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  • The first strip shows Thelma looking tired talking to somebody at the door who asks, "Any Children?". The floor is covered in toys.
  • A strip from the 1960s had Dolly answering the phone and saying "Mommy can't come to the phone; she's in the bathtub with the plumber." In the background, Thel is seen standing in the bathtub helping the plumber install a shower-curtain rod with a look of helpless despair on her face.
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  • One strip has Billy telling a friend that they aren't going to the beach because "Mom went to see Jaws."
  • A 1970s strip shows Thel running through the toilet section of a hardware store. "No, Jeffy! It's not connected!"
  • From 1982, Billy has swimming flippers on and ponders to Dolly, "I can see why frogs don't dance much."
  • The 2012 Halloween strip with an accurate shout out to, of all things, Warhammer 40,000
  • From 1981, Dolly waking Thel up by asking, "Did you know you can't toast marshmallows in a toaster?"
    • There was another strip earlier wherein Thel is looking into a smoking toaster while Dolly is saying how she didn't know she wasn't supposed to put peanut butter on the toast before toasting it.


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