him, and Will desperately denying.
      Carlton: [grins] You love me.
      Will: Yo brother, you wanna take this outside!?

    Season 2 
  • "Did the Earth Move for You?":
    • The scene that YouTube users refer to as "The Earthquake Song", set to the tune of "Darling Nikki" by Prince.
      Will: [singing] I'm stuck in a basement, sitting on a tricycle
      Girl gettin' on my nerves.
      [pause for audience laughter]
      Goin' out of my mind, I thought she was fine
      Don't know if her body is hers.
    • Due to an earthquake trapping everyone, Phil and Vivian decide to pass the time drinking wine and making love. Will and his girlfriend, on the other hand, spend their time bickering with each other, leading to Will singing the aforementioned song.
  • "Will Gets A Job":
    • The premise of this episode: Will gets a part-time job as a waiter at a pirate-themed restaurant to pay for prom night himself instead of relying on his uncle's money, but Uncle Phil does not believe him.
      Uncle Phil: Vivian, you are so naive. You would believe Will if he told you that he were some big rap star, whose album just went platinum.
    • At Ashley's insistence, the Banks family go to have dinner at the restaurant where Will works at. The restaurant scene can be summed up as Will trying to be passive-aggressive to Uncle Phil, who does not recognize him as he's in a pirate costume, as much as possible, while Aunt Viv and Ashley try to vouch for him.
      Will: [greeting the Banks family] Welcome to the Briny Deep, where none of our prices are ever too steep. We got fresh fish, you can look at our tank. To get to the bathroom make a left at the plank. Follow me.
      Carlton: Get a load of his costume. Couldn't pay me to wear an outfit like that.
      Will: Think you'll be needin' a booster seat, little boy.
      Uncle Phil: Vivian, let's not let Will ruin our dinner.
      [Will swats Uncle Phil with a napkin, pretending to dust his jacket]
      Aunt Viv: He hasn't ruined anything for me. I think he's a great kid.
      Will: Complimentary champagne for the lovely young lady. [snaps fingers]
      Uncle Phil: I'll have a glass of that, please.
      Will: Sorry man, we ain't got no more.

      [the family order some drinks]
      Uncle Phil: I don't know, I just can't seem to decide.
      Will: Well sir, we've got all three flavors of SlimFast.
      Uncle Phil: ...I'll have a cola, wise guy.

      [after the drinks are brought out]
      Uncle Phil: Waiter, the soda's flat.
      Will: Aye, you don't say, sir. [blows into the soda through the straw] Try that.
    • Ashley's friend Tina keeps fawning over Carlton, then switches to Will at the end of the episode.
      Tina: Carlton, you're my third love, I'll never forget you. But I like Will now.
    • Uncle Phil tries to apologize to Will afterwards, but ends up Mistaken for Gay.
      Uncle Phil: [talks to who he thinks is Will] Can I talk to you for a minute? Look, uh... I'm human, sometimes I make mistakes. Now I admit I had some preconceived ideas about you, mainly that you just don't care about anything. But I guess I have to let that go because today you just showed that you are a very, very fine young man and I just want us to be closer together.
      Waiter: What did you say, pervert?!
      Uncle Phil: Oh! I'm sorry, I...
      Waiter: Look, man. This is Treasure Island. Now, Pleasure Island, that's a block down the street.
      Uncle Phil: I'm sorry! I thought you were-
      Waiter: Oh, I know what you thought! But if you'll notice, the parrot is sitting on my left shoulder!
      Uncle Phil: [as Will exits the kitchen] I feel like a fool.
      Will: Wait 'til they make you bob for your lobster.
  • "Guess Who's Coming to Marry":
    • Everyone's reaction when Aunt Janice ran up to kiss his boyfriend who turns out to be white. After mistaken the black cabbie as her boyfriend.
    • There's the implication that Geoffrey was the first to learn that Janice's boyfriend is white, and trolls the family by announcing him knowing that the cabbie was right behind him.
  • "Cased Up":
    • Jazz gets thrown twice in this episode, both "out of" and "into" the house.
    • One of the first things Will does after getting a new car? Blast "OPP" out of the car stereo, causing many things in the Banks' kitchen to vibrate.
      Uncle Phil: Vivian, I think it's the big one.
      Geoffrey: [dances to the music] Not unless he's down with OPP. [swings his arm] YEAH YOU KNOW ME!
    • Will and Jazz enters the living room, where Hilary is flirting with her boyfriend Eric.
      Hilary: Sweetheart, you looks so delicious without those glasses. Would you take them off for your little Hilary?
      [Jazz takes off his shades and sports a goofy grin]
      Will: Not you, fool!
    • Jazz shows up in court with bandages, a neck brace and a crutch. Will is not amused.
      Will: Jazz, what're you trying to pull?
      Jazz: Ten thousand a year for life.
      Will: You know what? I don't think [the neck brace]'s quite tight enough.
    • Jazz takes the witness stand, keeps both of his hands up in the air after swearing on the Bible as the bailiff holding it has a firearm:
      Uncle Phil: You can put your hands down, Jazz.
      Jazz: No way. Dude's got a gun, next thing you know, I've got six warning shots in my back.
      Uncle Phil: [exasperated] Jazz?
      Jazz: Okay. [lowers hands slowly] I'm putting... my hands... down... now.
  • "Geoffrey Cleans Up":
    • Will's blues solo in response to Geoffrey not wanting to date a rich woman:
      Will: My butler is black
      My butler is blue
      'Cuz his honey got green
      Comin' out her wazoo
    • The sub-plot of Carlton having Phil try on toupees has a scene that causes various audience members to cough from laughing too hard:
      Carlton: [while Phil is wearing a mini afro piece] Say, is that Philip Banks or Blair Underwood?
      [Vivian laughs hysterically in the background, causing them to look at her. Carlton then places on a smaller, curly piece]
      Carlton: What do you think of this, Dad?
      Philip: [annoyed] I look like Little Richard, attorney-at-law!
      [Geoffrey comes in]
      Geoffrey: Dinner is served. [Beat] Ah-wop-bop-ba-loo-bop, ba-lop-bam-boom!
