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  • Nick and Elizabeth's first conversation.
    Elizabeth: Listen, I never hitchhiked before. I just really want to be careful. Can I ask you something?
    Nick: Sure.
    Elizabeth: Are you weird?
    Nick: Yes, I am. Yes, I am weird.
    Elizabeth: You're weird? Thank God you're weird. The last one was so normal it was disgusting.
  • This exchange:
    Kathy: Better get the estimates ready for the council meeting next month.
    Sandy: Yes, ma'am.
    Kathy: Sandy, you're the only person I know who can make "Yes, ma'am" sound like "Screw you".
    Sandy: Yes, ma'am.
  • Sandy continues the deadpanning when they visit Father Malone. There's no answer at the church door, and Sandy remarks "not a good sign". When they find the church empty, she notes that it's "another bad sign".
    • And after Father Malone has read from his grandfather's journal.
    Kathy: Are you going to give the benediction tonight, Father?
    Father Malone: Antonio Bay has a curse on it.
    Sandy: Do we take that as a 'no'?
  • Nick and Elizabeth take a car ride together and hop into bed before they finally ask each other's names.
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  • Despite Stevie's penchant for Audio Erotica on the radio, she turns out to be just like any other mother who gets unceremoniously woken from her planned lie-in thanks to an overexcited child.

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