      Even better, he quickly turns around after saying that comment to hide his own reaction.
    • Uncle Phil tries on a toupee himself when nobody's around.
      Vivian: Philip!
      Philip: Combing! Uh, uh, I'm coming!
    • While at the gala, Vivian warns him not to scratch, as she did not bring any extra glue (while trying not to laugh). Then there's Will's reaction to seeing the toupee for the first time.
  • "Ill Will":
    • Will tries to avoid having an operation for his tonsilitis:
      Will: Whoa! I'm all better. It's a miracle. [singing and dancing] I got no more fever~ I got no more fever~ [stops] Aunt Viv?
      Aunt Viv: Yes?
      Will: Catch me. [thuds]
    • Will sees Hilary with chocolates and flowers and thinks they are for him as a gift. Turns out they were bought for herself.
      Hilary: Well, sometimes a girl just has to treat herself.
    • Carlton tries to make Will sign a will that bequeaths his possessions to him in case Will dies. Cue Dope Slap.
    • Will has trouble wearing a patient gown and preventing his bare backside from being shown. His solution to that problem? Wear another patient gown over his backside.
    • Will's surgeon appears to have issues finding his glasses.
      Dr. Bayler: Where are my glasses? [Eyes widen] Oh hell... Nurse, did they close up Ms. Henderson yet?
      Will: Doc, you just gonna take the tonsils, right? Y-you got big plans for everything else?
      Bayler: Oh, trust me. [Puts glasses on his head] You're in the hands of a capable doctor.
      [Goes inside the patient bathroom. Comes out seconds later.]
      Bayler: I've got to find those glasses.
      Will: God, please don't let me leave here with breasts.
    • Scared of getting the operation, Will disguises himself as a doctor so he can leave the hospital. It works.
      Nurse: Doctor, the patient in 214 is not responding to the medication. What should I do?
      Will: Well, Nurse, uh.. I'd run a KGB, an NAACP. If he still doesn't respond, give him an upper G.I. Joe.
      Nurse: I've got to get my real estate license.
    • Will, Carlton, and Hilary hide under Geoffrey's bed as Phillip and Vivian barge in to look for Geoffrey's memoir of the family. Phillip sits on the bed, making the three immediately screams in pain.
    • The revelation that Hilary was conceived at a Sly Stone concert.
      Will: And I hope those concert tickets weren't front row.
      Hilary: Ew! Is that why you always play "Hot Fun in the Summertime" on my birthday?
      Carlton: And where was I conceived?
      Will: Probably at a white sale.
  • "Eyes on the Prize":
    • The incident between Jazz and Tyriq where Jazz gave him a fake Rolex and Tyriq paid with a fake bill:
      Will: [turns to Tyriq] You should have known it was fake when you saw that the warranty was only for two hours. [turns to Jazz] And you should have known that the Jackson on a twenty ain't Jermaine.
      Jazz: They all look the same to me.
    • Jazz shows Tyriq how to reach the car from the house without walking:
      Jazz: Yo Mr. Banks! My tubby judicial brother.
  • In "Be My Baby Tonight", Ashley asks Will about sex. He has no idea what to tell her, so he opts to confer with Hilary and Carlton. Will believes someone with more experience should talk to Ashley, so he and Carlton immediately look at Hilary. You can actually hear James Avery laughing with the crowd at her line.
    Hilary: Well, pardon me for being attractive. [Beat] Look, I'm the wrong person. I mean, I tried to tell Carlton about sex know the rest.
  • "Striptease for Two":
    • One of the jobs Will and Carlton do to try and get Vivian's bracelet back is selling their blood. Will becomes a delirious mess as a result.
      Carlton: [keeping the newspaper away from Will] You're not gonna hit me with this, are you?
      Will: I'd like to, but I see three of y'all and I don't know which one to hit.
    • Will and Carlton take jobs as strippers in order to get Vivian's bracelet back. When Carlton strips among a crowd of women, he realizes his mother is there.
      Woman: Take it off!
      Vivian: PUT IT ON!
      [Carlton looks around, nervous]
      Vivian: Carlton Banks, you put your clothes on this minute!
      Carlton: Mommy! [covers his nipples]
    • Once they get sent home, they tell Phil the whole story: they'd been stripping for cashnote  to make back the money they lost from a bad stock tip.note  They break down and tell him that they also pawned the braceletnote  in order to get the money for the stock in the first place... and they never bothered to get the clasp fixed. Hearing all this, Phil begins to laugh, with Will joking that instead of punishing the two of them, he ought to reward them for their honesty, because "Hey... It worked for the Beav!" At this point, the three of them are laughing hysterically together, when suddenly Phil snaps: "DO I LOOK LIKE A WHITE GUY NAMED WARD?!"
      Phil: Now you get that bracelet back, and for the next six weeks, I don't want to hear you breathe... OR I'M CALLING THE FEDS MYSELF! [leaves]
      Will: [scared] I guess this probably ain't the best time to tell him we ran over the mailbox.note 

    Season 3 
  • "How I Spent My Summer Vacation":
    • Will and Ashley return from vacation in Philadelphia, accompanied by extremely loud hip-hop music which rocks the kitchen.
      Geoffrey: Oh Lord, I don't know whether to dive under the table or do the Running Man.
      [proceeds to do the Running Man as Will and Ashley enter]
    • After getting kicked out of the house by Uncle Phil, Will tries to take shelter at Jazz's place. However, Jazz is having "company with breasts" and refuses to let Will in. Will keeps knocking on the door and shouting at Jazz anyway. The door eventually opens, Will comes in... cut to the next scene where Will's thrown out of Jazz's apartment building.
    • Ashley expresses disapproval at Uncle Phil's decision to "throw [Will] out into the street". Uncle Phil denies it, then Geoffrey chimes in:
      "Quite right, sir. You threw him on the lawn, he rolled into the street."
    • How does Uncle Phil finally put an end to Will's rebellious streak and prevent his kids from doing the same? By telling him that as long as he keeps the street clothes, messy haircut and beeper, Hilary, Carlton and Ashley are all grounded. Aunt Viv approves. The Banks children immediately turn on Will.
  • "That’s No Lady, That’s My Cousin":
  • "Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe":
    • When Carlton is dressed in a nice outfit consisting of a dress coat, dress shirt, bow tie, and khaki pants to meet up with his ex, Cindy:
      Will: Man, C. I gotta tell ya, you know that model from all those Hugo Boss ads?
      Carlton: [excited] Yeah...?
      Will: You don't look anything like him.
    • When Phil and Vivian are horrified to learn about the baby, this reaction follows:
      Phil: Oh my God! Please tell me your father's name is Carlton.
      Will: [imitates a buzz noise and as he puts his arm around Carlton's shoulder] I'm sorry, but for those of you who are just tuning into Name That Father, here's a hint: this little bundle of joy belongs to a young man who saw The Little Mermaid eight times.
      Vivian: No. No!
      Phil: [approaching his son] Carlton, is this baby yours?
      Carlton: Excuse me. [faints]
    • Will's phone conversation with his mother about the incident.
      Will: Ma, you'll never guess who's a daddy. No Ma, not me, stop cryin'. No, Ma, it's Carlton. [Beat] Ma, stop laughin'.
    • A few seconds later, the family enters and Will pretends to be ordering a pizza.
      Will: Uh, yeah, 20 minutes? Great. Okay. Uh, I love you. [hangs up, turns to the others] That makes them bring the pizza faster.
    • Seconds later Phil comes in and demands to use the phone to call Cindy's parents to tell them off.
      Phil: Now don't you dare hang up on me. What kind of lowlives are you? Throwing a minor out onto the street and endangering a helpless infant? Well I'm gonna do whatever I can to see you two behind bars, now what do you have to say about yourselves. [caller answers and Phil realizes it's Cindy's younger sister] So uh, what time will your mommy and daddy be home, sweetheart?
    • Will's conversation with Carlton at a church:
      Carlton: You mean you're a virgin too?
      Will: Keep your voice down man, I AIN'T NO VIRGIN! [woman in front of him gets up and leaves] Hey, look man, when it comes to me and the honeys I just say [priest walks up to him] de... no way! Ooh, ugh yucky!
  • "Here Comes the Judge":
    • Will keeps interrupting Uncle Phil's speech while listening to a football game on his radio.
    • Will gets arrested for $2000 worth of unpaid parking tickets, which were incurred by Jazz.
  • "Boyz in the Woods":
    • Phil refuses to admit that he needs to go to the gas station for directions to their campsite. Suddenly, the car comes to a stop, and...
      Will: You're right, Uncle Phil... You need gas.
    • Will forgetting to pack all of their camping gear:
      Phil: Will! I thought you said you packed all our stuff!
      Will: I did! Oh wait, this ain't the Volvo!
    • As Will, Phil, and Carlton continue through their unfortunate trip, Phil continues to deny that things are bad:
      Phil: Look, let's look on the bright side, okay? This will give us a perfect opportunity to pull together as a group and show what we're really made of.
      Will: [incredulously] Does Bigfoot have to come down here with a chainsaw before you admit we're in trouble?
    • The Running Gag of Phil telling the boys to get into/out of the car. Upon it beginning to snow, Phil orders them out a final time:
      Phil: Get out of the car.
      Will: But you said—
    • Carlton has a tape recorder with him to commentate on the camping trip for something called Carlton's Log. And yes, he does speak like William Shatner. And Will's perfect response.
      Will: Will's log... [picks up a huge tree branch] about to connect with Carlton's head! [charges at him]
    • The Mood Whiplash in Carlton's monologue about witnessing prejudice and unfairness in his life.
      Carlton: "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!" How come they just couldn't give him some cereal?
    • Upon waking up the next morning, having made it through the night in the cave.
      Phil: Let’s get the hell out of here and find a Denny’s.
    • There's a glorious moment right when he wakes up too and sputters a quick Non Sequitur.
      Phil: Vivian, I'm not a machine!
  • "A Night at the Oprah":
  • "Asses to Ashes":
    • Will gets the mail, and he finds a campaign brochure from Judge Robertson slamming Uncle Phil (which says he's going to "empty the prisons, fill our streets with hoodlums, and run a bookmaking operation out of his chambers").
      Carlton: But Dad, aren't some of those lies?
    • Robertson's campaign ad, boasting about how he's personally "thrown over 6,000 bums in jail". Throughout the ad, Robertson seems to be confused by the voiceover and tilts his head, as if he's trying to find where the voice is coming from.
    • When Trevor asks Phil what it feels like to lose the election.
      Phil: Well, once when I was little, I zipped my pants up too fast. Let's just say this brings back memories.
    • A prime example of Black Comedy: as Will angrily tells Judge Robertson to drop dead, the latter promptly keels over and dies from a heart attack. When a woman checks on Robertson and announces his death, Will panics:
      Will: HEY C'MON MAN! IF I TOLD YOU TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE WOULD YOU DO IT?! [Will looks around at the crowd, and bails]
    • Carlton, Ashley, and Hilary making Will cry in an attempt at breaking him out of his depression over the incident above via Tough Love.
      • Their Corpsing in the episode's blooper reel version is just as, if not more, funny. Even in the episode proper you can see that Karyn Parsons is still trying her darnedest not to burst out laughing.
    • Later, Uncle Phil is asked to give the eulogy at Judge Robertson's funeral, but Vivian purposefully throws away his prepared remarks. Phil then admits that he can't say anything nice about Judge Robertson, so he invites everyone there in attendance to speak if they want. Turns out everyone there hated Judge Robertson and are there just to gloat. When Will gets up to admonish them...
      Mourner: And who the heck are you?!
      Will: [Beat] ...I'm the... dude that killed him. [silence; everyone proceeds to applaud him] ...Tough room.
      Phil: Yeah.
  • "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum":
    • Will accompanies Aunt Viv to her Lamaze class, where he assists and befriends a famous sportswriter named Danny (played by Vanessa Williams), whom Will is a fan of. As thanks, Danny invites Will to see a Lakers game with her. Will gets so excited that he has trouble breathing, prompting Danny to teach him the Lamaze technique to calm him down.
    • After the game, just as her limo is stuck in the parking lot due to heavy traffic, Danny goes into labor, with only Will to help her.
      Danny: Uh oh.
      Will: Well, what's the matter?
      Danny: Uh, my water broke.
      Will: Oh, that's cool. We have another one right here in the fridge.
    • The Whodunnit game sub-plot, especially when it reaches Brick Joke status and the "murderer" is revealed to be Vivian at the very end.
  • "Mommy Nearest":
    • Will is shocked when his mom tells him that she's going to take him back with her to Philadelphia, as he wants to stay in Bel-Air and go to college. Will's fear is illustrated by his mom repeating the line faster and faster until it cuts to Stock Footage of an explosion.
    • Will has an Imagine Spot of himself still living with his mom as an old man.
    • This awkward moment:
      Mrs. Smith: You want to go back to Philadelphia, don't you baby?
      Will: Whoosh. [tosses his hat] Look what the wind did to my hat.
  • In "Winner Takes Off", Will and Carlton accidentally get Geoffrey to quit, and they have to go find him at the restaurant he now works at to get him back. They pretend to be his kids to embarrass him.
    Will: [as if he's about to cry] This is my brother, Carlton. He knows we can't afford bigger clothes so he just doesn't grow.
    Carlton: Daddy, I wanna grow!
    • Earlier, there's Uncle Phil's threat to Will and Carlton.
    Phil: Tell me. If you were me, what would you do?
    Will: I don't know. Forget the whole thing and buy us a couple of jet skis?
    [Uncle Phil leaves]
    Will: You know, really, I don't mind the yelling, but, did he have to spit? [wipes his face]
  • "Robbing the Banks":
    • Philip asks heavily pregnant Vivian to make some phone calls:
    • When the Banks children find out their new handyman is an ex-con:
      Carlton: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?! [Uncle Phil glares at him] ASHLEY?!
    • Will constantly proclaims the handyman's innocence. Description Cut to the living room devoid of furniture and Will freaking out.
      Ashley: What happened in here?!
      Will: We was robbed!
      Hilary: Oh my God! What'd they take?!
      Carlton: I knew it! I told you we shouldn't have left Luther here!
      Ashley: Luther did this? Will, Dad is gonna KILL YOU.
      Will: Me?! Wha- Why?! N-No, he's not! I mean, first of all, we don't even know that Luther did this. And second of all, Uncle Phil's a fair man. He can't blame me for none of this.
      [Uncle Phil walks up behind Will]
      Uncle Phil: WILL, I'LL KILL YOU!
    • When Will discovers his baseball autographed by Willie Mays is missing:
      Will: Tell me there's a baseball in this case.
      Carlton: It's empty.
      Will: I guess you wasn't listening!
    • When Will lets it slip to Uncle Phil that the ball is missing:
      Uncle Phil: What baseball?
      Will: [Hispanic accent] What baseball? Well, baseball sport where man with stick hit ball and run. Sorta like this. [tries to escape]
    • The end, where it's revealed that Ashley took the ball with her to baseball practice: "But somebody wrote all over it, so I washed it off."
      Will: [seething] Where are those damn Tevin Campbell posters? [runs off to Ashley's room while Ashley takes off after him]
  • "The Alma Matter":
    • Will's interview with the Princeton representative:
      Will: I just really don't know what Princeton has to offer me. I mean... are there any cute honeys?
      Representative: [half-sternly] Mr. Smith... Princeton has some of the most intelligent young women in the country. There's no way I would make a crass generalization about such a diverse group.
      Will: ...Any cute honeys?
      Representative: No.
    • "We frown on that at Princeton!"
    • Will and the Princeton representative bonding after Will shows off his intelligence by solving a Rubik's Cube, such as Will teaching him an elaborate handshake, the two fooling around and doing shadow puppets with the projector, and doing some dance moves. It's especially funny because the man is old enough to be Will's grandfather. Will even gives him the nickname "E-Money" (his actual first name is Edward).
    • Carlton gets so confused by Will gaining a conditional acceptance into Princeton to the point that he tries to "emulate" Will at his own interview, only to be called clinically insane by the representative. Carlton becomes so desperate that he attempts to use his own sister Hilary as well as his father's money as bribes, then threatens to sic the Mafia on the man, which only earns him a suspension.
  • "The Baby Comes Out":
    • A... jumpy Uncle Phil wakes everybody up in a distance shot because he thinks Aunt Viv is going into labor.
      Phil: Get up! Hurry, everybody, get up!
      Will: Yo, what's the matter, Uncle Phi- [Beat, then screams]
      Phil: Calm down, Will, calm down! It's Vivian, she's having a baby!
      Will: That ain't what scared me! You ain't got no drawers on!
    • The "take my hand!" running gag whenever Aunt Viv has a contraction.
    • After Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv come back from the hospital in the morning:
      Phil: I can't do this anymore.
      Will: Me neither. I mean, getting woken up in the middle of the night by a naked man running around the house...
      Geoffrey: I'm sorry, I thought you were all asleep.
      Will: [looks at Geoffrey in confusion] Not you, G.
      Geoffrey: Oh. Never mind.
    • Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv complain about the "false alarm":
      Phil: Vivian, I want to have this baby already.
      Viv: And you think I don't? I felt like I ate a Buick!
      Will: Look like a Winnebago from here.
    • "Poor Mom? Poor me! I saw Uncle Phil naked! And he was running!"
    • The entirety of the Annoying Patient sequence. "STOP WITH THE DAMN BELL!!!"
    • Before Will and Phil enter the elevator, a gorgeous woman walks by and Will barks at her in excitement, only for Phil to stop him by pushing him into the elevator. This scene was so funny that you can hear Carlton's actor Alfonso Ribeiro laugh out loud during the segment.
    • As Will and Uncle Phil are riding an elevator at the hospital where Vivian is going into labor, a businessman is chided by Phil for smoking in an elevator and he asks him to put out his cigarette. The man refuses... and Phil rips the cigarette out of his mouth and stomps it out.
      Will: That's right, boy! There's a new jack city! [high-fives Phil] You the man! You the man!
      [The elevator breaks down]
      Will: You the big man that broke the elevator!
    • As the elevator has broken down, Will and Phil are in desperate need of a phone to call Geoffrey at home, and it just so happens that the smoking businessman has a phone... which he won't give it up. Will then decides to exercise his "straight-out-the-hood" negotiation skills on him, then the scene cuts to...
      Will: [dancing and singing] Please, can I use your phoooone? [stops] Hey look, man, if you won't let me use your phone, I'mma start singing Paula Abdul's Greatest Hits!
    • After the guy obnoxiously refuses, voicing his bitterness about the cigarette earlier, Will responds with: "Stop! Ghetto time!" and promptly gets stopped by his uncle. Then Phil decides to do the negotiations his own way:
      Phil: [calmly] Sir...?
      [the guy turns around indignantly, only for Phil to quickly grab him by the lapels of his suit jacket, shocking the man]
      Phil: [in a significantly deep voice] Gimme that damn phone or I'mma rip your liver out and eat it raw!
      Will: [quickly leaning in on Phil's shoulder] That's right, boy, and he's about due for a snack!
    The man gives them the phone, to supportive reactions of the other people in the elevator. One of the guys in the background even fist pumps.
    • After Will and Phil finally get out of the elevator, they can hear Vivian screaming from her room.
      Vivian: Philip!
      Phil: Vivian?
      Vivian: PHILIP!
      Phil: VIVIAN!
      Will: WILMA!
  • "Ain't No Business Like Show Business":
    • Carlton, Ashley, and Hilary are trying to avoid spending time with Phil since Vivian is out of the house. Will ends up ratting out their location to Phil after Carlton insults him.
      Will: And I think I speak for myself when I say, UNCLE PHIL, THEY IN HERE! [Phil shows up and catches his breath, his coat pocket torn up and looking positively furious]
      Phil: Alright, who pushed me?
      Carlton: It was Ashley!
      Ashley: No, no!
      Phil: Now, you look. Now, all I wanna do is spend some quality time with my family. And running alongside a car is not what I had in mind!
      Will: Uncle Phil?
      Phil: What?!
      Will: See, I was wonderin', since I'm not part of the immediate family, I was wonderin' if I was in-
      Phil: Sit down, Will!
      Will: I'mma sit down right here in the non-immediate family section, and I'mma shut up on my way down.
    • Will makes his aspiring comedian friend Keith (played by D.L. Hughley) pretend to harass a beautiful girl so Will can "rescue" her, in a rather overdramatic way.
    • Keith's stand-up performance.
  • "The Way We Were":
    • Uncle Phil dances around to entertain baby Nicky. Then Will runs downstairs in a panic:
      Will: EARTHQUAAAAAAKE!!! [pauses, looks at Uncle Phil] a dance, and apparently you know it. [runs back upstairs]

    Season 4 
  • "Where There's a Will, There's a Way":
    • Phil meets a prospective boyfriend of Ashley's and scares him off.
      Guy: [after Phil writes something on a piece of paper and hands it to him] What's this thing?
      Phil: It's a symbol, for GET OUTTA MY HOUSE!!!!
      [The guy instantly runs right out]
      Ashley: (hysterical) Daddy, I love him! (runs after him)
      • Note that she just met the guy at the mall that day.
    • Geoffrey's response to the whole scene:
      Geoffrey: Keep it up, sir, and I'll be all you have left.
    • Trevor proposes to Hilary on live TV, but bungee jumps to his death. Which is made all the more hilarious by the Banks family having tuned into the live broadcast in time to see him go splat, and a tremendously long, awkward silence where they either sit in stunned horror or exchange stunned glances...all save for Hilary, who's still eagerly waiting for Trevor to finish his proposal.
    • "Now, I ain't no bungee expert or nothin'...but I don't think he s'posed to be slammin' into the ground like that!"
    • Later, Hilary brings back Trevor's ashes...but he was never cremated.
      Hilary: EEW! Then who is this?!
      Geoffrey: [takes the urn] I'll show him to the door, sir.
    • Uncle Phil's reaction to Carlton and Will going to college. Especially what he thinks is the reason the boys are going to college.
      Philip: [to Carlton] I don't want you to move out.
      Carlton: Sorry Dad, I have to go.
      Philip: No, you don't.
      Carlton: Will says I do. He said it's time for me to leave the nest, become independent and have sex with girls. Safe sex, mind you, but lots of it.
      Philip: [to Will as he enters the room] Excuse me! Is this what you've been tellin' my boy?!
      Will: [high-pitched] What?
      Philip: That life is one big orgy?! [starts backing Will and Carlton into a corner] Well, college is hard work son, followed by a family which is even more hard work! And a teenage daughter who doesn't wanna be seen with you in public! And a wife! A wife who won't let you anywhere near her! And a butler! A butler who may be the father of your child! And a gardener! A GARDENER...!!
      Carlton: DAD! DAD!
      Philip: [realizes what he's saying and sits back down on the couch while Will makes a "he's drinking" gesture]
  • Jazz's party at Will and Carlton's apartment that neither man knew of beforehand. Also, when trying to use items and their bodies to barricade the door to keep the partygoers out, Carlton throws Will a pillow. He holds it for a moment, then aggressively chucks it back.
  • "All Guts, No Glory":
    • Will is about to leave his post behind the counter at the Peacock when the guy who turns out to be his philosophy professor comes up to him. Just as he's about to say something, Will brushes him off by saying, "Hey, Sting! Kick some lyrics, man!" Helped by the fact that Jim Meskimen REALLY looks like (a balding) Sting in this episode.
    • The episode ends with Will in a philosophy class and the teacher posing the classic question of "If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?". Will responds confidently at first, then veers completely off course, asking how big the tree is, if it fell on a gopher and if the sound the gopher would make would count, and what if it fell on his Uncle Phil and that hurt the tree.
  • "Father of the Year":
    • A male student at Will's university takes care of a baby on campus, attracting loving attention from the female students. Concluding that single dads attract girls, Will decides to invoke a similar image by bringing his infant cousin Nicky. However, he ends up having much more attention than needed and is even awarded free tickets to Hawaii for being the "best campus dad." Too ashamed of his actions, Will confesses that Nicky is not his son and gives the tickets to the aforementioned "single dad", only for the guy to reveal later (when nobody's around) that the baby he's carrying is not his either. Ouch.
    • In the end, to add injury to insult, Uncle Phil decides to punish Will by sitting on him.
  • Aunt Viv throwing Jazz out of the house for trying to bring a stripper to Will's birthday party:
    Vivian: Oh no, no, no! You are not bringing a naked woman into my house!
    Jazz: No, you don't understand, Mrs. Banks. She don't come in naked! [A seething Vivian grabs Jazz by the collar] Uh oh. [Vivian marches him to the door]
  • The Courtroom Antics that occur in "Will Goes a Courtin'", especially Phil and Will's sides of the story.
    • In Phil's version, Will and Carlton are thuggish, and everyone is wearing revealing swimsuits, including the 15-year-old neighbor girl who wandered over. Phil himself is just a meek, quiet man who accidentally steps on Carlton's inflatable duckie inner tube. Carlton's reaction: "HEY POPS! YOU POPPED MAH DUCK!"
    • In Will and Carlton's version, the pool party is a classy, innocent affair where everyone is in Old-Timey Bathing Suit, dancing in a circle holding hands. As Phil enters, a glass of water shakes à la Jurassic Park and he rips the head off of Carlton's duckie inner tube. He also yells at the fully-clothed 15-year-old neighbor girl who "wandered over, crying", as Will says ("Hit the bricks, you little tramp! And tell your mother your father has a girlfriend!"). At one point, he also says this:
      Phil: SILENCE! If want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you!
    • Speaking of Carlton's duckie tube, he calls it "Howard". And he runs off crying like a little girl when Phil pops it just because he tried to stand up to his dad. This is in Will's side of the story too, only more exaggerated.
  • "Hex and the Single Guy":
    • Carlton's response to learning that Uncle Phil got suspended from the bench is to do the classic Home Alone scream, complete with hands to the cheeks.
    • Everything about Jazz and Hilary suddenly being Sickeningly Sweethearts. The cherry on top is Uncle Phil trying to throw Jazz out the house like he always does, only to get thrown out by Jazz himself!
      Hilary: We're going to name the first baby after you, Daddy!
      Jazz: I figure we'd get started tonight.
  • "Home is Where the Heart Attack Is":
    • Uncle Phil has a Food Porn moment whilst dieting. Will and Geoffrey give each other exasperated looks.
    • Will inexplicably wears a sombrero when he smuggles Phil his cheeseburger. Yeah, it's a reference to him being about to go to Mexico on his uncle's dime, but you don't usually see people wearing sombreros on the way to Mexico. Furthermore, the way that cheeseburger is delivered resembles a street drug deal, or at least how it is often portrayed in the media.
    • The ambulance physician isn't exactly the most reassuring medical professional, and his slow, dopey voice doesn't help.
      "Don't worry man, I already had four heart attacks today and only one guy died. A two-death day is rare."
      "Hey, if your uncle still wants to go to a drive-thru, I can get Troy to drive us. With the sirens on, we don't have to wait in line."
  • "The Harder They Fall":
    • Phil walks into the kitchen wearing his new vacation clothes, which consists of matching red trunks and shirt. Will's reaction? "HEY, KOOL-AID!!"
    • Carlton tries to get Will in trouble by telling Phil he's taking a girl to Palm Springs. It does not have the desired effect.
      Phil: I'm not paying for your trip, am I?
      Will: Nah.
      Phil: Up top! *they high five*
    • Will has to face his new girlfriend's Overprotective Dad (played by John Witherspoon), who decides to teach Will a lesson by taking him along for a ride... on his airplane. Then the plane's engine fails and both of them end up falling into a forest.
  • "Papa’s Got A Brand New Excuse" is one of the saddest episode of the series, but still has a few gems here and there, including Hilary unknowingly calling Lou out before recognizing who he was.
    Hilary: Will’s father is a deadbeat who left him and his mom flat!

    Season 5 
  • "What's Will Got to Do with It?":
  • In "Reality Bites", Nicky yells at Will when he fights his favorite costumed character. Will tries to explain it was just a guy in a suit, but Nicky doesn't believe him. Ashley tells Will he shouldn't ruin Nicky's beliefs. She brings up how Will loved Shaft and "how [he] felt when [he] found out Shaft wasn't real". Will just stares at her in confusion, and Ashley realizes Will still thinks Shaft was real.
  • The entire story Will and Carlton tell Jazz in "Fresh Prince, the Movie".
  • "Will's Misery" revolves around a prank in which Will is kidnapped, restrained and tortured by his date to teach him to respect women. When Will discovers Carlton was behind it all, he gets payback. Will tells Carlton about the abduction... except in this version, Will got loose and killed the girl with a rock. And her body's still up there. Carlton, in a fit of despair, runs out the back door, around the house into the living room, back into the kitchen dragging himself across the floor to the back door again, into and through the backwoods cabin, into the audience, out the elevator into the University Cafeteria, and finally off-stage into Will's arms. Freeze scene, audio continues to play clapping, cut to black.
    • When Will calls home for help, it's Nicky who picks up.
      Nicky: Hello?
      Will: Nicky, find a grown-up!
      Nicky *Yelling through the house* Carlton!
      Will: Nicky, I said "find a grown-up"!
  • "Will Steps Out":
  • "Same Game, Next Season":
    • "If we so rich... ...why we can't afford no ceiling?"
    • The episode focuses on Lisa's father, Fred, who gets along with Will too well to the point of being clingy, interfering with Will and Lisa's alone time. The last attempt Will does to make Fred go home plays out like a typical break-up scene, with Fred as the rejected lover and Uncle Phil (unwittingly) as the "other person".
  • "A Decent Proposal":
    • After Will is shot and Jazz comes to visit him in the hospital, he starts playing with the defibrillator from the crash cart, providing us with a hilarious Shout-Out:
      "Check it out, Will! I'm the black dude on ER!"
    • Lisa warns him that it's not a toy, Jazz doesn't listen... and proceeds to shock himself clear across the hallway.
    • When Hilary comes to visit Will she fools around with the same defibrillator, she receives a collective NOOOOOO!!! from Will and Lisa, who know what will happen.
  • "The Wedding Show (Psyche!)":
    • Will and Lisa run away to be wedded in Las Vegas, as Uncle Phil and Fred argue over the wedding arrangements without considering the couple's opinions. Will decides to have a Shaft-themed wedding.
    • The couple's wedding of choice features a minister who impersonates Isaac Hayes, played by the man himself.
    • Will tries to say his wedding vows, but gets constantly interrupted by the minister and his chorus singing Shaft's theme song.
      Chorus: "They say this cat Smith is a bad mother-"
      Will: Shut your mouth!
    • The singing is such a mood-killer that Will decides to ditch the ceremony, and Lisa agrees. Just as Will is leaving the room, he turns towards the minister:
      Will: Oh, by the way, dude, your Isaac Hayes impression STINKS!
      Minister: [to the chorus, dumbfounded] I don't know. I-I-I thought it was pretty good.
  • "Slum Like It... Not":
    • Will and Jazz's attempt to convince Uncle Phil to invest in Jazz's apartment building, starting with the duo dressing up as Jamaicans and dancing to reggae music.
    • Will and Carlton tries to inspect an electrical panel. Carlton reads the warning label as "Touch here a town risk". As Carlton turns away wondering to himself what that phrase means, Will touches the panel and gets electrocuted. Only then Carlton realizes that the label actually writes "at own risk."
    • Will and Carlton's renovating montage, with "It Takes Two" by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston as the BGM, features quite a number of hilarious hijinks and ends with Will getting so pissed off at Carlton eating an apple while ordering him around that Will decides to nail Carlton to the wall by his clothes and shove the half-eaten apple into his mouth.
  • "As The Will Turns":
    • Will tries to quit his soap opera role upon finding out his character is homosexual. Carlton suggests that Will gets himself fired instead of quitting so that he still can get paid, resulting in an epic stunt on camera:
      Will: That's right. I shot Carlos. And that's not all! I'm the one that shot J.R., too! And, I shot the sheriff! But I did not shoot the deputy!
      Joan: Do you ever want to work in this town again...painting portraits?
      Will: Nah. Because, you see, I'm young, and I'm restless. I only got One Life to Live! So I've got to follow my guiding light and Search for Tomorrow! Hey, who knows if I'll wind up living out the days of my life in a mansion in Dallas, or on the corner of Melrose Place drinking Falcon Crests out of a brown paper bag!
      Joan: Royce, don't you care about anybody but yourself?
      Will: Sure I do. I care about you. It's not because of those expensive clothes or your fancy jewelry, or that big Zsa Zsa wig you be wearing, I love you for who you are. Who you really are.
      (Will rips off Joan's wig, revealing a skincap with some brown hair peeking out)
      Will: The bald and the beautiful!
    • After all is said and done, Ashley and Geoffrey reveal that the character Will played is going to be paired with Halle Berry in the next episode, which is a script change Carlton forgot to tell Will before the aforementioned stunt. Will does not take the news well:
      Will: [seething] Head start. Coming in five... four... [Carlton runs off] three... two... AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHH!!!
  • "To Thine Own Self Be Blue... And Gold":
    • Will takes an intern post, which was passed over by Carlton as there is no wages. Later, Will flaunts the job's perks, including the company Porsche, at Carlton, much to the latter's shock.
    • Will lets out a number of screams in quick succession when he accidentally discovers the huge amount of cash inside the briefcase his boss Ernest asks him to deliver to a councilman.
      Will: [hastily closes the briefcase] What money? I did not see no money! I did not see no money!
    • As Will tries to leave Ernest's office shortly after:
      Ernest: Oh, oh, not so fast, Will! [Will stops, Ernest reaches into his jacket pocket] I'm not gonna let you leave this office-
      Will: OH NO!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! [high-pitched] Ernie, what are you gonna do-
      Ernest: [pulls out an envelope] -until I give you this bonus.
    • Carlton and Hilary both sign up for an online dating service and unknowingly get set up with each other. Let's just say the writers milked it out for every bit of humor they could get away with.
  • In "Cold Feet, Hot Body", Carlton responds to complaints about customers not getting bacon in their BLTs by claiming that the "b" doesn't have to stand for "bacon".
    Will: Bread, lettuce, and tomato?!
  • "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll":
    • "Momma noooo!!". Will and Lisa are getting married and Will finds his mother in bed with Lisa's father.
      Will: Okay... Mom... I just want to say... that I'm hurt... and I don't think... that mothers are supposed to do what... what... OH MY GOD, I JUST GOT A MENTAL PICTURE!! *slaps self in the head* GET OUT!! GET OUT!!"
      • Particularly Lisa's father's smug "Yeah, I hit that" grin when Phil and Vivian walk in.
      • Carlton walks in on the scene and provides one of the best examples of Comically Missing the Point:
        Carlton: What's this, a pajama party?! Scooch over!
      • Hilary and Ashley's reactions:
        Hilary: What's going on? ...Ew.
        Ashley: Heeey...
    • Will's reaction when Lisa tells him she thinks Shaft is gay.

    Season 6 
  • "Burning Down The House":
    • Will tries to make a flambé, resulting in the whole kitchen burning down despite his attempts at putting the fire out, including shouting "Voila! In reverse!" at the flames.
    • Carlton tries to hitchhike his way home, which leads to this:
      Hippie: So what I'm saying is there shouldn't be a "rich" or a "poor." We should all just share the wealth, man!
      Carlton: Oh, I beg to differ.
      (The hippies literally throw Carlton out of their microbus)
    • Also this:
      Carlton: Thanks for picking me up. I left my wallet at the hotel, couldn't get a cab, there are no planes or buses. Boy, am I glad to see you.
      Creepy truck driver: Yeah. I'm glad to see you, too. [eyes him closely] Halston?
      Carlton: [Beat] Whoa! This is my stop! [rushes out]
    • Geoffrey's entrance into the now destroyed kitchen. He walks in, greets Will cheerfully, drops off one grocery bag (which then falls into the ashen counter) and places another in a hole burned into the refrigerator, all while acting as though nothing out of the ordinary happened. Finally, he pulls up a chair, sits next to a forlorn Will and says, in an extremely calm and cheery voice:
      Geoffrey: Of all the rooms in your uncle's house, the kitchen! Are you mad, boy?
    • After Ashley finds out, Will explains the situation to her and demands that she not say anything.
      Will: Nobody has to know about this except you, me, and Geoffrey!
      Hilary: [offscreen] Oh my god!
      Will: And Hilary!
  • "Get a Job":
    • Will tries to convince comedian Maurice Perry, played by Chris Rock, to agree to appear on Hilary's show. The catch? Will has to take out Maurice's sister, Jasmine, who is also played by Chris Rock.
  • Will does Dreamgirls at the end of "The Script Formerly Known As".
    • Phil's reaction to the whole thing—he looks simultaneously confused and mildly terrified and eventually decides to just leave once Will's back is turned.
    • META: Jennifer Hudson, who would go on to sing that song in the movie, said that this was where she first heard it. Hell of an introduction!
  • "Not With My Cousin, You Don't":
    • Carlton is done upgrading the Banks' household intercom system, eagerly wanting to show off one of its features.
      Carlton: Check out the exciting new roam feature. Let's listen to my room. [Carlton presses a button, then smiles giddily.] Well, all's quiet in there!
      Will: [imitating Carlton's giddy look] Ooh, there's a surprise.
      Carlton: Subject: Geoffrey's room.
      Geoffrey: I wonder how I'd look if I shaved my entire body.
      Carlton: Changing channels!
    • The intercom is then switched to Ashley's room, where she's talking with her friends about losing her virginity to her boyfriend Derek (played by Jaleel White). After Ashley's discussion ends, both Will and Carlton scream in each other's direction... before regaining their breath and screaming as they face the viewers and the studio audience.
    • Carlton freaks out and attempts to find a way to prevent Ashley from going through with it, such as trying to find a 24-hour nunnery, and Will tries to knock some sense into him.
    • Once Derek arrives, both Will and Carlton have this discussion with him:
      Will: You're rounding third base and you're headed for home. You're excited because you think you're about to score easy, but here's the problem: You're in the visitor's ballpark and if you do score, angry fans might not be able to be held responsible for their actions.
      Carlton: And... it's bat night.
      Derek: Are you two in trouble with a bookie or somethin'?
      Carlton: Let's stop beating around the bush! You're playing chess. Your rook has been blindsided by the queen's gambit. Now you can play honorably — leave your bishop at home to protect your queen's virtue — or you can take the sleazy road and castle your king... and go right for the mate.
      Will: And... it's bat night!
  • I,Done: Jazz getting thrown out by Uncle Phil for the last time on the show after unwisely making a crack about Phil getting old.
    Jazz: [seeing Phil's Death Glare] I know that look. [Uncle Phil gets to his feet] You're not getting any younger. [Uncle Phil grabs Jazz's collar] This isn't good for your back! [Jazz turns to Will] I brought this on myself.
    • Also, this exchange after Jazz has been thrown out:
  • "Viva Lost Wages": Carlton gets too hooked on gambling in Vegas, forcing him and Will to find a quick way to fund the trip home. In the end, they decide to enter a dance competition, resulting in the iconic routine set to The Sugarhill Gang's rendition of "Apache". They manage to win enough prize money to get home, despite Will accidentally throwing Carlton into a wall at one point.
  • "Boxing Helena": Carlton's Drill Sergeant Nasty of a personal trainer demands he "drop and give him twenty." Carlton drops to his knees and offers him a twenty-dollar bill.
    Carlton: Okay, but that doesn't leave much for yogurt!
  • In "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Part 1)", Ashley gets scouted by a modeling agency only for Will and Carlton to blow the deal by trying to cut the agency out of their commission. Their apology has to be seen to be believed.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the blooper reel episode ("I, Whoops, There It Is"). Some very good ones can be found here.
  • In "I, Stank Horse," Carlton learns that an aged racing horse is going to be put down. Later, as a devastated Carlton looks over pictures of the horse, Will turns on the TV to take his mind off horses.
  • "Eye, Tooth": Will, Carlton, and William Shatner stoned out of their gourds on laughing gas at the dentist's office.
    • Will puts a giant tooth on his head and exclaims, "Hey, look! I'm Timmy the Tooth!"
    Shatner: Hi, Timmy!
    Carlton: Wait, wait, I wanna be Timmy the Tooth!
    Will: You Timmy the Tooth, I'm Bubba Gump!
    • Shatner looks around confusedly and says, "What happened? The bridge looks so different! [makes Finger Gun] Spasers on spun!"
    • Shatner actually refers to Will as Spock, but then says, "The ears are the same, but something's different."
    • Nearly all the Star Trek lines, with Will and Carlton filling in for other characters, are great. For example:
      Carlton: Captain! Our dilithium crystals are almost gone!
      Shatner: Scotty! You're... ...BLACK!
    • And:
      Shatner: Ow, my tooth! Bones, do something!
      Will: Dammit, Jim, I'm a black boy from Philly, not a doctor!
    • Then when the three of them show up on the Hilary Show set in their gas-addled state, Shatner runs into a random Asian crew member and exclaims, "Sulu!" When said Asian crew member runs away from him, Shatner points at him and says, "I never liked that guy."
  • The final episode has one last gut buster despite the rest of it being solemn.
    Will: (turns off the lights)
    Carlton: HEY, WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?! (runs out the bathroom with his pants around his ankles) WHERE IS EVERYBODY?! (runs out the door)
    Will: (chuckles) Man, I am definitely going to miss you, C.